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State election and corrupt politicians
Openthung Kithan, C-Khel, Diphupar-A, Dimapur:    8 Dec. 2017 1:58 AM IST

‘Solution before election’ is not a piece of cake. The Government of India knows exactly what they are doing. So let’s park this topic for some time. Whether you like it or not, only few months left, the Indian state of Nagaland is heading for assembly elections again. Many rich people, young and old, sons of ex-ministers, former bureaucrats, brothers-in-law of ex- MLAs, businessmen, etc., will seek their ‘fortunes’ here. In Nagaland, money has been playing an increasingly dominant role in assembly elections. It is only at the election time that the leaders know that ordinary people can make or spoil the prospect of a potential leader. Money, posters, rallies, glorifying the achievement of the candidate, party workers and supporters are always ready to work for them day and night. One of the funniest thing about election is that even after spending all the resources they still cannot predict the working of the voter’s mind and that is the biggest fear for any intending candidate.
The State government has lost its stability. For them proving legitimacy has become a habitual thing. Change of leadership and parties, every now and then, has become their new style of governance. Reconciliation after reconciliation, Clash of egos still persists among leaders within the same party and as a result, it started to split and several new parties emerged. Many honest officials cannot survive, working with corrupt minister. He has to quit or follow the multitude. The work ethic is totally gone and files move only with a lubricating oil of bribe. Nobody is afraid of law. Today, people are disgusted by the total lack of integrity. For them democracy has no meaning. It is not democracy but de-‘mockery’.
If we look around, the news is full of depressing stuff. Compared to many other states far and near. We still lack basic amenities like uninterrupted power supply, proper sewerage and drainage facilities and effective disposal system for solid waste and garbage. Things are no better in regard to accessibility of roads. The state has worst roads in the country. Many organizations have protested against the condition of roads terming Nagaland as the ‘’land of potholes’’. The ongoing construction of four-lane road between Dimapur and Kohima is still a distant dream. Some districts have no road at all.
There are many social issues which are yet to be addressed. What saddens me the most is the failure to institute Nagaland Lokayukta, a powerful anti-corruption law. Illegal immigration issue is another big problem especially in Dimapur City, I am afraid, time will come when someone with the power of majority (population/non-nagas) demands a Union territorial status in Dimapur district. The problem of unemployment is huge. The educated unemployed youths are getting frustrated with the issue of backdoor appointment. This has to stop once and for all and not forgetting, the Mother of all chaos, the ULB polls, this issue will boil again if we do not take proper decision. The time has come to take a hard look and let democracy prevail and it must prevail.
There are still many issues left which cannot be described or enlisted in a short today.


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