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RTI Act a new way for a means of living

1 Apr. 2012 12:18 AM IST

RTI Act gave a power and privilege to the citizen to get information or called the right to information from the governmental organisation. Today many NGOs, governments and public citizen are giving awareness regarding RTI Act, so that any citizen who desires to seek information regarding the government organisation it is brought into limelight. The right which enhance the citizen to gather desired information if the citizen intended to learn on the functioning of government department.
Today when we ponder over the pass and ongoing RTI Act, it has become an eye opener and means to see through glass for the government department and public citizen in general. On the part of citizen it help to know the government departments are functioning and on the other side RTI Act which is making the government department to be alert in utilizing funds, machineries and so on.  It is kind of bombarding government department. Well, what we so called “Social activist” being in the forefront, strive to bring and work for the social distress. When we look at the present scenario some of the educated unemployed or may be employed in some ways they called themselves “Social Activist” but somersault and carried out as mafia. I am flabbergasted to see who called themselves as “Social Activist” and threaten the department to pay them money if they fail they will file a RTI Act. Well! Well! Well! I am not pint pointing or blaming either but the ball is at our hand. As a concern citizen we all strive to work for better tomorrow. Let us be aware of those who called themselves as “Social Activist” and they “HOCK”, in fact work for someone else behalf so called “ Mafia” and the Act which has become there means of living. Awake!! Let us not give a way to misuse the name. On the other hand being in the government department let us manoeuvres and be aware to face the truth. Come, let us not be woozy or stupor what is happing around us but join hands be scrupulous and grind what consequences this so called “Social Activist” can bring in future.

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