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The unrepaired road
K. Kakheho Ypetho, Chairman, Thahekhu Village Council, Dimapur.:    2 Mar. 2014 2:18 AM IST

Though the roads around some parts of the Dimapur town has been repaired much to the relief of the townsfolk yet much is left to be desired in some important routes. Here I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned department i.e. the R&B and our honorable minister whose continuous effort has been quite laudable and appreciable, yet it would be again very appropriate if they give some thought on the Dhobinala to Thahekhu via the Army Supply Road. 
After the most important and the busiest route of Nagaland, the NH stretch from Purana Bazaar to Chumukedima, the road from Dhobinala to Thahekhu via Army Supply Road is one of the most heavily commuted route in Dimapur. 
The town’s 113id of the population resides towards here with various colonies like Metha Colony, Sematilla, Xuvihe Colony, Lhomithi Colony, Nagagaon, Signal Angami, Signal Phom., Signal Basti,Y.Zhimo Colony,Viola Colony, Kevijau Colony etc. but it is one of the most deplorable and dilapidated road in Dimapur town. With the potholes now which some have evolved like giant craters it has become almost impossible to ply on small and medium vehicles Two-wheelers and autos have a harrowing time causing much dismay to the local populace majority of whom use these means for plying around here and there has been a spurt of accidents lately too because of the poor road conditions
It may be important to mention that various state legislators, bureaucrats and important personalities of the ruling party resides towards this side including our own Chief Minister and the Dimapur-l Legislator who is a present parliamentary secretary too but less importance seems to be given in repairing this route. 
The public have more than enough of their own share of repairing it from time to time and contribute by throwing sand gravels, stone chips, filling earth etc. and also hiring trucks and tempos from their own pockets but how much can be done without the department’s intervention? This road is plied by Army Supply trucks, Food Corporation of India, Indian Oil tankers, Fish supply trucks, etc It is also now used as a by-pass route for majority of vehicle going up to Rangapahar Zoo, Tolozouma, Thlixu, Singrijan Dhansiripar etc. and who wants to avoid heavy traffic congestion towards the main roads of Dimapur town. 
So on behalf of the all the colonies mentioned above and the people residing towards here I appeal your esteemed authority and department to kindly acknowledge our grievances at the earliest. Thanking you in anticipation.


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