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Until true christians are voters and candidates are true christians
R.Ezong, Senior Citizen, Mt. View Colony, Purana Bazar, Dimapur:    13 Feb. 2018 2:06 AM IST

Legal process of nomination and scrutiny are over. We are now all set to go to the poll after less than 15 days of hectic campaigning by the parties and independent candidates as well that are in the fray. This time gap between the nomination and the polling day is comparatively shorter than the previous elections shorter the better for many good reasons to my mind.
Fellow Naga voters; the ensuing election to the 13th house is going to be the most crucial election in the history of Nagaland state politics! For sure we are going to be litmus tested. As our state is 54 years old by now we cannot be kidding any more. More than half a century old citizens we are, we should have been matured enough and qualified for free and fair election (clean pools in the popular term).
But alas it is not so on the ground! We Nagas have thrown away all our old moral values. Yes, we are Nagas by blood but by our characters and behaviours we have reduced ourselves to much lesser Nagas! How and from where do we regain our last character is one simple but important question for all of us. If any Naga can come out openly claiming that in every respectable respect he/she is remaining a TRUE NAGA and a TRUE CHRISTIAN, hats off to such a he or a she.
Let us be reminded of some of our failures :-
E.g (i) The 18 point agreement inked for clean polls on 22nd June 2017 between 7 political parties and NBCC which was very exhaustive covering almost all important points that would make clean polls remained just in the paper and on records.
Every valid agreement should be legally binding and enforceable but that is not the case in this 18 point agreement. The agreement was without proper planning for implementation. With due apology the agreement was just some good thoughts put together by the signatories in the form of agreement. As we are seeing it, from Day 1, almost all the points have been violated and so far no voice has been heard from the signatories against the violation!
(ii) The demand and the stand for solution before election and no filing nominations and no issue of party tickets by the parties have all been ended in tamashas. Who will ask why all these are so? Such are our present day Naga characters! Have we not reduced ourselves to lesser Nagas?
To save time and space let me talk straight.
I. Dear fellow Naga voters, let us not sell our votes. Our one vote is invaluable. One vote can decide the future of our next government.
II. Respected candidates, if you want to be a good and God-fearing leader, please do not buy vote, buying one vote would amount to buying the whole votes.
III. For non-Christian voters and who do not fear God let them have their own decisions.
IV. Our state has more than 95% overwhelmingly Christian majority and we are all believers. Let us not compromise our Christian faith.
V. Trading with our franchise is straightaway a crime. Let us not do it.


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