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What did you expect?
Kahuto Chishi Sumi, Akukau, Hevishe Village, Khaghaboto Range:    13 Feb. 2018 2:05 AM IST

When elephant population swelled in Africa, some countries introduced the system of culling (selective killing) of elephants, in an effort to control their increasing population. They targeted adult Bull Elephants, but soon found out that adolescent males took up the behaviour of random and senseless destruction. These young male elephants, not only uprooted trees and destroyed vegetation, but began attacking other animals, without rhyme or reason. This led to the discovery that without the restraining presence of the mature Bulls, who enforced hierarchical and societal discipline, it became a free-for-all among the young male elephants.
So, if lack of rules and discipline can affect an animal that functions more on instinct than reason, how much more will it affect men? Men who can reason, who can recognise cause and effect?
Look at us, everything about us is corrupted and perverted. We seek Government Employment, not to serve the people, but to loot the people of what is rightfully theirs; we seek Elected Office, not to build up Society but to destroy it, by looting our State. Our Civil Societies, instead of safeguarding the rights of Society, sell our rights so that their executive members may get their share of the plunder. And our “Freedom Fighters”! What a laugh! Our supposed oppressor, India, frees us from paying taxes to it, at the same time pumping Thousands of Crores of Rupees into our Economy, while our “Freedom Fighter” tax us to enrich themselves! Do you know how absurd and perverse that it?
Religion is supposed to give us a Moral Compass, something which we can use to guide our thoughts and deeds. The refusal of The Churches, under the aegis of the Joint Christian Forum, to take part in the scam of, “Solution before Election”, made me think that our N.B.C.C. had managed to recover some semblance of sanity, but its latest statement, denouncing Electoral Violence, but at the same time pushing an Anti-B.J.P. Agenda, smacks of Political Propaganda on behalf of some other Party. Is this your “Clean Election” Agenda?
Everything you stated about the atrocities committed by Hindu Fundamentalists is true. I was horrified when I read about the deaths of Mr. Graham Staines and his sons. But when did you wake up to the fact that the Bharatiya Janata Party is the Political Wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh? Or that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad is one of the Member Organisations of the R.S.S. and that the Bajrang Dal is the militant youth wing of the V.H.P.? Did the B.J.P. Party come out of the blue to contest the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly Polls? Did Fundamentalist Hindus suddenly begin committing atrocities on Christians? Where was your condemnation of the B.J.P. Party all these years, and before Electoral Canvassing was begun? I do not recall you refusing the hiring of the Covenant Hall to the B.J.P. You may make excuses that it was not the B.J.P, but The Airports Authority of India (if I recall correctly) that hired the Hall, but when you “found out” that the B.J.P. was going to use it, you could have refused. Even hotels reserve the right to refuse admission to customers, why couldn’t you. I agree with what you have stated, but the timing stinks to High Heaven.
Why are we shocked by the Poll-Related Violence taking place in Wokha and Mokokchung? What did you expect? We have culled Naga Society of people who are Holy, Good and Law Abiding, and replaced them with Self-Seekers. When the Elders of a Society break the law day in and day out for decades at a stretch; when Society is deprived of Justice; do you expect the Young to obey Laws you have broken, time and again? Who are guiding and inciting the Youth to Violence? The Self-Seekers who would fill their pockets Today, at the expense of Nagaland’s Tomorrow. The only reason why violence has not broken out in other Districts and among other Tribes is because there is less awareness of the importance of Assembly Elections.
But as Polling Day approaches, I expect more violence to erupt in other places. Canvassing for votes in the usual manner has been prevented by the false slogan, “Solution before Election”. The Candidates have been deprived of 2 months of trying to convince the swing voters to support them. All the action that should have been spread over three months has been compressed to 20 odd days. Rival Candidates will have to spend more and cause more mayhem to buy the vacillators or threaten them into submission, respectively. God Forbid that more pain and destruction should follow; but all violence that has happened and all that may follow, is largely the fault of all the proponents of the lie, “Solution before Election”. We need honesty and accountability in Nagaland; if not, we can expect nothing but destruction and mayhem.
God Save Nagaland


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