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22 Aug. 2011 9:21 PM IST

Does hell exist?.... because right now...hell seems to be a better place than the situation I'm in. I don't feel lost, but i feel lonely...
It all started that one night. No matter where i go it always finds me. My name is Matt Daemon, short for Matthew Daemon and this is not just a story its my story.
What is it about?? lets just say its about  fear that u can't comprehend and  pain u can't feel....
what kind of fear??!!, What kind of pain??!! Find out for yourself..

Chapter1- All good things must come to an end

"Ouch!" my brother finally hit me with a paintball. "Hey!! that doesn't count Alex! you caught me off guard". "Come on Matt don't be such a sour puss!!" he snapped back, "boys that's enough i need some help unpacking" mom shouted from the house.
"So long cheater" i shouted as i ran back to the house. We had just moved to San Diego and we had a lot of stuff to unpack. Most of it was dads junk and the rest of it was my brother
 "Mr. Perfect's" books. I was never actually fond of Alex and i always thought it was because he was such a show off.... but i knew... i knew deep down i hated him because he was better than me at everything... I tried everything! from paintball to eating...but as usual Mr. perfect outshone me as always.
Somehow Alex got all the favor from mom and dad, and me... well lets just say that I'm not that easily noticed. At first i didn't have a problem with Alex but as time went by...i hated him more and more, i felt neglected and i blamed Alex for it. The more mom and dad favored Alex the more i hated him. I hated him so much that i wished he were dead...., if only i knew that i was gonna get what i asked for, i wouldn't  have hated Alex so much...... i would've tried to get along with him....

- To be continued ( same chapter )                                               
( This story is under the copyright law, all rights reserved )

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