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A serious condition

27 Jun. 2016 12:09 AM IST

On the night of June 23, some unidentified person(s) travelling in a Mahindra Scorpio, fired a shot near the office gate of Nagaland Post and sped away even as the security staff went to investigate. The Editors of four Nagaland-based newspapers (Morung Express, Eastern Mirror, Capi and Tir Yimyim) expressed deep concern the incident and cautioned, that any such attempt aimed at coercion, threat or obstruction of the voice of freedom of the press would only undermine freedom and democracy. The Editors urged upon the state government to ensure that a secure environment be created for a safe working environment of journalists. The incident further serves as a reminder about the environment in Dimapur. For the ordinary, helpless and unorganised citizens they continue to face similar, if not worse, situations. For lawless elements, freedom of expression, truth, fundamental rights of citizens mean nothing but irritants to their criminal life style. As for the government of Nagaland, it is inflicted with self-paralysis that prevents it from undertaking proactive actions to prevent crimes but only but engage in fire-fighting exercises. With nearly two lakh people including a large floating population, Dimapur has lost the momentum for progress and its commercial growth is being stunted by various factors that impede positive growth. Prices of almost all items are shooting up since there is no proper check on the market brought about due to rampant tax collections and manipulative trade practices imposed through a monopoly by sharks who have formed various syndicates. Dimapur has become the crime capital of the north east. There are many gangs involved in various nefarious activities from smuggling ganja, drugs, weapons, car lifting, sex trade, extortion, mafia networks and various illegal activities. Today, the infamous Mumbai underworld activity called ‘supari’(contract) killing is also no longer an unknown phenomenon. Insecurity among the public only indicates that the authorities are yet to deal with the crime syndrome. Many heinous crimes have yet to be solved, most unfortunately. Dozens of unions, associations including underground factions are preying on truckers entering Dimapur or plying within the city and the authorities doing precious little to end the menace that is literally bleeding the public due to abnormal increase in the price of every commodity. Leaving aside goods coming from outside Nagaland, even items produced within such as bricks or wood are also subjected to taxes from both ‘authorised’(with permits)’ as well as ‘unauthorised’(without permits but who care less). The mix up of various elements living above and beyond the law and who have forged several business syndicates, certainly work against the common public, who are the end-users but who have to bear the brunt of the “extra costs”. The police commissionerate in Dimapur has been thrown the gauntlet and it will have to ensure that those involved including anyone behind the entire conspiracy are identified, arrested, booked and prosecuted. It is also hoped, that the judiciary would note that society is in need of a reprieve from criminal elements and it has to take a serious view of those accused of violent crimes. All the above paint a very unwholesome picture of criminalisation of society which lead to conclusion of a haven for criminals but a hell for other mortals.

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