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The killer rape

7 Jun. 2011 11:56 PM IST

“Whenever I try to sleep, I see scary creatures. I am so scared I cannot sleep. I am scared even to go to sleep” narrates a girl who was tormented with nightmares after she was gang raped. She doesn’t realize the deep anguish and revulsion that was going through deep inside her for the pain and trauma of that most scary and degrading experience that a girl/a woman victim go through. “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I just feel strange and then everything becomes blank” said the girl about the many occasions when she just passes out and lose consciousness for days on end after she went through that trauma of being gang raped. She constantly complained of headache, dizziness and abdominal pain. She gets irritated, lethargic and withdraws into silent mood for days; she is too innocent, too young to know/realize what she is going through.
A worst of nightmares, but its not just a nightmare, but its real, its happening to a girl, a woman. It’s been some years since that incident about that poor innocent girl, but everything about her is still fresh in my mind. And the many victims like her that I sat/sit with, as I listen to them in shame, in pain, in disgust, in horror of the beastly act committed to them. They go on suffering in silence and shame, perhaps hoping that time will heal, hoping that they will one day forget. If only bad memories can be erased forever from one’s mind, one’s life.
The consequences of rape: Pregnancy, abortions, babies, sexually transmitted diseases/HIV, the mental and emotional trauma, the stigma of being a rape victim: It’s damaging. It kills if not given the much needed support she needs. What support system do we have in Nagaland?
Almost everyday a girl/woman is being raped. Some get reported, but most cases are silenced/hushed up for some reason or the other. Most of the criminals go scot free to victimize yet another helpless girl. The unfortunate victims continue to suffer in silence and in shame. Most victims/families don’t want to talk about it for obvious reasons. Some brave families/victims come forward to get justice, but many times justice is delayed/denied. Money, power, connections, poor justice system etc etc is all it takes to delay and deny justice! And above all, perhaps, all it takes is the indifference and lack of consistent collective community concern and action to such heinous crime committed to women and girls. No doubt the women folk ( and some men) goes out in protest rallies, submits memorandum, issue condemnation letters, run from pillar to post seeking for justice and protection of women and girls etc but nothing much has changed. The situation is becoming worse. One wonders as to what has gone wrong? What more needs to be done? Many, many things need to be done but perhaps the most important; the most powerful action could begin from our fathers and our brothers. Our Naga men folk needs to revive the age old warrior spirit, put on their armor of war, sharpen their head hunting daos once again and fight this battle for the sake of the dignity of their women and girls and their own dignity as protectors of their women and their little girls!

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