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11 Dec. 2017 11:01 PM IST

Vegetarianism, at its most superficial level, is the not eating of animal flesh. And should include milk which is liquid anim...

4 Dec. 2017 11:33 PM IST

I am in Argentina for a few days to attend a Child Labour Conference. Buenos Aires has wide roads, green trees which are almo...

28 Nov. 2017 12:12 AM IST

In the ancient world, humans were not just close to animals but, in most cases, deeply dependent on them. Since they were par...

20 Nov. 2017 11:23 PM IST

In a country like India, it is odd that we should have so many couples going to doctors complaining about their inability to ...

13 Nov. 2017 11:57 PM IST

A girl who owned two dogs had suddenly to go to her village. She left the dogs with a girl who ran a dog boarding house and p...

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