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Dec 7 2016 1:52AM IST

Where in one’s imagination would we have thought that Nagaland and Maradona would be mentioned in the same sentence. Besides demonetization the question on every mind is what can be the result to the ...

Ayeto Ayemi, general secretary, Nagaland Football Coaches Association (NFCA)
Dec 7 2016 1:52AM IST

Cursoring the dramas of the day to day events would speak volumes about the errors that must have crept into our chaos laden society. Down the ages, speeches have been delivered in very systematic and...

Vekupa Rhakho George, St. Dominic Savio Parish, Ciephobozou
Dec 7 2016 1:52AM IST

One will find in many of the websites how hornbill festival of Nagaland is celebrated. One reads like this, “the aim of the festival is to revive and protect the rich culture of Nagaland and display i...

R. Vitsiatho, Meluri town
Dec 7 2016 1:51AM IST

Even as start-up seems to be the new buzzword across the country, a few “sons of the soil” seem to have taken it quite seriously. And with fair amount of success as well. Meet Dr Simanta Sharma, found...

Anirban Choudhury, ([email protected])