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By Megozeno Savino   :   Jun 22 2011 11:22PM IST

Dark it was, gloom-filled
Tears bound, my fate sealed,
Hope vanished, lifeless songs in the air,
Oh! Sadness, sadness I cannot bear
“Is this it?” I ask myself
These horrific songs wish I was dead.

I look up to the sky
Can anybody see me cry?
Is there anyone to save this soul
That has become too much too cold.
Stillness is all I feel
Desperation is all I got to deal.

Then my soul feels a light
So strong, so deep and wide
It clings to me with comfort
And I hear music of beautiful chords,
Soothing my soul like nothing before
I feel like an eagle ready to soar.

‘Tis the love of God that is healing me
From my bondages I am being set free
The sacrifice that He has made
A new life in me to create.
I now burst with joy and life
As I enter into His presence of light

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