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Condemnations over gang-rape
Published on 31 Mar. 2009 1:39 AM IST
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Condemnations over the gang-rape of a 25-year old girl at Darogapathar in Dimapur on March 25, the attempted murder of the mother and robbery, continue to pour in from various quarters. NSWC The Nagaland State Women Commission (NSWC) has vehemently condemned the incident and saying that the worst kind of crime against women was rape. NSWC chairperson Sano Vamuzo in a statement, asked how Naga women, both young and old today are no longer safe at the hands of “ our own sons and lamented that such an alien behaviour has become common in Naga society. She said the need of the hour was to seriously introspect on the issue and added: “As a concerned Naga we have to check the root causes of such lust, greed and hatred and find remedy to put a stop to all these shameless behaviour in the society.” She also called upon every sensible citizen of Nagaland to condemn such “inhuman, beastly act” perpetrated to women in this manner. While affirming it was taking the matter seriously, the NSWC implored upon the authority not to let off the case lightly but “in all earnest bring the culprits to book with the most stringent punishment to set as an example for such inhuman criminals.” NH The Naga Hoho (NH) also expressed shock strong condemnation over the gang rape adding such kind of heinous crime and barbarous act has no place in a civilized society. The Hoho in a release issued by its publicity secretary, C Daipao noted that there was rampant rising of rape cases and maintained that it should be checked immediately. The Naga Hoho also appealed to the authority to nab the absconding culprits and award befitting punishment according to the law of the land. STD Süngratsu-Tsür Telongjem Dimapur (STD) while condemning the heinous act has urged upon the society to ponder deeply and take proper steps accordingly to discourage such evil activities from taking place in the future. A release issued by Telongjem president, Yapangla Aier and secretary, Alemkokla Walling urged upon the authority to take the matter seriously and award exemplary punishment to the persons involved. “Unless this kind of exemplary steps are taken such activities are bound to take place more frequently in the days to come thereby creating family/tribe tension which our Naga society can live without,” the STD maintained. The STD observed that of late the society has been witnessing moral degradation, infested by various illegal and immoral activities and “rape” being one of those. It went on to add that today the society was being terrorized by rape of women, committed daringly even on pregnant women, in front of parents, brothers and sisters. The Süngratsu-Tsür Telongjem also said that such act not only causes physical injury but the person was left scared psychologically and permanently impaired for life, including the entire family. It also asserted that it will not interfere as long as law was allowed to take its own course of action but cautioned that it would be constrained to take appropriate steps in case of any outside interference in the case. (Contd. on P 7) NWHD The Naga Women Hoho Dimapur (NWHD) also strongly condemned the incident and demanded severest of punishment to the accused. Pointing out that rapists in the state always went scot-free, the NWHD in a statement issued by its president, Hukheli T. Wotsa demanded that the accused be awarded at least 8 to 10 years of imprisonment without bail. The Hoho affirmed its resolve to fight for justice till it was delivered. The NWHD also reiterated its earlier demand not to bail out the accused in the rape case of a pregnant near Showuba village last year. NC The Naga Council (NC), Dimapur while “strongly and seriously” condemning the incident asserted that such “inhuman, barbaric crime and rape” was alien to Naga society but has become rampant and that it need serious attention from every walk of life to check. “Such incident is unacceptable totally to a Naga society,” Naga Council general secretary, W Lemba Chang said in a press release. The NC also appealed to the state machinery and district administration to book all the culprits and award exemplary punishment. ANCSU All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) “vehemently” condemning the incident noted that there was an increased level of organized crime in the society. “This March 25 incident itself shows how easily they can be fallen as prey. Not to talk about outside their home, they are not spared even inside their home which they feel is the safest place for them,” a joint statement issued by ANCSU assistant general secretary, Imliangshi Kichu, games and sports secretary, Kewetso Kenye and information and publicity secretary Neisolie Rutsa asserted. The union further urged all “right thinking citizens” to strongly condemn such “ugly and drastic” act toward women and strongly voice to root out evil act in the society. ANCSU also appealed authority responsible to nab culprits at the earliest and award befitting punishment and make known to the public the severity of punishment for such crimes. It also cautioned any individual who try to release or bailout any of the accused. WSSU Western Sumi Students’ Union (WSSU) condemning “brutal and inhuman act in Naga Society” urged responsible authority to nab the culprits at the earliest and serve exemplary punishment as per the law. Union president, Daniel H Sumi in a release conveyed “deepest” sympathy to the victim and the family. NLSF Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) strongly condemned the incident and asserted that such kind of “criminal minded person” has no room in the civilized society. Federation president, Heroto Chishi in a press note pointed out that this kind of offences committed was a “non bail able offence” according to the law of land. Further, NLSF demanded law enforcing agencies to investigate the case and book all the culprits and award exemplary punishment. KWU Kohima Watsü Unit (KWU) has strongly condemned the inhuman act and described it as shameless act and beyond imagination. “If such hedonist act practices in Naga society, where will the women and children take shelter?,” KWU president, Y.Temsuinla and general secretary, Temjenla Lemtur in a condemnation note questioned. It also appealed state government to take stern disciplinary action against those persons involved in crime. Affirming not to consider women as inferior and treat them inhuman, KWU urged “savage unscrupulous persons” to stop their barbaric act of torturing and “molesting” women. Watsü unit also called upon all “right thinking” citizens to come forward and condemn such beastly act. AKM Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) has termed incident as “unforgettable and unforgivable” and asserted that these barbarians should not be allowed to mingle with human beings. AKM president, S. Bendang Aier and general secretary, Tongpang Ozukum in a press note demanded names of those miscreants to be published in dailies and conduct mass-search to nab those “barbarians.” It also demanded befitting and exemplary punishment to those involved so that they do not commit such inhuman act in future. Further, AKM warned that failure of the law-enforcing agency, they should be answerable to the general public. ASUK Ao Students’ Union Kohima (ASUK) expressing “shock” and condemning the incident said that the crime committed was “barbaric, inhuman and shameless” and that there was no place for such people in Naga society. ASUK president, T Yanger Jamir and general secretary, N Tzüdilong Tzüdir in a joint statement said that such “criminals” should be banished from the society. It also urged authorities to speed up investigation process and bring the culprits to book at the earliest. Further, ASUK demanded that no bail be granted to those people involved. Meanwhile, the union has expressed sympathy to the victim and the family. GSUNZ Garo Students’ Union Nagaland Zone (GSUNZ) vehemently condemning the incident stated that it was a handiwork of some “Satan” and that they have no place in a civilized society. GSUNZ president, Biplap Sangma in a condemnation note pointed out that it was an insult not only to victim’s family but a challenge to all the people. The union also urged every responsible person to take serious note and bring to book the perpetrators and award befitting punishment so that they do not continue in future. It also extended sympathy to victim’s family.

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