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Mothers Day message
Published on 10 May. 2009 12:08 AM IST
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Mrs.Popirei Phukha (Centurian) farmer and w/o Lt.V.Chapa Phukha is one of the oldest in Kigwema Village, She was blessed with 5 sons & 3 daughters and a host of grant & great grant children’s, but unfortunately 4 sons & 3 daughters expired. As we wished her with a small gesture on our visit, though completely blind for the last two years , her auditory is still very good and narrated her life story with smile on her face. One of her hobby is gardening and collection of wild fruits. Her message she would like to wish “May this day be observed in remembrance of all the mothers of pass & present and pray that Almighty grant Good Health & Long Live to all. ------------------------------------------------------------- Mrs.Dziisaherei ( Mouno) Kiso farmer (about 96 Years) w/o Lt.Thivi Kiso of Kigwema Village is survived by 5 daughters & one son with host of grant children and great grant children. Her longevity attributes to regular exercise in the form of carrying water from the village well and firewood’s from fields and off course daily domestic cores and gardening. One of her favourite food is Galuo an Angami boil curry and is very fond of taking bath with cold water till today. Her special message to one and all on Mothers Day is - “Let Peace & Love Prevails among all sections of People as God Loves you”. ------------------------------------------------------------- Mrs.Sie-ii Suohu (Centurian) a farmer from T.Khel Kohima Village is the wife of Lt.Vitsielie Suohu was presumably born during 1902-04 and she is survive by 3 daughters and 2 sons, one son pre-demise her and with host of grant children and great grant children’s. As our staff visited her for the forth coming Mothers day (10th May’09 )at around 5:45 pm on 7th May’09, she was already retiring to her bed but as we entered her bed room and wishes her with a small gift, delightedly she invited us to be seated and blessed us in the name of Almighty for visiting and remembering her on the forthcoming Mothers Day. Her prolonged existence attributes to her daily household cores and regular works in her fields through out the years and one of her favourite food is Galho (Angami) a mixture of vegetables cook with rice. Her special message for Mothers Day “May Almighty grant good health & long live for all the Mothers and may the celebration be a resurgence of Mothers Wishes and Prayers for their childrens” ------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Nui, Mothers are the place where love emerges from the earth, And happiness rings out like bells, Mothers are the sun that lights for life our inner sky, So we may know that we are loved and need not question why. Mothers are the moon that shines upon our black despair, So even when we weep, we know that someone’s always there. Whatever fear, or stress, or pain might them to anger move, We know that underneath the storm we have, always, their love. Happy Mothers’ Day!! Loving Children. ------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Afa Along, To my sister on Mother’s Day: Often I remember how we were more focused on ourselves when we were young. Years and your baby child, Gianna, sweep in like a tide, separating us from distant shores. In truth, we’re even closer than before, sustaining our childhood inside. The memories to which we both belong enriched by what love teaches us to bear, resonant with what we rarely say. Happy Mother’s Day, Afa!! Love u lots, Among. Dear Aya Adi, You took us in and loved us as your own. Though we no longer live within your doors, you will always live within our hearts. We think of you, and that sweet thought restores our happiness, as our own Red Sea parts. This you’ve done for us, more than the toil, your love and selflessness have been the soil In which our life can always bloom again. We cannot think what We would do or be without the love that you have given us. You have been our Inspiration! Happy Mothers’ Day, dear Aya. Love you, Along, Among, Apok and Khuring. ------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings to all the mothers. Mum, its hard to express how much it means for us for having such a wonderful mother like you. I thank God for giving and blessing us with such a wonderful Mother in our lives for you are the reason we live in this wide world. You are everything that all children would want in them, for your gentle smile and understanding for us in what we adore. May God bless all mothers and grant you long life and be with us forever. Happy Mothers’ Day. Mhonbemo Ngullie, Former president PVSU and former speaker ANCSU. ------------------------------------------------------------- To the loving Mothers of Ao Baptist church Diphupar, Mother, you are the truest friend we have, when trials and heavy, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when trouble thicken around us, still will you cling to us, and endeavor by your kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Mother, we thank you for your unconditional love. Happy Mothers’ Day. May God bless you all. From, Tenla Kiyong Youth. ------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mom, Many, many happy returns of the day. You are the best mother in the wholw world. Thank God for giving me such a loving and caring mom like you. Happy Mothers’ day! From your loving daughter, Asu. ------------------------------------------------------------- Loving mothers (Chonsumi Wokha and Zuboni Bhandari), You are a boon to us from heaven. Your love, care and concern for us are innumerable. You give us strength when we are weak. You are women of wisdom to us. That is why you highly deserve to be praised and wished. Happy Mothers’ Day! Long live our Mom. Your loving, husband, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandsons. ------------------------------------------------------------- Dearest Mummy (Anungla Imchen, Tuensang), Happy Mothers’ Day! May be we are all not together as often as we wish but we are always so thankful that we have a mom like you who is always there encouraging, caring and loving us. We hope that this Mothers’ day would bring only the best things for you and may you live long…we love you so much and miss you a lot. Loving daughters, Aching, Ason, Jasmine and Tutu. ------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Achula, On this auspicious day the 10th of May, we wish you a very Happy Mothers’ Day and there is no one like you and we are glad to have you. May God bless you. Have a nice day. From your love one. ------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Mothers day to all the loving mothers of Lungmen fellowship. From all your loving children of Lungmen fellowship. ------------------------------------------------------------- I said a mother’s prayer for you I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you to thank the Lord above for blessing me with a lifetime of your tenderhearted love. I thanked God for the caring you’ve shown me through the years, for the closeness we’ve enjoyed in time of laughter and of tears. And so, I thank you from the heart for all you’ve done for me and I bless the Lord for giving me the best mother there could be! From, Ana, Delhi. ------------------------------------------------------------- Letter to my Beloved Lt. N Anungla Pongen): Dear Mom, Yesterday I went for shopping with higher and bigger plans. I wanted to buy you the Best gift ever! But I bought nothing and got back home empty-handed, realizing I won’t find you at Home. Scorching heat, jammed street, lots of beautiful dresses hanging around, sparkling jewelries and even discount on Mother’s day Special. People were looking for the best gift for their Mothers. How happy those who have a Mother must be! But nothing in the world matters when.... I’m blessed with the Prettiest Angel up there!!! I celebrate you this Mother’s day!! Love you Much, Bery .K. Janqunger, (Medz.) ------------------------------------------------------------- “MOTHER” A mother is a biological social female parent of an offspring because of the complexity and differences of the social, cultural and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother in a universally accepted definition. A mother is a true friend we have when trials are heaving and there is a sudden fall upon us, when adversity takes the place of prosperity, when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us, when trouble thickens around us, she still clings to us and endeavors us by her kind percepts and councils to dissipate the clouds of darkness and cause peace to return joy to our hearts. My mother Mrs Penpa Bhutia is my true friend with whom i can share everything under the roof be it regarding clothes, fashion, education etc, she even understands me like no one else does thats why we always say “a mother understands what a child does not say”. Today on this special occasion words are not enough for me to describe how much you mean to me mother and moreover how thankful I am to God for having blessed me with a mother like you. You are indeed my immortality. Therefore i would like to dedicate this poem to you. ------------------------------------------------------------- MY MOTHER My mother is hope, laughter and fun, A thousand dreams rolled into one, My mother is strength and heart felt pride, And love to cherish deep inside, My mother is a gift and a daily treasure, A daily joy, a life long pleasure. There is no mother more wonderful- than mine!!! Happy Mother’s Day! Chokpa Bhutia, BA English Hons Delhi University. ------------------------------------------------------------- Mother, the real shepherd Like the sheep was I, When I stepped into the world unknown to me, Challenges, failures, victories, alternatively entering, Not knowing my place, unable to feed myself until you took hold of me, Guided and led me to a field of green grass, Oh! For the pain you too, Searching for that pasture which will nourish me, Caring every footstep of mine, Least I fall down, Protecting me, hence from all thorns, Guarding me from all animosity, Oh faithful mother, the real shepherd, These are the words of love from my deepest heart, Thank you for the enormous labour you undertook, This love of yours is so big, If only could tear my heart and show my gratefulness, Never is a cloud of holiness appear in your presence, good shepherd, Moments to remember are many, moments to cherish are plenty, And moments to smile cannot be hidden, When troubles overcome me, you raise me up. How can I let it go, I’ll cherish forever, On this auspicious day, the sweet word I’ll say “happy mother’s day, the sweetest word I ever heard. Can I say that without happy, my heart out? Oh! Shepherd hears these. Thank you for holding me to walk in the rain, Ah! How can flowers grow without roots, We were buds and you the root. If you are not there, I would have lost my colour. You pick me up when I fall down and filled me when I was empty, Your love is so great that no words can express my thoughts. I was in a fairy land of wisdom, with magic books of knowledge, Spells of career, wizards from the depth of seas, fairies from the highest skies. You have showed me the way to my career, Nourishing me with wisdom, Only to stop this with a big smile on my cheeks. A big tear of gratitude. And sealed with a kiss of love. Thank you mother, you are the real shepherd. Happy mothers’ day to all. From Libeni (Lini), New reserve, Kohima. ------------------------------------------------------------- MOM Mom, I look at you and see a walking miracle. Your unfailing love without limit, your ability to soothe my every hurt, the way you are on duty, unselfishly, every hour, every day, makes me so grateful that I am yours, and you are mine. With open arms and open heart, with enduring patience and inner strength, you gave so much for me, sometimes at your expense. You are my teacher, my comforter, my encourager, appreciating all, forgiving all. Sometimes I took you for granted, Mom, but I don’t now, and I never will again. I know that everything I am today relates to you and your loving care. I gaze in wonder as I watch you being you my miracle, my mother. Your children. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ode to Mother ‘Tis a day when many mourn; ‘Tis a day when hearts are torn; ‘Tis a day when regret is born. For the words left unsaid, And debts of love unpaid; For the divine soul taken for granted, And divine love in hearts planted. As for me, my sisters and brother, Thanks be to God! For we can all be together, Praise be to God! For we can still call out, “Mother”. And say, “we love you”, For the unfathomable ocean of love;With gratitude that is true, To our Father in heaven above. To you, Oh! Mother, Who had received so little, From your own true Mother, Deprived of the lap most comfortable; We pray to our Heavenly Father, For blessings in double, On earth and in heaven, to Mother! Ashang Raihing, N/A ------------------------------------------------------------- Mother’s Love I was born without any thought, Nor with any was I to be owe, As when my true avenue begin,With hope you gave a shiner life. As I’m young with your cud, Each wailing you walk with unisome smile, Sometimes when I fall, with solicitation you touch, Like a blancmange you rise me up. As you see me grow, You guided me from getting mar, The work you have done, Was the greatest sacrifice and love for me. Manngai H. Nemdakly, Class-IX, Little Star higher secondary school. ------------------------------------------------------------- Princess Rosemary Season is passing by days, By night I am growing old and weak, But never once I see your love fading away, Nor I see you growing old and tired. Like a beggar I earned a little wages, But sufficient you make out of it. O gifted wife to thee I love true. That no nature can steal from me. As a soldier my mission is war. Not of hatred but of our better future; Shed not, tears for me I am fine, Be strong; stay as you are Diary, O, shed not tears for me Diary. I know it hurts leaving you all alone, But all I did is for our better home, Home that will bear of winning soul. Miles away but Love deep from my heart. To thee and daughter (Lily), I wish “Happy Mothers’ Day”, Rejoice with heart filled in peace and love. Hiweku Mebou, Kohima. ------------------------------------------------------------- Mother It is the sweetest word in the language. It is the first word that springs from the heart. It is the first word we learn to lisp as we begin life. It is the last word we gasp as we depart from life. It is the golden cord which binds the earth to heaven. It is the love that changes the poorest cottage into a paradise. It is the greatest of all loves. It is the eternal love. O wondrous word Mother, We bow our heads at your shrine. We kneel at the altar of sacred memories. We venerate your sacred name. We are transported upon the wings of imagination back to the scenes of childhood. We recall your tender caresses, your loving embrace and your sweet lullaby at twilight. We hear again your soft voice which once made our infant hearts rejoice. R. L. Kinghen, Dimapur. My everything I came to this world and I still live but it wouldn’t have been possible without you ‘mom’. Words are never enough to express your love for me. You give me so much love that I can’t even imagine. When I was just a tiny dot, you feel me and lulled me to sleep but in return for your love I thanked you by crying all night long. When I became lil’ older, you taught me how to walk, how to write and taught me everything and I returned your love by running away when you need me. Life goes on but you never turned away from me even when I made you cry. My one smile wipes away all your sadness.Thank you ‘Mom’ for your abundant love. Thanks for being my life, my hope and above all my everything. God bless my ‘Mom’. Love you always, Lichanbeni M. Tungoe. ------------------------------------------------------------- My Mother She is a little old fashioned, considerate, kind, She is a person nobody will find Strong bonds of love thus bind. That sweet mother of mine. She treats me with loving care, Such loving can only bring, And make a child understanding. I adore her plain features, her thin locks of grey. She is a very precious gift, Gifted by the Holy Father to me, And to be like her so fit, Is not a task small. Even if there’s much offence, Her temper cool, she tries to keep, As there’s much affection and love, Down, down, in the soul deep. There’s a glory around her, God abides it may be For all the misunderstandings, tiffs She just brushes them away. I have no words to show gratitude, To her, who is none other, Who brought me to this magnitude; My own darling MOTHER. Shonyelo Jerry K’pen ------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Mothers Day (Hetoli Awomi, Chandmari Kma) The trouble you took, To raise us up dear mom, Forgetting your grooming, For our grooming, Forgetting your stomach that our stomach be filled, All the pains that you went through, Our illness becoming your illness, Our cries becoming your cries, Taking our shame and making it yours, You sheltered and guided us, Loved us No matter what we did, With understanding and never ending patient, Your heart always full of forgiveness, For any mistake, small or big, You placed your need above all, Making all our cares pass away, Your laughter always a light that brightens, The room no matter how gloomy the day, The light of our life, You our dear Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Loving Children, Alo, Hosh, Yesh, Aghali, and Amugha ------------------------------------------------------------- Temiem Oja, Washimenla Ozu pezui tanu Tetsutem anogo nung tepela aser tutushi nu nem agutsur. Tsungremi na takum moajangma. Nai teti meima aliba jabasotem, Wabang, Sanen, Talimoa aser Lanutoshi. ------------------------------------------------------------- To our loving mother Temsuienla Longchar You were there... You were there when we took our first steps, Until our steps took us out the door... You worry now “Are they ok?” You wonder ”Where have my children gone?” Where we are is where you have led us, With your special love you showed us a way, And where we go you can be sure, In spirit you shall never be alone. For where you are is what matters most to us, Because to us that will always be home... With love, Walu, Akum, Asang, Naro n Ajung.

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