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“ Open letter to all Readers and beloved People”
Dr. Er. Vikuotuolie Angami) Ph.D, M.Div, Ex-Law Student of Kohima Law College, Ex- Independent Candidate of Kohima Town A/C-2013:    6 Feb. 2018 2:05 AM IST

1.    All intending candidates should submit their educational qualifications if not illiterate by
The concern DC & DEO so that in future no complication would arise in public like last time-
in the case of both Shri. T.R. Zeliang and Shri. Neiphiu Rio which had brought shameful to the
State which is called- Christian State. If the DC & DEO fail to publish the same and in the near future and unfortunately anything happen then the concern DC & DEO shall be brought to the
Court as per the relevant law of the land.
2.     All intending candidates must also submit their Medical Certificate to the respective DC & DEO.
3.    The so called MLAs of 60 constituencies should never involved in Naga Political issue as all were sweared by the constitution of India. We must congratulate the present Chief Minister of Nagaland Shri. T.R. Zeliang when he talked with his counterpart in Assam on 1st Jan.2018 as he declared that “ Naga problem is an International Issue”.
4.    The bandh and strike has no meaning to bring any tangible and feasible goal for the Nagas. Let all National workers be reconciled in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- the Almighty God who created the Heaven and the Earth. We have full confidence on them for our future generations.
5.    NSF and NMA should work only for the welfare of the students and mothers who needs their help and should not involve in Naga Problems.
6.    All HoHos/Organisations/Associations/Forums etc. First-should work for spreading the good tidings/ news/propagating for forgiveness as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ told us to win the lost soul as Nagaland is Christian State. Second- should work for equal rights of the people. Third- built up your status so that you can exhibit your talents all over the world. Fourth- work for those who are suffering and needs help.
7.    Narandra Modi stated in Bangaluru yesterday - (4th Feb.2018) that all Indians are Ram’s Children. We must appreciated him as he had already excluded us as Nagaland is a Christian State and we are the Children of the most high God- Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and not the children of Ram. Thank you Modi, you have supported our Independence Day of 14th August 1947.
8.    Narandra Modi stated  in the RS in 2015 that BJP is not a Hindi belt but an Upper Caste Party. Its a ridiculous statement given in the Upper House of  the Indian Parliament. Hence in Nagaland there’s no caste system all are equal, being a Christian State, we should never aligned with BJP. Well, before too late let us all depart from the BJP and join in any regional or national party where there’s no caste system.
9.    As a Christian, let us remember this Bible verse – 2Cor.6:14, “ Be ye not equally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?-Therefore, we must cut ties with whatever or whomever leads us to darkness. (Heavenly Vision- A very dark cloud is likely to hit Nagaland from Assam side. This may leads to trouble. Pray hard and get more revelations).
I am not against any one but to stand firmly for the truth for our people.


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