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Prime need

8 Feb. 2016 12:07 AM IST

While there has been no breakthrough in the murder/assassination of a business woman in Dimapur on December 14 2015, the February 3,2016 shooting of a youth sent a chilling reminder about the vulnerability of citizens. If the past serves as indication, there is very little that can be done to check such incidents. Such incidents have continue to erode the reputation and authority of the government as they speak volumes about the worrisome law and order situation in the state. The ordinary citizens of the state are thoroughly demoralized and disgusted by the failure of all involved, in preventing incidents inimical to society. Whatever may be the onus on politics, the need to promote economic growth and prosperity can never be ignored. It is regretful that the state law and order machinery has been showing a lack of will to fight crimes. The perception of ‘rule of law’ can be made applicable at both the higher and lower levels. The people of Nagaland are indeed concerned with the inherent weakness of the law enforcement system in tackling ordinary crimes but are most distressed by the disinclination of the law enforcement to confront those challenging the authority and rule of established law. Accountability at these levels is not adhered to in cases where those who can get away do so with impunity. Though there has been some measure of improvement in response to the hue and cry by public, much still remains to be done to make enforcement effective. Other challenges come from the imposition of rule by parallel authorities which have gone unchallenged. This is the biggest problem faced by the men in khaki. However it does not mean that the status quo should be maintained while lives and property are at risk. There are as many gangs involved in various nefarious activities from smuggling ganja, drugs, weapons, car lifting, sex trade, extortion, mafia networks and various illegal activities. However, the most serious of all the crimes in Dimapur happen to be murder or even contract killings. There could be various factors which have made Dimapur the crime capital of Nagaland and also among the crime infested in the region. The proliferation of guns, both imported or country-made, suggest the existence of a gun running racket or use of weapons by some armed underground outfit. It has also been reported that there are various militant outfits from outside, who have made the city a safe haven and carrying out their activities with patronization from some quarters. Not belittling the efforts of the government with regard to tackling crimes with a firm hand; it would not be incorrect to presume that such an approach is incomplete as it seeks to treat the symptoms rather than the disease. It is for society now to reflect and introspect on how and why the situation has reached such a nadir. Who are the perpetrators of various crimes in Dimapur, past, present and future? Contemporary approaches towards crimes by organized gangs through strategies or policies tend to neglect complexities of the condition and not conforming to the reality on the ground. The expectations on the district police is not unreasonable and so it is time that expectations are met.

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