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A tribute to Daiho Mao
By Chozhule Kikhi and SHGs members, Jotsoma village.   :   Sep 19 2012 9:53PM IST

We chatted and interacted-decorated with
your bold and sweet smile.
On 14th Sept at Lezo Cha, where the SHGs’ marketing day
was held never realized the day your last official reporting day.
You volunteered to cover a similar
event to happen soon in another place.
Your down-to earth approach-coming out at odd times
Forgoing your comfort zone,
setting aside fatherly and husbandly duties
To highlight grass root realities for the benefit of us
We couldn’t believe our eyes
when the saddest new appeared on 16th September
A legacy-a well preformed duty till your last day
Life’s journey-you travelled well
You’ll be terribly missed not only by your loved ones
But by us too-when we have our annual event each year
Your deeds and legacy will be a continuous inspiration
Farewell! Be a shining star even in a immortal world.

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