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12 Oct. 2012 2:21 AM IST

How often do we just let every second pass by unnoticed, we always make an excuse saying there was not enough time,"NO TIME NO TIME" is the phrase we always use when people ask us to do something or when we are about to do some work, if only we stop using time as an excuse, time has given us generous amount of time if you convert an hour - minutes - seconds - milliseconds, we have 1 hour=60 minutes, 1 minute = 60 seconds, 1 second= 100 milliseconds, and therefore 1 hour =36,00000 milliseconds(36 lakhs wow!) I ,myself have not used time judiciously, but looking at the figures above I have realized that I have wasted enough of time as well as my life in doing nothing! It is our duty to make good use of every milliseconds, it’s our fault not the fault of time, time has given us ample amount of time to do everything we want. Every second that is gone will never come back so it is with our life , there should be no turning back but only moving forward. Let’s learn from time that never looks back but always moves forward. Time has created History so let us create history too!! Time and tide waits for no man!

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