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State BJP’s view on Naga reconciliation
Published on 13 Mar. 2009 11:05 PM IST
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1. Cease-fire without boundary limits- By and large the state is very peaceful at the present moment however, the cessation of all forms of Hostilities and Violence amongst the different Nagas Groups is most urgently needed at this hour. Hence, the Declaration of Cease-fire amongst the different warring Naga groups without any boundary limits is strongly suggested to usher in absolute peace in the land of the Nagas. The Party is hopeful and confident that, the declaration of Cease-Fire in letter and spirit amongst the different groups without any territorial limits will be the key towards building a strong foundation to achieve our common goal of meaningful reconciliation in peaceful conditions. It is well exposed that, our prime objective for a common Nagas’ cause is being deterred and disturbed intermittently by incidents of firings, infightings, bloodsheds, extortions, kidnappings between the different groups including innocent people which has continued to inflict untold miseries to the innocent general public. We cannot expect to make any achievement as long as we continue to fight amongst ourselves as of today. The party is of the view that, as per the happenings of today, we are made to ask whether we are deviating from our right path of true Naga Nationalism. Many of our great leaders have given their precious lives for the cause of the Nagas’ Nation whereas the present situation and scenario is completely contrary to the visions of our earlier leaders. It is deeply disheartening that, today the different groups are deeply involved in the indulgence of merciless killings amongst brothers, killings amongst fellow Naga groups, killings of innocent fellow Nagas, kidnappings and demands for ransoms, extortions have become the order of the day. Such anti social activities will never earn us peace and respect and our prime objective for reconciliations and settlement cannot be pushed further away from us. The people looked upon our National workers with great hopes as the guardian and protectors of the people from our enemy whereas, today’s actual situation and ground reality is not as much as expected. The constant wars against ourselves and lack of permanent peace is totally heart breaking and disillusioning to the Nagas. The prime objective and responsibility of the national workers is not to engage themselves in infightings amongst themselves for their own interest but to stand upright against all odds for the good causes of the Nagas in general. We cannot deviate from our right movement and trod on the path that leads us to an era of killings and bloodsheds. Without Peace amongst ourselves it is not possible to go forward with our mission of unity and reconciliation. Hence, complete cessations of all forms of hostilities and conflicts amongst the different groups is a must. We appeal for total cease-fire without any boundary limits immediately. 2. Bringing together of all the leaders- The coming together of all the top leaders and workers working in different groups is a must to make any positive achievement. Therefore, bringing the leaders to a platform of forgiveness, unity and reconciliation is the need of the hour as unless the different leaders come together, the peaceful settlement and solution will continue to elude us. Our national movement started more than six decades ago as one single group whereas, today we are completely fragmented and we are entangled in bitter infightings amongst ourselves. This is not the referendum that was given by our people for Nagas movement. The suffering of the people is becoming more and more unbearable and it can become volatile unless immediate correction is made with the coming together of all the different groups. The common Nagas National interest and the prayerful voices of the Naga people needs to be above the interest of any individual or organization. • The coming together of the leaders will also erase all misconcepts that might have prevailed or might be prevailing for many years and that might be continuing to inhibit the present initiatives towards reconciliations. • The coming together and the participations of the leaders is a must as to enable our selfless hard works yield the expected results. • Reconciliation and unity can be possible only when leaders are brought together on a common platform as it will facilitate them to erase the misconcepts that might have got accumulated and divided them since the past many decades. 3. Financial Package/supports by GoN/GoI- Considering the prevailing circumstances, the party suggest for extending of all necessary financial package/support by the state government and government of India to all the groups till the ongoing talks are completed and amicably settled to eradicate the harassments faced by the innocent public due to taxations and extortions. 4. Lifting of all forms of taxes- The Naga National Movement is being supported by all sections of the Nagas’ due to our unique history and birth rights. The Naga movement and the selfless sacrifices made by every Naga patriot and the hardships being borne by every cadre for the common cause of the Nagas is appreciated. In short, the Naga movement itself is the pride and spirit of the Nagas. However, the sentiments and mindsets of the general public continue to be totally disturbed and their hopes gets deterred by the collection of various taxes and extortions. Sucha ctivities cannot be permitted to blur our vision focused towards a Homeland of Nagas. The popular peoples’ mandate and support of the Naga National movement cannot be made to be overshadowed by the burden of Taxes and fears of killings and insecurity. The various forms of taxes levied on the public is now viewed as one of the biggest evils which deeply erodes and hampers in the personal lives of the Nagas and the developments in general. For reaffirming and mustering greater confidence and supports of the public in the ongoing Nagas’ movement, the party strongly suggest and request all the organizations to lift all forms of taxes presently imposed upon the people. 5. BJP’s commitment towards Nagas issue- The BJP led NDA under the dynamic leadership of former Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee had recognized the Naga issue as a unique political problem. The BJP had been continuing to extent its full support to the Naga issue and it reiterates its commitment to settle the Nagas’ issue in the event of BJP and NDA assuming power at the centre. The BJP Nagaland make our fervent appeal to all the groups to forgive each other, unite and reconcile as the real solution of the Nagas can be found only through our unity and reconciliation. Kuknalim! Ato Yepthomi, state president, BJP Nagaland.

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