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12 Oct. 2012 2:23 AM IST

'The way to a Man's heart is through the stomach"(sigh),the first thing that struck my mind was hhhmm (pausing for a moment) yes it’s so very relevant and true(chuckling).Females when it comes to food are more patient as compared to the opposite sex,maybe because we are careful not to put on extra calories,despite the fact when we are extremely hungry,whereas it is not the same with the Man,if they are hungry chances are there that they could loose their temperament.for example if the food is cold or the food is not ready at the right time when hunger has reached to its peak(not that the females are immune to this kind of temperament but it is more likely seen in Man), like the saying in the book of proverbs,"A hungry man is an angry man". A woman who can cook a sumptuous meal can attract hordes of people in the dinning table,even so with the wife who can cook a sumptuous meal maximum chances are there that the husband will never miss a meal dropping by his house for the meal which in turn can help bonding between the spouses.A healthy meal for a healthy start,a good meal anytime is very important for a man,if you know what his favorite dishes are than there is no turning back girls!! Good chances are there that however far he may go he will miss out your cooking which will bring him back to cool is that!!(Winks*) Note (quotations from the book of Proverbs)

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