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Horns of dilemma

1 Sep. 2015 12:58 AM IST

Two issues that are like twins - HIV/AIDS as well as abortion -are at a critical situational level despite all the hype on awareness through prisms of behavioural and moral ethos. Most people appear to be more aware of HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy, both of which have risen to dangerous levels than on knowing how to prevent them. Of course, the information on how HIV is transmitted and how pregnancy occurs is known and even on how to prevent them. However despite knowing this, both HIV and teen pregnancy / unwanted pregnancy resulting in abortion, are on the rise. Thus, the strategy of a preventive remedy of sorts becomes a moral malady which has led many to believe that contemporary society is being perched on the precipice of a serious crisis. That situation may not be too far away when these issues that have not been dented by awareness campaigns, could lead to a crisis of sorts. Indeed, what is not being reported in public domain via media, does not hide the fact that incidence of both HIV and abortion expose how these have reached a critical point in society and thus, should rouse serious concern. HIV and abortion are clearly social issues sought to be understood from behavioural and moral angles. Due to the focus by international, national and state agencies, there appears to have been more of awareness on prevention of the spread of HIV, while less is being said about abortion. In several cases, failure to abort newborn has often led to abandonment of new born babies in drains, garbage dumps or even in jungles who are left to die. Though actual statistics are unavailable, yet it has been presumed that abortions has been on the rise. What is revealing about the difference in perception between the people engaged in talk seminars and few awareness camps and those people who are the object, points to the need for doing much more than what has been done. Perhaps there is a need to focus on abstention through a responsible lifestyle and driving home the point about the consequences. Preventive methods may not always succeed due to carelessness and when this happens, all the knowledge comes to nought. The rise in pregnancy among teenage girls is rampant and even the fraction of unwanted children who are given for adoption reveals the magnitude of the problem or phenomenon. Many clinics are doing business in terminating pregnancy while some that are carried out by untrained hands sometimes endangering the lives of the pregnant females. This may also raise the issue of abortion which needs to be seen from various angles. If the scenario of HIV/AIDS is being so much highlighted because it continues to spread rapidly within a very short span; the issue of unwanted pregnancy and increase in abortions should also be given similar focus. According to some reports there has been significant increase in new-born babies tested positive for HIV. Whether prevention is the answer in addressing these issues through a moral angle, so that it results in adopting a responsible lifestyle, are matters that need serious action plans. However, as the debate goes on, the increase in both incidences indicate that society struggles with the twin dilemma. 

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