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NSCN/GPRN (K) questions usage of ‘Burmese’ tag

Published on 21 Jul. 2011 1:18 AM IST
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NSCN/GPRN (Khaplang) has asserted that Nagas’ struggle   survived so far,due to the “steadfastness” of S.S. Khaplang and eastern Nagas who had sacrificed their all, “home and hearts” against atrocities and inhuman cruelties by Myanmarese junta.
  MIP in a statement reminded eastern Nagas from every family obligatorily provided “national service” voluntarily at every regular intervals besides providing food, shelter and unwavering supports both morally and physically.
It stated that crucial advantages such as “inexhaustible human resources,” tactical and safe haven, safe routes to foreign countries and weapons procurement passage”, provided by eastern Nagas, had been a boon and most vital “life-given nutrients” which had sustained Nagas’ struggle till date.
MIP said the plight of Eastern Nagas could have been levitated at par with any other developed countries had S.S. Khaplang and eastern Naga brothers chose to join Burma state.
It however said that despite untold inhuman savagery inflicted for resisting Burmese rule, the “unparalleled patriotism and devotion” to the cause had withstood even the worst genocide and undeclared war upon entire eastern homeland.
Further, it  alleged that sections of “ungrateful Naga brothers” particularly from Nagaland and Manipur states, on having managed to stand on their own feet and gaining credibility as “national movement” soon betrayed, condemned and even deserted S.S. Khaplang without any hesitation”.
MIP said that instead of acknowledging the patronage and crucial assistances, the Nagas of Nagaland and Manipur,instead tried to obliterate S.S. Khaplang, the eastern Nagas and Naga history, rights and identities “for a pittance of economic packages, luxuries and security assured by GoI.” It said this was only to “assimilate themselves within Indian constitutional amenities.” 
The NSCN (K) MIP said when exposed and rejected by NSCN/GPRN and left no other option, Khehoi groups were “desperately trying to repudiate SS Khaplang’s image, and were consistently heaping unfounded garbage on SS Khaplang’s citizenship which even GoI did not ever dared to allege.
 MIP asked “why are the Khehoi gang unmindful of its own championing of Indian cause in Nagaland, the direct participation of Khehoi gang bosses, i.e Khole Konyak paid by NPF and DAN coalition just ahead of last assembly election, Kitovi’s unabashed misuse of NSCN army in harassing, intimidation, kidnapping and booth capturing in favor of his nephew Inavi Zhimomi from Satakha A/C.”
It claimed that people of Satakha bore witness to “entire atrocities committed with another nephew of Kitovi, Kiyelu, alias Jack Zhimomi of Sheyipu village and a confidante of Kitovi who led the entire campaign.”
MIP pointed that if the GPRN/NSCN MIP secretary Ghukiho Zhimo, “possessed a grain of conscience”would realize how he himself canvassed in the election and allegedly even prevented his own father exercising franchise in his own native village Vishepu.
“Because of the apparent repercussion and threat, the public have been maintaining silence. Or else, the public wrath alone will surely obliterate their existence,” the NSCN (Khaplang) claimed.
Also, asserting that it was ironic and self-defacing for attempting to mount up against “colossal political embodiment in the person and stature of SS Khaplang,” the NSCN (K) said IBRF was an alliance of “anti-India revolutionaries” struggling for an alliance of struggling indigenous peoples’ political forum of Northeast India.
Stating that Nagas being the first and foremost suppressed people to rise up in revolt against neo-colonist India, the MIP said it was looked-up to patronize and guide other struggling races in South-East Asia and elsewhere.
“Why is Khehoi gang trying to alienate and isolate the Nagas again, why would any people or for that matter any Naga be bothered of Khaplang led NSCN popular and natural leadership in South East Asia,” it said, adding such “antagonistic anti-Naga comments revealed its India-tutored mindset and policies.”
Asking   why was “Khehoi gang too spiteful of eastern Naga?”, the  MIP said they need to justify it  and also should explain to the Nagas and the world, why they branded “the same Naga brothers as Burmese”.

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