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The Life Restored
By Rev. Dr. T.Alem meren D.D   :   Jul 3 2011 11:51PM IST

Ere the man fell in the first land,
Ere the man clothed the sin and death,
Oh happy was the man! Beautiful was the land!
He reigned with peace and joy! He sang with bliss and blithe.
God’s glory he beheld; the angels song he heard,
And the rest divine he had shared!
So was the man in paradise.
Bat this man sinned and fell and died!
Then flew the stream of curse and death
Unto all men on earth! Curses on all betide!
Evils and sufferings, the bitter pang of death
Came upon all men in land, in sea and in home
And they were bound to God’s wrath to come!
Oh how they groaned but lost in sin!
Moved with love God sent His own Son
That He King , Lord and Savior be
To all the people underneath the glowing sun
And that sinners be saved, and He their Savior be
He died, He rose, He lives, He sits in heav’n adored.
Hark! the golden age is restored !
The problem solved, the life restored!

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