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Torn between Biblical teaching and the society’s limelight

21 Jul. 2012 11:20 PM IST

My parents taught me women need to respect men. The menfolk in our family love and care for us- the womenfolk and we respect them.
Dad is the head of the family, no question about it and mom is the heart. I have never felt threatened by the number of males which outnumbers females in my family. I am contend being a daughter and a sister. I will always be dad’s and my brothers’ darling forever. I have been taught to wear clothes that cover me well. It does not have to be shabby; I can be beautiful and carry myself well-dressed modestly. I do not have to show off more skin to draw attention. After all, I wish to be married to a man who loves me for who I am.
I do not want divorce after he thinks I am out of shape and is attracted by some other women who dress in a perfect body showing off all curves and more skin.
Oh! And worst of all I do not want to be pregnant with no father or confused of who the father is, nor walk down the aisle with baby bump. I wish I walk down the aisle with my dad who gives me to the man he trusts would love and care for me as he did. I wish I will be thankful when I get pregnant and have my husband by my side as mom had dad.
I realised what I have been taught and wish for is not just an accident or a personal will. It is what the Word of God teaches. God created woman to be man’s compatible partner, help mate and not to be a competitor (Gen 2:18).
Women are to be dressed modestly (1 Tim 2:9). God made man and woman to be joined together not to be separated (Mrk 10:1-9). Men and women who commit adultery deserves to be put to death (Lev 20:10).
Tuning down to real life limelight of our society, it depicts that we have drifted far away from the place we were pointed to. Educated and independent women are turning out to be feminists, clothes are getting thinner and smaller with time, divorce and pregnancy outside marriage are the happening trends of the popular world.
It is not something seen and read only in the infotainment pages of the newspapers, magazines, internet etc. It is real, here in our society. I am afraid I hear men tagging certain women as feminists and the so called beauty pageant pictures justify the contestants might not need any clothes some years from now. I wonder, some say the cause of rape is because of immodest dressing. Now, when one is exposed in what is supposed to be inner wears so openly and probably willing, what message does it convey? Switching over to divorce, it is rampant everywhere.
One misunderstanding is enough toseparate a couple. Why say the vows than… “in sickness, for poorer, till death do us part”. And yes, walking down the aisle in white, unashamedly with the baby bump and of course the ordained minister included is no surprise today. Feminism, immodest dressing, divorce and pregnancy outside marriage are most glorified in our time like never before.
The psalmist says in 139:16 “……And in your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them”. It tells me it is no surprise to God that we live in such a wicked generation. This is the society we live in and only God’s grace can transform, heal and bring shalom to those who are willing to choose and live by Hisstandard through it all.

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Nighatoli P. Achumi, Youth Pastor, N.C.R.C (Sumi), PuranaBazar, Dimapur.