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10 tips to improve your child’s concentration and focus

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 11/1/2019 12:32:01 PM IST

 A child’s brain is malleable and under the right conditioning, a parent can program their child into forming healthy cognitive habits of learning and growing.

Of course, there are myriad types of gifted and average ‘child-intelligence’ in the spectrum, but the overall primary of how information can be channeled into the gateways of the brain, has a general resonance in retention and pattern recognition, that speaks for every child.

Here are 10 relative Tips that can help your child to concentrate and focus clearly not only in academics but also in daily lifestyles.

1) Set Routine for Chores and Homework

As a modern progressive parent, you would be acquainted about the decaying of interest in a child if “Tom is all work and no play”. You can set a specific time-table where your child can automate himself to address the specific tasks on time. 

This exercise would help develop a character of punctuality in the child for his later years. On regular days, make sure your child do not spend excess time engaging on his daily tasks — relieve him from duty by staying updated on the hours.

2) Engage Outdoors with the Child

Take your child to Museum, Science exhibit, Disney Land etc. Keep diversity in the outdoors. Your child will cultivate a rich focus on tolerance and openness of all educational and mix cultures.

3) Narrate Books and Discuss Ideas

Reading out books especially during bed time, increases a child’s imagination and inquisitive nature. Building an imaginative child from early years on could result into an innovative adult. 

4) Managing Tasks and Amounts

Larger tasks like chores and self-hygiene need lots of mental focus and awareness, while smaller tasks like homework and assignment needs intellectual focus and pattern recognition skills.

These activities should be splitted on different time frame, so that the child’s brain would not stress out by accessing different areas of brain capacity in short interval.

5) Introduce the Child into Optimal Games

Games like crossword, puzzles and digital brain-games, enhances the reasoning power of the child. Such kind of games are physically less straining and expands the intellect. 

However, kids who are more inclined into physical sports, should not be denied the chance either, because this paradigm allows sensory-motor coordination, resulting in a healthy mind and built physique. 

6) Make Time for Rest

A good hour of rest ensure that the cortisol level in the body, from playing and tasking, are simmered down and filtered. 

Make sure your child has adequate rest amid the hectic daily regimes, to emerge out more energetic and afresh to take head on with new problems.

7) Healthy Green Diets

Since your child at this stage is growing and in need of more natural fibres and protein network in the body, it is essential to intake green foods with lots of vitamins, amino acids and fibres. 

A healthy and rich diet will increase neuronal firings and synaptic activity in the brain, leading to enhanced focus and quicker recovery of identifying patterns – which in layman terms equate to ‘quick wit’. 

8) Limit Excess Television Distraction

Taking your child to a family weekend blockbuster night, or Netflix with soda and couch, immerses the virtual child with thrill and adventure in life and exciting priorities, but do limit excess binge watching on regular days. 

9) Set Goals and Rewards

This method is specially designed to motivate the child into putting the extra effort, and par excel in life. It also encourages the child to create and organise priorities in life neatly, leading to larger social conglomerative goals.

10) Be Lenient on Conventions

Limit shoving your kids with traditions and cultures. Let the child breathe the fresh air of technology driven culture. Since most or all of his occupational tendencies relies on new cutting edge culture, don’t distract his focus from that by forcing-on too much traditions.

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