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The Jallikattu ordinance has opened up a Pandora’s Box. People in Assam are now demanding they be allowed to hold the centuries-old buffalo and bulbul fights, which are part of the State’s harvest festival Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bih
Andy Murray’s dreams of winning his maiden Australian Open were crushed in stunning fashion by Germany’s 50th-ranked Mischa Zverev, in Melbourne on Sunday. The world No 1, who had reached the quarter-finals every year since 2010,
Actress Kangana Ranaut believes that Mumbai is relatively safer than any other city in the country. Speaking at the Umang Mumbai Police Show, held especially for Mumbai Police on Saturday night, Kangana said: “Though we can’t say
Bob and Mike Bryan announced their retirement from the Davis Cup on Sunday after a 14-year stint that made them the United States’ most successful doubles team in the competition. The 38-year-old twins, known for their chest-bump
Thousands of people from all walks of life attended the last day of the “Revival and Healing Convention” which concluded Sunday evening with Dr. Joram Dol, director, Mission Out-Reach, Arunachal Pradesh CRCC as the speaker at Rüzh
At least 39 people were killed and 50 injured when the Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express derailed in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district, police said on Sunday. The incident occurred on Saturday at 11.30 p.m. near Kuneru...
It is a dream which is prefixed by the word ‘if’ and that itself describes the improbability about what every right thinking and conscientious citizen of habitant of Dimapur often talks about. It is a...
Who is guilty of dragging Article 371A to court?

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Look to Me, and be saved… —Isaiah 45:22

Do we expect God to come to us with His blessings and save us? He says,...
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“Boss the labourers want Rs.1000 each. That’s the offer from candidates just to ride on vehicles and shout.”
“Boss the labourers want Rs.1000 each. That’s the offer from candidates just to ride on vehicles and shout.”
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