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55th Indo Naga ceasefire day message

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/5/2018 12:15:34 PM IST

 Beloved Naga people,

The Naga National Council most warmly greets you again today also, on this auspicious 55th Indo-Naga Ceasefire Day.

Our Naga story is but one endless tale of the eternal love of the magnificent God Almighty. All glory and honor are being ascribed to Him and Him alone.

The Nagas never nurtured even the remotest shadow of a dream to ever engage in any arms conflict with the Government of India. She therefore did not venture to set up her Government even much after she had declared her Independence way back on August 14, 1947. Reason being that she wasn’t naïve enough not to recognize her utter physical limitations. So, she had all along been pursuing the peaceful path of “Non-Violence and Non-Cooperation” policy under the guidance of the Naga National Council. Nagas are indeed, factually weak and insignificant physically; but politically she is most powerful and tremendously overwhelming for India. India has absolutely no right whatsoever worth its name in this affair.

However, India resorted to the strength of her mighty arms to overpower and force the Nagas with the sole intent to intimidate the Nagas into submission thereby most irrationally invaded Nagaland  with utter savagery.

Thus, being irrevocably compelled, the Naga National Council’s hand had been forced to; after one full decade of tolerance and forbearance, on March 22, 1956, set up her Government, the Federal Government of Nagaland and most reluctantly entered into the arms conflict. Even then, the primary goal had never been to attain military victory by a very far cry; but rather to once and for all, register the fact that we would never ever surrender our eternal God-given Rights.

Humanly speaking in all rationality, how on earth could the Nagas stand up to the mighty India? Not to speak of lasting in terms of years, it was inconceivable of surviving even for weeks and months. But wonder of wonders, even to the amazement of the Nagas themselves, the battle raged on for all of ten most glorious years.

While the epical battle festers on without any sign of abating; the Nagaland Baptist Church Council in 1964 sponsored a ceasefire, the monumental Indo-Naga Ceasefire, which came into effect on and from September 6, 1964 paving the way for the iconic Peace Talks to ever enriched History of mankind. In the initial stages, Yours faithfully had also been a member of the Naga Delegation to the talks and by the grace of God, still stands as one living witness to the prodigious event most grand. The Peace Talks finally progressed right up to the Prime Ministerial level of lofty political heights. This, in plain language means that the Government of India very much acknowledged Naga National Rights and in actual effect had recognized the Federal Government of Nagaland most undeniable and unambiguous. I would rate   this historic event of legally registering our people’s existence into a political entity and formally assigning of National status to her as the greatest achievement of our generation.

However for the most sobering fact, the 1964 Indo-Naga Ceasefire and the Peace Talks that followed had been events that transpired between the Government of India and the Federal Government of Nagaland only. The Naga National Council had not been a party to the goings on.

The Government of India should have most surely endeavored with utmost sincerity and diligence to solve the Indo-Naga Political Conflict during this opportune season of 1964 Indo-Naga Ceasefire. One of the many reasons being that, unlike the present scenario, the nationalist Nagas were of one entity then.

 But, for whatever reasons of much embafflements , India on her own volition, in 1972 unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire and started yet again to wage war on us. And with that the golden chance was missed.

The next misfortune to befall had been that the Government of India in 1975 entered into the so called “Shillong Accord” with one non-entity, “Underground Organization”. There absolutely was no indication or identity as to who this “Underground Organization” belonged to. Therefore the Shillong Accord is one most meaningless document and should remain forever null and void. There had absolutely been no legal bindings whatsoever to the Naga National Council and Federal Government of Nagaland. Had the Naga National Council and the Federal Government of Nagaland been alert and attentive enough at the precise time, outright rejection of the Shillong Accord could have been made most audibly  loud and clear thereby adding more insult to injury at the profound shame and great consternation of the Government of India. Immediately upon realizing the utter folly of a blunder her representative had committed, the Government of India  at once launched the damage control measure of covering her grotesque tracks and naked shame by forcing the Home Government being headed by Mr.Zashei Huire with application of massive doses of intimidation and forced her into the implementation of the Clause II of the Shillong Accord, which was the surrendering of firearms.

From then on ‘NCC & FGN pro-Shillong Accord’ and ‘NNC & FGN anti-Shillong Accord’ terminologies and entities got birthed. Later on some functionaries from the Anti-Shillong Accord NNC & FGN deserted to form the NSCN & GPRN.

Then, the Government of India in 1997 entered into another ceasefire agreement with the NSCN & GPRN in her vain attempt to cheapen the Mother of all Ceasefires she had entered with the FGN in 1964; and had since been keeping a Peace Process on to humor everyone concerned. One wonders just how many ceasefires, peace talks and peace processes the Government of India intends to have and keep with the Nagas? 

Equally bemusing is the stance of the NSCN/GPRN who so very rightly brands the pro-Shillong Accord NNC & FGN as “traitors”; would they be found to be pursuing a similar path? God forbid!

Now, most recently, yet another group of people, the six Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), some even bearing the name of “NNC”, have also entered the arena. But most solemnly, I, General (Retd) Thinoselie M Keyho, have been elected to the august post of the President of the Naga National Council, declare that our group has not joined the “race” nor would we ever do so. Our position would remain as resolute as the NNC of the Ceasefire time of 1964 most true.

The Naga National Council of which I am the President, would continue to strive and stand for Naga Sovereignty, Naga Unity, Encompassing the whole Naga people and the total Naga Wellbeing and nothing less.

Yes, Nagas would most surely be victorious sooner than later through the enabling of the Omnipotent God in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you and KUKNALIM.

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