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Response to Planning Minister TR Zeliang
Issued by: Media Cell, NPCC:    12 Apr. 2014 1:58 AM IST

Planning Minister TR Zeliang stoutly defending the irregularities committed in Veterinary & AH department under his ministership during DAN –II needs to be further exposed as the purported claims of the minister are contrary to what is brought out in CAG Report ending 31st Mar 2012. Out of many gross irregularities that have plagued the V&AH deptt, the establishment of Veterinary college at Jalukie and the Mithun project were chosen to highlight as to how the minister carried out the implementation works for his own benefits through the firm M/s Hi-Tech Constructions owned by his brother NR Zeliang, of which TR Zeliang’s son is the MD. Therefore, excerpts from the CAG report ending 31st March 2012 is reproduced to clarify the stand of NPCC and for the public to judge the blatant misdeeds committed by the minister.
Mithun project
The Mithun project was implemented during the period 2009-10 to 2011-12 for conservation, propagation and development of the Mithun. The project was approved in Feb 2010 by the Planning Commission and an amount of 7 crores was earmarked for implementation of the scheme under one time SPA during 2009-10. The project was continued in the subsequent years as well with funding under SPA totaling 13 crores. Out of 25 projects implemented in the four selected districts during 2009-12, 12 projects were taken up for detailed analysis and joint physical verification. The major findings of the Audit are as follows:
 1. The deptt claims that selection of beneficiary villages was done after proper feasibility studies but there were no records furnished to substantiate their claim.
 2. Irregularities in disbursement of assistance to beneficiary villages as the actual implementation were not done as per departmental records viz., Detailed Project Reports, Fully Vouched Contingent bills drawn and Actual Payee Receipts. As per departmental records, an amount of 1.17 crores was shown as paid to Village Councils of four villages in Peren district where the major project was implemented. Joint physical verification however revealed that only five mithuns (valued at 5.50 lakh) and two calves were received. Further interaction with the beneficiary of one medium project revealed that they had received cash amounting to only 1.50 lakh against 20.77 lakh shown as paid to them.
 3. Payment made for fictitious works in which 1.56 crore was drawn by the Directorate against civil works during 2009-10, which was certified to have been completed (Mar 2010) through a contractor in 24 project villages. Scrutiny of records of the EE, V&AH Division revealed that technical estimates for the 69 works was prepared and approved by the EE after splitting one item of work to avoid sanction of higher authority. Thereafter, all the works were allotted (June 2010) without giving wide publicity to the Notice Inviting Tender as required under Rules.
 All 69 works were allotted to M/s Hi-tech Constructions and MBs/Bills were prepared showing the works to have been executed as per the approved estimates and payments amounting to 1.51 crore were made to the contractor. Joint physical verification of projects implemented in 2009-10 and interaction with the beneficiaries reveal that civil works were never taken up or executed by the contractor. Thus, it is evident that records were fabricated to draw funds from govt account, to favour a specific contractor (M/s Hi-tech Constructions) and to make payments for works not actually executed.
Setting up of Veterinary College at Jalukie
 The department had initiated (2008) the process of setting up a Veterinary College in the state with a view to develop sufficient manpower in Veterinary practices. The department had gone ahead with creation of infrastructure for setting up the College and had obtained funding under Special Plan Assistance totaling 12.25 crore from 2008-09 till 2011-12 where major portion of funds were shown to have been utilized for Civil Works viz., construction of security fencing, rest house, approach road, internal roads etc., at the proposed site executed by EE, V&AH Division through contractors.
 1. Security fencing
NITs were not published or given wide coverage as required under Rules. Bids for all the works (total of 69 groups) were received from the same contractors and all works were awarded to M/s Hi-tech Constructions except for 4 groups during 2008-09, which were awarded to NR Zeliang. Further, it was seen that NR Zeliang and M/s Hi-tech Constructions had the same registration numbers and were in fact one and the same firm. Thus, it is evident that NITs, tender papers, bids etc., were fabricated to favour a particular contractor. As per entries and estimates made in MBs, the total length of security fencing constructed during 2008-11 was 9980 m with pillars at a distance of 2.96 m at a total cost of 4.81 crore. During joint physical verification, it was seen that actual execution of work was not as per the estimate and the entries in the MB resulting in excess payment to the contractor. The difference in work as per the estimates and entries in the MB and actual execution are shown in the table below:
ComponentMeasurements as per estimates and entries in MBsActual 
1.Height of wall2.43m6 ft (1.83m)0.60 m
2.Height of pillar2.13m6 ft (1.83m)0.30 m
3.No. of Pillars3372 Nos2495 Nos877 Nos
4.Breadth of wall0.25m5.5 inch (0.13m)0.12 m
5.No. of barbed wire (lines)8 lines (6 horizontal & 2 diagonal)4 lines (all horizontal)4 lines
6.Plastering on wallsBoth sidesOne side (outside wall)One side
2.  Construction of Guest House
The govt had given an administrative approval of 3 crore for construction of Guest House-cum-Office during 2010-11. However, the technical estimates approved by CE (Housing) was for an estimated amount of 1.60 crore including centage charges of 60.85 lakh. Thereafter, NIT was issued for the work with an approximate cost of 99.15 lakh. As in all cases, NIT was not advertised or given wide coverage. The work was certified to have been completed (Jan 2012) and payment of 0.95 crore was made to the contractor. Joint physical verification (Sept 2012) revealed that actual execution of work was not as per estimates or measurements recorded in the MB. Thus, measurements recorded in the MBs, on the basis of which payments were made to the contractor, were fictitious.
 3. Construction of Overhead water tanks
NIT was issued (Mar 2011) for construction of two separate rolled steel unequal angle overhead water tanks for the guest house at an estimated cost of 8.40 lakh. As per entries made in the MB, the work was certified to have been completed in May 2011 and payment of 8.04 lakh was made to the contractor in July 2011. It was, however, seen during joint physical verification (Sept 2012) that the work was not executed and only one water tank (Sintex-1000 liters) was fitted on the roof of the guest house building. Thus, payment of 8.04 lakh was made to the contractor on the basis of fictitious entries made in the MB.


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