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72nd Naga I-Day speech of President NNC/GDRN (Non-Accord) Kiumukam

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/16/2018 1:18:56 PM IST

 Countrymen, Naga brothers and sisters spread far and wide across the world. On the occasion of the 72nd Naga Independence Day, I sent you greetings in the name of our heavenly Father, our God Jehovah! 

Today, we pay homage to our visionary leaders who on this very day in 1947, unfurled the Naga Flag for the first time in our Naga homeland and declared the Naga Independence to the World Community. 

 We acknowledge and celebrate the brave and noble deeds of our torch-bearers by commemorating this auspicious occasion regardless of the hardship, persecution and circumstances in our desire to protect this freedom.

I also pay my respects to the Naga World War-I veterans, who had the audacity and the vision to form the Naga Club, on their return from Europe after the Great War. 2018, is the Centenary Year of the formation of the Naga Club, the first Naga organization to raise the Naga issue to the Simon Commission in 1929, which sowed the seeds of Naga nationalism and political consciousness of the Naga people towards establishing a Naga Nation State. 

In the greatest irony of the world history, India and Burma (Present state of Myanmar), both former British Imperial colonies that was liberated along with numerous other states especially in Asia and Africa in the aftermath of World War-II, arbitrarily divided our Naga country into two, and tried to subdue the voice of the young Naga nation with their misconceived notion that our Independent and sovereign rights could be subdued by military might, aggressive expansionist and their neo-imperial and colonial ambitions. These two mighty neighbors respectively sent their vast army personnel to overrun our beloved land, divided our people and occupied the land of our forefathers. For almost a century, the Nagas from both sides of the border have stood steadfast to protect our God given freedom at the cost of million precious lives of Naga patriots.

In Imperial India itself, Nagas are divided into four artificial and puppet states namely Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. Notwithstanding this division, many freedom loving Naga patriots have given up the luxury of life by joining the Naga liberation movement and have laid down their precious lives so that that Nagas may go back to the pre-British era of living a fully independent and sovereign lives.

The history of Naga people in the past 20th and present 21st century in the quest of freedom against the occupational forces is written in sweat, toil, tears and blood. The stalemate that ensued in the never-ending war has however been realized as a futile exercise by both the Naga people and the occupational forces. The political dispensation at New Delhi, having realized at long last, the Naga liberation movement as a genuine and popular peoples’ movement, signed a ‘Preamble’ for political negotiations on 17th November 2017, with Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), wherein India, “Recognized the historical and political rights of the Nagas for self-determination in consonance with their distinct identity; taking into consideration the contemporary political reality”. Ever since the signing of this “Preamble”, the Working Committee of 6 NNPGs have been in political dialogue to bring an enduring peace and lasting solution to our beleaguered land so that the Nagas can march forward economically, socially and politically in this rapid changing world.

Time has come for the Nagas to come forward and support the ongoing political talks between the Working Committee of the NNPGs and the Govt. of India, so that we do not miss the opportunity to make the world a better place for our upcoming young Naga generations.

We can ill-afford to let our narrow viewpoints and differences dictate the future course of the Nagas in this age of technology wherein, a micro-second of hesitation could plunge us right back to where we started. God bless the Nagas. Kuknalim     


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