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With a dual objectives - to encourage students to be more responsible in their work for the welfare of the society and to make them better in life by instilling clear insight of their abilities, aptitudes, and personality traits o
A five-day workshop on techniques of data analysis, jointly organized by Dimapur Government College (DGC) with Bayesian and Interdisciplinary Research Unit (BIRU) Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, got underway at AIDA Don Bos
Third consultative meet of Western Angami Student’ Union (WASU), Western Angami Youth Organisation (WAYO) and Western Angami Sports Association (WASA) was held at WAPO building, Sechü Zubza September 13. Addressing the meeting as
North Korea’s footballers took China apart 3-0 on Monday as they made an immediate impression in what was their first action at the Asian Games in South Korea. Goals from Sim Hyon-Jin, So Kyong-Jin and Ri Hyok-Chol made it
Twenty six contestants have been selected to compete for the coveted title of Naga Hindi Voice during an audition which was held at Apna Hotel, Dimapur, on Monday. Responding to the call, 38 young enthusiastic singers from across
British Prime Minister David Cameron will make one of his final visits to Scotland later on Monday four days before a historic independence referendum to warn Scots a vote to leave the United Kingdom is a forever choice. With opi
Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Monday dismissed reports that all is not well between his party and close ally BJP and said that talks are on between the two sides over sharing of seats for the upcoming assembly polls in Mahar
Any means necessary including military support to crackdown Representatives of 29 countries, including the five member of the UN Security Council, agreed Monday to provide Iraqi authorities with “any means necessary including mi...
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One-time South African paraplegic sports icon Oscar Pistorious, was absolved of pre-meditated murder on the night of Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2013 when he fired four shots through a bathroom do...
Is former CAG chairman Vinod Rai politically motivated?

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We have renounced the hidden things of shame . . .   —2 Corinthians 4:2

Have you “renounced the hidden things of shame” in y...
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“You pay Rs.1500 for haircut by a beautician. So I felt I should now charge you Rs.500 for haircut at home.”
“You pay Rs.1500 for haircut by a beautician. So I felt I should now charge you Rs.500 for haircut at home.”
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