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72nd Naga Independence Day speeches

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/14/2018 12:37:09 PM IST

 Speech of Gen. (Retd) Kholi read by Hukavi Yepthomi, Kilo Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN 

My beloved countrymen,
First of all, I am thankful to the Almighty God, the refuge of Naga people, for His divine providence that has sustained us this far, helping us to withstand forces of our enemies within and without.
Secondly, I extend revolutionary greetings to all the national workers young and old for your contributions to the Nation.
I also pay homage to Naga martyrs who had sacrificed their lives as ransom for the freedom of Nagalim. Their supreme sacrifices shall be an inspiration to the younger generations, and the Naga history will ever cherish them.
On this day, in 1947, the Naga people declared Independence from the British colonialists one day ahead of Indian independence. This was the result of the right and timely decision of the visionary Naga leaders of the time.
I have great respect for those national workers who serve the nation with their fullest commitment and selfless sacrifice. I thank and appreciate the Naga Army, irrespective of position and status, who have been defending the Nation from various kinds of forces without any reservation.
In the noble service of the Nation, whoever has volunteered, whether young or old, contributing whatever one can for the cause of the Naga Nation is appreciated and honored. I want every national worker to revive and rededicate the revolutionary spirit with efficiency and commitment that is most essential for the rebuilding of a nation.
The NSCN should be reminded that our political struggle began with our people and it shall end with the people. Our revolution is of the people, for the people and by the people. However, beware of those false organizations and individuals trying to barter Nagas’ rights for personal fame and glory. 
I am thankful to all the civil society organizations, churches, prayer groups, and well-wishers from all over Naga areas and outside whose prayer support and contribution in various manners have sustained our national cause till today. May God bless them abundantly always! The Naga history will ever remember them. I would appeal to them to continue rendering their invaluable services and prayer support until Indo-Naga political solution comes finally.
We began our political struggle with God and we shall also accomplish it with God. We had done what we could in all these years of political negotiations with the Government of India, and there is not much to be done now. Final solution will come as and when God is pleased with us. Therefore, countrymen, it is high time the Naga people examine our lives and see whether or not God finds reasons to be pleased with us. Let us remind ourselves of the Gospel truth that, with God everything is possible, and that God is the answer to every problem of a believer.
Countrymen, by the grace of God, our position in terms of our history and political rights has been acknowledged and recognized by the GoI, and now our future is secured and protected from external forces. But, the fact of the problem that still remains to be resolved is the danger of self-destruction. Nagas are bound to perish together until and unless we realize that our greatest enemy is within ourselves in the form of egotism, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, self-righteousness etc. We have to overcome this if we are to survive as a nation. I want all the national workers to remember that all have come to serve the Nation, and not to ask the Nation to serve us.
We will honor and respect the history and the rights of other peoples and Nations. We are also ready to understand together with our neighbors on issues of each others’ history and rights provided they come with rational and realistic approach and are prepared to appreciate the history and the right of the Naga people in its right perspective. We do not want to live in hostility with our neighbors, but a peaceful co-existence with our neighbors and peoples respecting each other’s history and rights is what we want and, this, we want our neighbors to appreciate, because at the end of the day Naga political solution will be beneficial to them too.
Lastly, I wish everybody a very happy Independence Day.
Gen (Retd) Viyalie Metha, Kedahge FGN
Dear fellow countrymen,
As we gather today to celebrate our 72nd Independence Day, let us all give thanks to God who has preserved our nation through all the past 71 years of trials and adversities. And today, as all our national leaders and workers along with the public gather again to celebrate our Independence Day, we proudly recollect all our fallen comrades who have sacrificed their lives for our national cause. They have indeed forever etched our nation’s identity in the annals of world history. Also, looking back at all our achievements in the past 71 years, I wish to reiterate the following facts for all future generations of our people.
1. Based on the historical facts of having inhabited our native land for over two thousand years, we declared our independence on 14th August, 1947. Even prior to this formal declaration, we Nagas had always existed as a free country owing no allegiance to any foreign nation or Government. And though 30% of our territory came under British administration for a short period of 68 years (i.e. 1880-1947), we never signed any treaty of capitulation with the British Colonial Power. Also prior to the British departure from their South Asian Empire in 1947, we had clearly told to the British that we would remain sovereign as before. This was done through the submission of the Naga Memorandum to the British Simon Commission on January 10, 1929.
2. As for the declaration of our independence on 14th August, it is a universal fact that the declaration of any nation’s independence is the exclusive prerogative right of that particular nation. Here, no nation needs another nation’s permission to declare their independence over their own territories. In conformity to this International norm, we Nagas also declared our independence over our own territories on August 14, 1947.
3. Therefore, it should clearly be understood by all perpetrators of aggression on Nagaland that Nagas are not demanding their independence from any other country or countries. On the contrary, it is the bounden duty of the neighbour countries as well as the UNO to recognize the Nagas’ declaration of their independence. This bounden obligation is more so, because all necessary information about Naga history, geography and political stand were furnished to the concerned countries in a series of memorandums before the declaration of Naga independence. The lists of some of these memorandums are as follows:
a. Memorandum to the Simon Commission on Jan. 10, 1929.
b. Memorandum to the British Cabinet Mission in April, 1946.
C. Memorandum of the case of the Naga people for self-determination and an appeal to Her Majesty’s Government on March 17, 1947.
As for our independent territories, our Nation’s Yehzabo (Constitution) had clearly states that: “The territory of Nagaland shall comprise of all the territories inhabited by the Nagas from time immemorial.” (Yehzabo Art.1)
In conformity to this declared territory which is true by all historical records, the Federal Government of Nagaland does not recognise any other artificial boundaries drawn across our lands by any other countries or governments.
All these facts and timely actions taken on our part, stands as irrefutable testimony to our collective wish to be a sovereign and independent country. We have also taken solemn oaths before God and man that we would never forsake these historical and political actions undertaken by us. These oaths were taken through historic national events like the National Plebiscite of May 16, 1951 and the Lakhuti resolution of April 27, 1955.
(To be concluded)
Adinno Phizo, President, Naga National Council, Nagaland
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today is the 72nd Nagaland Independence Day. And as we gather here, we are thankful to Almighty God for guiding our people in all difficult situations which were unprecedented. The national foundation was laid by the Naga National Council. Without a foundation, one cannot build a house, but with our national foundation in place, the Naga people have been able to uphold our right up to this day.
Whether others acknowledge it or not, Nagas have a unique history because they never entered into any Treaty that has bound them in any legal connection to any other country.
The conflict between Nagaland and India is a case of a clear illegal invasion by India. Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland is not Indian Territory that is the simple fact. On our part we say, Urra Uvie (Our Country belongs to us).
Indians cannot blame the American Baptist Missionaries or Great Britain for the troubles in Nagaland. Nagas are matured enough in dealing with outsiders. The invasion and occupation of Nagaland by India started in 1954 and the war was fought till the International Ceasefire Agreement was signed between the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Government of India.
This ceasefire commenced on September 6. 1964. But till today, India’s Armed Forces are still occupying Nagaland with the power of the so-called Armed Forces Special Power Act. 1958.
During the war with India, many of our people suffered and died but their sacrifices will not go in vain. With perseverance our people overcame in fighting with the Indian armed forces and survived. Nagas are not demanding anything from India.
The Naga stand is not a “Political Movement” either. Nagas are simply defending their country. The only say by Nagaland to India is to leave Nagaland in peace.
Nagaland was a self-sufficient country before trouble started by India. The village people though illiterate, knew the seasons and times of the year. They knew the exact timing of where and when to plant and harvest. They also knew when to work and when to rest among the community: People were well fed, healthy and happy.
Now we have many educated people and we hope they will do their part in developing the country and welfare of the people. We are confident that they will not spoil the country but develop it into a beautiful land.
Praise God for His immeasurable love to the Naga people. Let every Naga love our country and love one another. Let us all be truthful to God because one might be able to deceive man, but no one can deceive God. May peace come to Nagaland soon. God bless Nagaland: Urra uvie.
Y. Wangtin Naga, President, NSCN/GPRN- Reformation 
Seizing the opportunity of 72nd Naga Independence Day on 14th Aug 2018, I am saluting the Naga men and Women who stood by the tiny Naga Nation against all negative windblown in all sides for more than six decades. I also want to salute all fallen souls who sacrificed their precious lives for Naga nation, whose sacrifice does not go in vain. No less respect and salute to all comrades who sails together against all thicks and thins to save the God given rights of the Nagas from the jaws of mighty forces. More worthier salute to all leaders of NNPGs, particularly convener and co-conveners for their selfless sacrifices in coming together, compromising all their differences and difficulties to pursue the genuine issue. Coming together of six Naga Revolutionary groups under NNPGs and form a single platform was nothing but fulfillment of the aspirations of the Naga people for unity among Naga Revolutionary Groups. I on behalf of NSCN/GPRN-Reformation thank and gratitude to our honorable convener Mr.N.Kitovi Zhimomi for his shrewdness in leading six different Naga Revolutionary groups who has different approaches and ideologies.
The Naga National Poilitical Groups signed its “WORKING AGREEMENT’ with GOI on 17th Nov 2017 which stood taller than any other political agreement so far signed between the Nagas and GOI, because through this agreement, the GOI officially recognizes the Historic and Poitical rights of the Nagas and their distinct identity to determine their future. However, the NNPGs and GOI have jointly worked out a formula for peaceful co-existence between the two entities and likely to ink final deal before autumn season of Indian parliament, provided the situation and time favours us.
The Nagas must thank Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister and Mr. R.N Ravi, the interlocutor , Naga peace talk for their understanding of genuine Naga issue. TheNaga people must unitedly move forward to hammer out the best solution during this present Government tenure.
The Naga people are not lost people and their History cannot be erased because on this day, the 14th August 1947, our great leaders have boldly declared our Naga Independent in day light and sent its cable to United Nation Organisation (UNO) who officially acknowledged our independence and accordingly informed GOI. Let us thank our living God that He leads us and make our political history indestructible and inherited our undisputable rights to be ours forever and ever. Kuknalim.

Gen. (Retd.) M.B Neokpao, President, GPRN/NSCN
Beloved Naga Brothers and sisters, 
I give all Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Father, the Author of Naga Nation and our sustainer; in his alone shall we place our faith and future of our people.
 14th August 1947 shall eternally be etched in our history as this day marked the Nagas as a politically conscious entity and a decisive people. This day distinctly separated us from of our neighbors who were mostly immersed in social, economic and spiritual pursuits while we Nagas, in unison, blew a trumpet of political freedom from colonial powers. This fact of history must be acknowledged by our friends and neighbors. I pay homage to all the departed freedom fighters and salute their indomitable sprite. We celebrate this triumphant declaration because of their valour.
 A prolonged conflict like ours cannot be resolved through piecemeal solution. There have been agreements in the past which did not have the approval and consent of the Naga people. 9 point Hydari Agreement 1947, 16 point memorandum, Shillong Accord 1975 etc. all failed to silence the Naga. A political problem cannot be solved through economic considerations. All agreements of the past ere one dimensional and did not fulfill the political aspiration of the Nagas.
 The last four decades has turned Nag homeland into a feuding land as a result of division and fratricidal conflict. In the last ten years the Naga civil societies, Churches, Tribal Hohos, Nagaland GBs, Mothers, Student bodies etc.  have played a crucial role in bringing a sense of normalcy in our land.
Today, a positive breeze is blowing in our land. The Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs).as desired by the Naga, have formed a working Committee (WC)
 and having been officially invited by the GOI for a political dialogue, the 17th Nov. 2017 Agreed position document bears testimony that the two entities, firmly retaining the essence of Naga plebiscite of 1951, are determined to take the Indo-Naga issue to a logical conclusion.
The political world is constantly evolving the geo-political landscape is constantly changing and so are the spheres of influences and relationship among nation. The very definitions of independence and sovereignty have taken new meanings.
WC, NNPGs has made it clear to the GOI that 1947 remains a historic day. The Naga Plebiscite of May 1951 will be the basic foundation of any political solution. It is with this strength that we signed an Agreed position with the GOI on 17th Nov 2017. The essence and spirit of Naga plebiscite is duly acknowledged by GOI. The right to self determine our future is entrenched while on our part due consideration must be given to contemporary political realities.
GPRN/NSCN believes in equality and brotherhood among the NNPGs. It is our endeavor that future Naga generations would build on what we achieve today. The GOI and WC have in principle agreed that there would be clear definitions over competencies where no nither Indian parliament or constitution shall infringe upon. This means there is no ambiguity in the present negotiations between the WC,NNPGs and the GOI.
W3e are confident that WC, NNPGs and GOI are in a right path. We will not go for publicity stunt. Fact, truth and practical pursuit give us confidence that we can give our younger generation a political future and identity that they can be proud of. At this hour, I urge our people to remain positive and stay strong in our resolve.

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