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Vote for the right candidate
Besesayo Kezo, IPS, Retd. DGP, Treasurer, CTF, Dimpapur:    8 Dec. 2017 1:57 AM IST

The Chakhesang Thinkers’ Forum had its first session in Dimapur on the 4th day of
December, 2017 and deliberated on many burning topics on social and political issues confronting the Naga society today. One of them was the clean election campaign by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council. They agreed with the stand of the NBCC and extend support to it. They felt that the present corruption in our society is mostly caused by the evil practices before, during and after elections. In this both the contestants and electorates are equally guilty. The contestants buy votes to win elections and the voters sell their votes willingly. This symbiotic relationship must be broken if we wish to elect any man of integrity and principles. There are enough laws against malpractices but they cannot be enforced because our people are all corrupt and the government is both unwilling and incapable of enforcing the already existing stringent laws for some unknown reasons. Therefore there should be a general awakening for moral and spiritual reformation of our people in order to have a clean election; means justifies ends. “Corrupt means” can never lead to have a clean government. It will elect people without principles, morality or love for the people. They will not sacrifice or give – for the welfare of the people, but take and exploit them, also their resources for personal aggrandisement and instant gratification. It will produce breed of leaders without conscience as an end product. These breed of leaders will commit all kinds of abominable things without remorse or regret. In short, we will be liable in electing the most immoral persons as leaders.
The CTF concludes that a good leader is what our society needs today. A man of principles, god-fearing man, not a hypocrite, will do justice to our society. The electorates must research the background of every contesting candidate from any political party without prejudice and confront them with what they have been in their life as a member of general public or even as MLA and ask them to state publicly what they will do for the people if elected. Those who fail the test must be requested to leave the political stage for more qualified, with better moral standards and candidates with greater credibility. The electorates must take election seriously because the fate of the state depends on their electing good and capable leaders. They should not vote without thinking and complain of corruption after the government is formed with their leaders. The Forum appeals to the voters to cast their vote conscientiously and elect the best candidates for the coming election. Their vote is both secret and sacred. In participatory democracy, voters are sovereign at least at the time of voting. We decide the fate of our future rulers. Take correct decision so that tomorrow you will not regret. Vote for the right candidate whom you trust most.


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