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9 Jan. 2018 10:49 PM IST

THERE may be a grain of truth in the statement by US President Donald Trump that his coun...

2 Jan. 2018 10:34 PM IST

In the rumble-tumble of election, the role of Congress president Sonia Gandhi has not bee...

20 Dec. 2017 12:15 AM IST

Even after 46 years, the liberation of Bangladesh is very vivid in my memory. I was the f...

13 Dec. 2017 12:39 AM IST

There is no surprise. It was well known that the Congress Party is hopelessly dependent on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Elevatio...

5 Dec. 2017 11:05 PM IST

Political parties all over the world have come to be closed shops. What is known as the ‘High Command’ usually dictates on wh...

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