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.303 Rifle - 303 Rifleman

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/28/2019 11:12:22 AM IST

 The .303 rifle is said to kill an elephant with a single shot, as told to me by a hunter. Even though it's a weapon of the First and Second World War era, it is still a very good sniper rifle.

The ruling BJP Government with its absolute majority of 303 MP's is the .303 rifle of India. It is very strong, sharp, intelligent, and performs like the .303 rifle. Whatever it plans to do, they will definitely do at any cost in the form of Acts and Amendments. The election manifestos of 2019 General Election have propelled the BJP to an overwhelming majority to lead India for another 5 years term. The people of India has given its mandate and so are the states who doesn't have a BJP Govt. in the form of coalition with the ruling BJP Govt. The ruling government have achieved some of its 2019 election manifesto with the big achievements being the abrogation of Article 370 for J&K and the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute paving way for construction of the Ram temple. The 303 absolute Govt. has fired the CAB bullet and had hit its target accurately as intended. Those who come in the way of the bullet are and will be pierced through.

The people of North-East have given its mandate in the 2019 General Election to the BJP Govt. directly or indirectly through its coalition partner (State regional political party). Knowing the BJP election manifestos, we have all given our mandate to the powerful 303 ruling Govt. Now, the people of North-East are protesting against the fired CAB bullet. It seems very funny or folly that the North-East States after giving its mandate to BJP or to the regional political parties in coalition with BJP, are now protesting against BJP election manifestos. These shows how backward the people of North-East are and why the Central Government at Delhi(regardless of party) takes us to be second class citizens of India. The North Eastern states still cannot differentiate much between Lok Sabha election and State election. We only think to make the political boss at Delhi happy so that additional fund-flow keeps flowing into our state or 'to whom it may concern'.

Clearly Union Home Minister, Amit Shah has assured that CAB will not affect the unique identity and culture of North-East states. Any common man with a little brain/sense ought to know that this is true and not worth given assurance by Union Home Minister as the non-Muslim Bangladeshis identity and culture is unique too and in no way resemble any of the North-Eastern states. Or the Union Home Minister takes us to be fools. In a rally at Jaipur (2018), BJP president Amit Shah said that Bangladeshi immigrants are like termites and would be struck off the electoral roll through the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam. Later in Assam (2019), Amit Shah said that CAB will be passed if voted to power again; which was also in BJP’s 2019 election manifesto. Contradictorily, how can Bangladeshi illegal immigrants be removed when CAB will give citizenship right to Bangladeshis non-Muslim? NRC in Assam has no significance/purpose today as CAB had already become an act (CAA) on December 9, 2019. Nagaland MPs/state government ought to have rejected/oppose the CAB on the view that it is non-secular and unconstitutional as its basis is on religion and as a Christian, we don’t discriminate but are taught to love and embrace all. But Nagas being more Christianity than being Christians are intimidated and afraid of the 303 ruling rifle and trying our best to be diplomatic stressing overly on the ILP viewpoint.

North-East people have lived together in harmony for ages and there have been no discrimination and divide on account of religion. We respect one another's religion and belief. To break North-Eastern states unity in diversity, the 303 ruling BJP have introduced CAB by excluding Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland and extending ILP to Manipur. They want North-East India states to be divided like communal problems in the mainland India and start a fresh era of disunity on account of religion. Even countries with the same religion that have accepted people fleeing the Syrian war didn't give them citizenship of their country. They remain as refugees. If India truly cares for those persecuted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan; Indian Government should provide protection, care and shelter by taking them as refugees. With our eldest sister Assam facing the brunt of CAA with sisters Tripura and Meghalaya, other sister states should stand in solidarity and sympathize to show our unity in diversity, which makes India a great nation. The Naga Student Federation have been the pioneer and stood strong on its stand against the CAB(now CAA) in Nagaland and continue to give its support to NESO and our sister states relentlessly. May NSF not wane and with its strong leaders continue to work for our welfare and society! May God also give the Courage, Strength and Honesty of our Forefathers to all our present and upcoming Naga leaders!!!

The next bullet in the magazine is more deadly than the CAB and will be fired very soon. This bullet is named Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and will make way for the RSS-BJP ideology of ‘One Nation, One Law One Religion’. BJP-led NDA is confident of getting the majority mark in the Rajya Sabha by 2021-22. With that, majority in both Houses will help the government get crucial bills passed easily and PM Narendra Modi’s vision for a NEW INDIA by 2022 will be fulfilled. A New India, a Hindu Rashtra. Beware of the .303 Rifle.

Ketou Nagi, Dimapur

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