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Under scanner

1 Mar. 2015 12:33 AM IST

At a time when the Congress party has been at the receiving end starting from the disastrous results at the 2014 Lok Sabha election where it has been decimated to just 44 members and followed with subsequent losses in Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi state assembly elections, the party has not shown any sign of coming out of its self-imposed dilemma. For a party that continues to look for leadership from the Nehru-Gandhi family, Sonia’s inability to lead and not just manage the party, has placed the Congress in a major leadership crisis. Sonia was not the leader of the house when the Congress was the dominant coalition partner in the UPA on two occasions. That itself revealed, that she is unable to engage in an informed debate on various issues in the house. Her choice of Dr.Manmohan Singh, an economist without political base and who was not a member of the Lok Sabha accentuated the crisis. So long the party was in power, it did not feel the need to prepare someone to take over. However, now that the party is being gradually squeezed out, the leadership crisis continues to be the biggest dilemma for the party. At such a critical time, the attempt to push Rahul Gandhi as the ‘future leader’ of the party appears to have instead, caused more heartburn within the party rank and file. There are many who don’t see Rahul as the saviour of the party as they feel, that he isn’t cut out for the job. There is also a clamour from some, who continue to be mesmerized by the royalty and star-status of the Nehru-Gandhi family who want Priyanka to lead the party. It is largely speculated that Sonia wants to quit and pave way for Rahul but he has proved a damp squib in the Lok Sabha and subsequent assembly elections. He remains aloof from public and rarely seen, except while undertaking tours. Though Rahul may be a political personality, yet he is far from being a political leader. He betrays a personal disinclination for the hurly burly of politics. When the Congress received a drubbing in the 2013 Delhi elections, Rahul stated that he would replicate the Aam Admi Party style in his party; which was never done that year and even by the 2015 Delhi assembly elections. Such remarks exposed his naivety and did more harm than good to his and his party’s image. The BJP has vowed to rid India of the Congress and if it is succeeding, it is mainly because the Congress continues to inflict damage on itself. Rahul is a decent human being and one who does not enjoy the life of a politician. This was shown when he recently fled away for a sanyas somewhere, in order to ‘introspect’ at a time when his party needed his presence in parliament. It is unfortunate that the Congress does not want to see beyond the family and by this, it is doing tremendous disservice to itself and lakhs of Congress supporters. If the Congress expects the people of India to seriously consider Rahul as a potential leader; then he should not be treated as a sacred cow and has to stand scrutiny and prove himself now and not later.

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