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‘Isms’ in Nagaland

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/25/2019 12:20:55 PM IST

 Have we ever wondered who would get the highest votes should there be a poll to vote for the ‘Founder of Tribalism’ in Nagaland? Tribalism was never at this height in Nagaland a decade ago. To make it worse, even the ‘land for sale’ advertisements in the local dailies has become community-based these days. The election of student bodies is always a divided House based on tribal lines. Backdoor appointments in various departments, diversion and shifting of developmental activities in the State and all forms of privileges and opportunities goes in tune with tribal music. ‘ISM’ has grown like a wildfire at an alarming rate within a span of just one decade. The list goes on but the most unexpected turn of event is when we come across jaundice-eyed bureaucrats in the Government offices. 

What is the first thing that blow our mind when we hear the word ‘Bureaucracy’? Can we say the outmost respect we once had for the Bureaucrats is soon becoming a thing of the past? Obviously a big YES, if there is no ‘Rule of Law’ in the departments being manned by the Bureaucrats. While ‘some’ of them continue to deny any such stunts, their actions proved otherwise. Come on let’s face it; what is so difficult to swallow the pill if you posses a thing called Integrity? In no way am I taking the entire Bureaucrats on board in this write-up but there is undoubtedly some ‘sweethearts’ to the Government of Nagaland. 

There is a popular saying ‘the one who loves you the most, hurts you the most’. The million dollar question here is, when ‘some’ of our esteemed Bureaucrats whom we look up to and respect the most, fails to deliver fair, impartial, equity and inclusiveness in their administration. If defying official order is the way of life for bureaucrats, then the Government has already lost its ground to penalize other erring employees. Observing proper formalities and going by book makes the Bureaucrats distinct from the rest. The beauty of Bureaucracy loses its charm when favouritism overrides Bureaucracy. According to Natalie Regoli, “Bureaucracy is a system of administration. It has policies and procedures (or rules and laws) that are inflexible and provides consequences to those who do not follow the procedures or laws” (Natalie Regoli is a seasoned writer and an editor-in-chief of Dwelling deeply on the advantages of Bureaucracy, she said “bureaucracy discourages favoritism. In a bureaucracy that is run successfully, the impersonal nature of the relationships that are formed create unique advantages. It creates a structure where equality is a point of emphasis. This creates a starting line where everyone has the same chance to succeed” 

Who doesn’t have a secret spot deep down one’s heart for one’s own tribesmen? But in case of a Bureaucrat, executing work on official capacity, shouldn’t you ascertain the facts ‘officially’ by researching through proper channel and have your own findings rather than relying on the source supplied by fakers posing as your Lieutenants on tribal lines? That typical mentality of favouring own people at the cost of others is nothing less than height of unprofessionalism. There is always a way to favour one’s community without affecting others. Never in our wildest dream did we imagine that ‘ISM’ would have supremacy over elites because Bureaucrats are no ordinary citizens but polished individuals. After losing respect for some ‘sweethearts’ of Nagaland Government, we have learnt that not all Bureaucrats have a class. Our state had sophisticated Bureaucrats in the past who are now retirees but we still have many Bureaucrats who knows how to carry themselves in their official dealings. However, many of them with calibre have not been placed in the right departments due to political masalas and never-ending ‘ISM’. 

The Government needs to prioritize posting only ‘seasoned Bureaucrats’ to the departments especially those implementing flagship program such as School Education, Health & Family Welfare etc. Most of the politicians do not prefer to bring in righteous Bureaucrats under their respective departments because they find it hard to handle integrity. It was way too interesting to have witnessed the evils of ‘ISM’ and of course a mockery to Bureaucracy when a particular Government officer (on deputation) serving under the department of School Education whose corruption charges was widely published by media houses was still preferred to be conferred an IAS over other officers. Wonderful Nagaland Government -- the land of ‘ISM’. How it is possible when that someone had been summoned by the Vigilance & Anti-corruption Police and the case is still pending with the State Vigilance? I personally appreciate the objection raised by NPRAAF (Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum) published in Nagaland Post, Dated January 23, 2019, raising voice for the voiceless as the deserving officers can never speak for themselves. In fact, many deserving officers are not even identified for various awards on National occasions in recognition of their hard work. Good governance is compromised when we fail to utilize the service of potential Bureaucrats.

We always have full faith in our Bureaucrats with the belief that Bureaucracy should be a home to accommodate outstanding quality. Unfortunately some Bureaucrats are no different from the worst ever corrupted politicians when it comes to quality control. 

The recent exercise undertaken by ‘some Bureaucrats’ in ‘some department’s flagship program’ clearly exhibited their class of Bureaucracy. Deployment of ‘some’ tainted employees whose credibility and integrity are in question in terms of Crores of Rupees from the last flagship program were considered as an apple of their eye and was allowed to continue without any screening due to tribalism. We want our esteemed Bureaucrats to keep reminding themselves that they are the mirrors that reflect the image of the entire system. Therefore, for the best possible unbiased governance, they should not go down to the level of a common man and indulge in ‘ISM’.  The oneness of the Naga tribes is seen only on the internet when Nagas are being bashed up by the mainlanders. Every mouth would say Nagas need to do away with tribalism but nobody lead the way in bringing about change. The Bureaucrats are the most celebrated people manning the highest Government offices across the length and breadth of Nagaland. Therefore they would definitely have the biggest influence in motivating the citizens if they practically lead by example. Bureaucrats should be the role models in a tribalism-stricken Nagaland. Can we visualize a ray of hope through the elite group to break this barrier? If not, then only God can help Nagaland from rising up from this murk being created by ‘ISM’.

Vikali Shikhu

Unity Village, 5th Mile


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