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Mother''s day messages
Published on 10 May. 2009 12:41 AM IST
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Good morning (Eza) (Tosheli Yepthomi) May God bless you abundantly in this precious day we love you Eza. Always be in our side when we are in need of you as you do…Happy Mothers Day. We love you, Your love ones, Son and daughters (Yepthomi) Dearest Mom, We respect you and admire you and we want you to know, that you made a difference in our life with kind words and deeds to show. We love you Mom, more that anything else you are our life’s most precious treasure. We feel proud that you gave us life. A life that’s beyond compares and measure. Mom, you’re our inspiration. “Happy Mothers day” From, Dad Atomu, Piyeto Tokimu & Liviti Dear Mom, Wishing you the best N the most wonderful moment on this special occasion. Thinking of you haw you’ve brightened many days wid ur caring and understanding ways N thinking that the world would be a whole lot of brighter too, if every one could have a mom as wonderful as you. We love u mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Wid love N prayer, Ur husband, daughter n son. Dearest Moms!! Your responsibility is so hard but really you have a great heart. We thank you for supporting and guiding us through our life. As the sky without stars is incomplete like a child without mother is incomplete. Everything in this world can change but love of a mother remains same forever. Happy Mother’s Day. Long live moms!!!!!!!!!!! From: Therie’s kids, Tetseo’s kids, Letro’s kida and Khalo’s kids. iza Kiviu Ninguno kimiye chekeu Aza kiviu, Sakhuli, Otoi keu aza kivi hipayeghilo khilemu ithumulai, Nono muzu tughu anamu, Noye alhokuthu ningu ghenguno kumusu ke, kighini no alhokuthu lo nisukusho ke, Nikibo ye okukhu akghini no bothape acheni, Azumulhu lhokusa lomu ninguye musamoi, Kiughengu nono ni suukusho ke. Oh! Iza akiviu, Alhou pelo olhopushu tsu apeniu, Opelo ampe akhe shou xu penike, Ningu no alhokuthu Alhou vilo inikhu acheni. Okimiye che keu, Otianuliqo, Vitoli, Atoka, Abovi, Hinokali, Filip eno Apu. K. Nitoli Assumi, Dear mom, In you we see God. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day on this special day. Thank you for your love and concern that you show towards us. You are the best mother in the whole universe praying for your long life. Your loving children. Dearest Mom You are the word behind every step and success we have achieved. Your humbleness and prayers have always uphold us and helped us to see the person inside us. What we are today is because of your love and support, we are proud of you Mom, we love you with all our hearts. Happy Mother’s Day. God bless you immensely. Yours husband Toikhu Yeptho and children Salo, Aboli, Hollo, Ika, Toki and Amugha. Dearest mom, O! mother, sweet mother, there cannot be another whose love is as true and a constant as thine in pleasure or trouble, your love seen to double. You are the path of my life. You are the greatest gift of God for me. Mom you gave me a chance to see this beautiful creation. You are the one who solve my problems quickly. I love you Mom God bless you my Mom. Sweet Mother of Mine. Doichong Phom, Sharon Hr. Sec. School. Dear Iza, I really thank God for gifting you with the spirit full of love, self-sacrifice and patience which makes your womanhood a complete package. May God grant you long life so that you can reap the fruit which you have sown. Happy Mother’s Day !!! Loving daughter, Liza Ayemi, Diphupar ‘B’ Dear Mom (Zucheli), You have a magical touch, a certain way of making everyone feel happy and contended too. Something that’s so exquisitely ‘you’. You are unique in your style. May you live long. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Loving children, Premy & Noghipu Mummy, On this special ‘Day’; From the core of my heart, here are ‘3’ sweet words for u- “Happy Mother’s Day!” “You are the best !” And ‘7’ prayerful words- “May God grant you a long life !” Affectionately daughter Mhonbeni, Little Star Hr. Sec. School Dimapur hosteler. Mummy, Happy mother’s day, We thank God for sending u on this world, ‘U’ are our number 1. And ‘U’ are truly an Angel of God, And we thank u for being our mom. Truly yours Akhrie, Avin, Azai, Neibu & Ketou. Notun Bosti Dimapur. Dearly beloved Mother (Shigholi.K. Yeptho), Words are not enough to express how wonderful and loving you truly are, You were, are and will be everything we hope for. To us, everyday is a “Mother’s Day”. But on this particular day. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very “Happy Mother’s Day”. May the Almighty Lord bless you with a long life. You loving husband, children & family members. To all our beloved Mothers, Here’s a warm and humble wish to you all on account of this auspicious day. You all have been truly amazing in making us what we are today and we do hope and pray that you will continue to shower ‘ your blessings’ on us. May God bless you all. Happy Mother’s Day. With love & prayers, Itoka. K. Yeptho, Viketo. K. Yeptho, Vinoka, Shoipu & Vino Zhimomi C.H.S.S.D. To our loving mom kaini Swu 7th Mile, We thank God for making you a part of our life, time has change everything in this world but your abundant love to us has never changed and we love you for who you are, “Happy Mother’s Day” mom. From all your sons and daughters. Dearest Mummy (Medono Pongen) Another Mother’s Day and U are still us covering us with the blanket of a mother’s love. We earnestly thank God for your Presence around us. You’ve given us the Best of everything and the best is what U deserves but ‘we’ve failed you and your expectations. Yet today. We want to let us know that we’ll strive never to let u down. And that we love u so much. A ‘ Mother’ is the strength and the inspiration for every but for us U are our everything, our friend, our listener, our shelter and our only Lifeline. Thank you, MUMMY, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY (by the way, don’t forget the Promise) Your loving sons and daughters. Hi mummy Kevichie Luho, mummy adino yepthomi, mummy zevipatton and mummy atuno, Happy mother’s Day to all my friendly, sweet and smartmummies. Just want to let you that you are all always on my thoughts and that ‘I Care’. Thank you for always being there do remember me in your prayers. Love you all, Ali Pongener Hi kaka (Azono Murry), On behalf of ur little, sweet innocent n naughty children (Lynn, Michelle, Boom and Aben) I wish you a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day!” Thank you mummy for all love and care, We love you”. Always Ur’s only, Samuli Dearest Mummy (Akumla Senti) Once again it’s the time of the year to pay our heart-felt tribute to a wonderful mother like you on this blessed and auspicious day. You have always been a constant source of love, inspiration and blessings for everyone of us. Your prayers, guidance and love has always been the leading light in our lives. Even though mere words are insufficient to thank you for all what you have done for us, we thank you and pay our sincere and humble tribute to you. We are blessed to have a mother like you. We shall always pray for your long life and good health. We love you. Loving husband, loving sons & daughters. A Virtual Naga Mother; need of the hour (Challenges of Happy Mother’s Day) If my concept of mother earth is apparent; A life giver to society, Nuturer of creation, Dresser of Masses, Nurse of sufferer, Caretaker of responsibilities, Compassionate to far and near alike, Friendly to all, Teacher to unknown, Administrator of abode, Counselor to needy, Comforter in grief, Builder in destruction, Guide to life, Priest to deserving Manager for progress, Planner for change, Supervisor of activities, Peacemaker at war, Mediator of conflict, Host to a stranger, Judge to the deprived, and Mother of humankind. If we are responsive to these logic and if motherhood is functionally interpreted rather than biologically, I am sure every mother’s day can undoubtedly create an impact of our existence in the life line of our society. In egalitarian states like Nagaland, social position of a mother (women) is reckoned at high esteem. Generally in socio cultural spheres of life they are elevated to a certain social standard and respect for them is commendable. So do our Naga women today are no less than men folk in the professional life. Their involvement except in political scenario which is still yet to be tested, are gaining momentous strength in the social hierarchical order. Women representation in policy making is neither nil nor underestimated in our state. All together they have good number of bureaucrats, policy makers, clergies, and social activists etc. Their efficiency at work exhibits nature of a real Naga womanhood that perceived to be more competent and sincere than menfolk. Possessing inborn quality of sensitivity to sensitize the issue of responsibility shouldered upon them is their added advantage that deserves special mention. Nonetheless so far not all possessed okay of professional wisdom are been able to convert into systematic reasoning and every enthusiastic service materialized for the benefit of general masses of our society. Mother’s day therefore if observed not in fashion of historical sign, biological lineage, paper word and literal informative sort but through a better perspective in recognizing the present contextual issues which would help analyze a thought on functional motherhood can ignite the spirit of post-modern development, social transformation and peaceful state of living along with celebration. Happy mother’s day. Dr. Hesheto Y Chishi, director indigenous cultural society (centre) Nagaland. Happy Mothers Day to my dear Mum, Happy Mothers Day to my dear Mum, Author of my personality: Pleased, I hope, with what you read in me; Pleased, I hope, with episodes to come. Yet now I, too, would get some pleasure from Making you the book in which I see, Of all the players in my family, The central character, whom I would plumb. How beautiful to move in that direction! Each to each a separate source of pleasure, Reading in the others happiness, Mid much description, underlying love. So would we deepen the connection, Discovering new passages to treasure, As we follow time towards tenderness, Yearning for what years unread will prove. Your Loving, B.M3.C.E Mom rose for you on this day Lord, are there roses in your garden, On the shores of jubilee, Would you pick a dozen of your best, And deliver them for us? For you see, today is mothers day, We cant visit my mom, For it wasnt very long ago, The angels came and took her home. So if there are roses in your garden, On the shores of jubilee, Would you pick a dozen of your best, And deliver them for us? Would you take them to my mother, And tell her that we love her. Tell her that we miss her, In oh! So many ways, But we have joy in knowing, Well meet again someday, And well pick roses together, On the shores of jubilee. Your love we always cherish. Your loving son’s & dad Will there be Spring again? When the future is bleak, with no hope to live for. The world seems darker and cruel, my God ,my faith, I questioned why? For the bitter lot upon my fate, with seemingly no reason to bear, made me to despise the womb that bore me, and the hour of my birth; Shadows and Autumn have cast in, will there be Spring again? The world that was once a home and trust, Betrayed and robbed; my sanctity and my life. Doubt to renounced my faith and my breathe aroused. But life itself a mystery, a Verse enlightened me, Of my Savior’s love, for blameless and sinless was He. And though the world in blindness crucified Him, Yet He rose from the grave, He is healer and comforter, Or wary souls as mine: thus, well I pray withholding hopeless for Him be a Reason to live on. Tongli Thongs` Dear aunt (Mhalo L Lotha) Some people say’s that a good mother is one who is very friendly, who use to support her childrens all the time, who use to take all the burden for them, who is alw’s there to protect them from all the shall i call you a good mother NO....I should say that you are a GREAT MOTHER bcoz u have all this qualities Thanks for your support and love... a very happy mothers day. Your’s Dai. Dear Mom, Khiupanliu You are the biggest of beauty in our life, You are so precious to us. Mommy you have the most beautiful heart, I’ve ever known. At day time you guide us, at night time, You pray for us. And when we wake up in, The morning you are still there for us to love. You are our guardian angel. No one will ever take your place mommy. Thank you for being our mother. We love you mommy. Abina, Thuan, Isaac. Dear Mom, Pantina You are the biggest of beauty in our life, You are so precious to us. Mommy you have the most beautiful heart, I’ve ever known. At day time you guide us, at night time, You pray for us. And when we wake up in The morning you are still there for us to love. You are our guardian angel. No one will ever take your place mommy. Thank you for being our mother. We love you mommy. Amei, Jemima, Ming and Thuan. Dear mom A Mother’s Day wish to say you’re loved Far more than words can tell - Not just on special days like this, But every day as well. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, our prayer and wishes forever for U. Your loving daughters, Awa,Ajung & Apen Son Arensen Gud morning mom,,,(Mhalo L Lotha), A Daughter’s Thanks For a Mother’s Caring A mother cares with all her heart, Shes loved you from the very start - a mother is the dearest friend of all. You’ve always been a wonderful mother - and the older I get, the more I’ve grown to appreciate you as a great friend too... Thanks Alot mom for ur love and specially for being my MOM. Your loving daughter Eliza(KaKa). Dearest Mom (Chitra devi), Every day its a Mother Day for me to have a Mom like you. Everyone say’s that mother is a gift of God for them, but for me God himself came down in the form of you Mom. I might have hurt you sometimes m realy sorry for that but just wanna say that you are the BEST mom on this earth and Thanks alot for your support mom Love you a lot. Your loving son Sanjay Thapa Dear Mum I don’t know how God looks like but I am cent percent sure he can’t be better than you mom. You are the person who dance with me in my happiness and holds me whenever i have fallen. You have treated me like your little doll. Space is short to pen down all feelings and memories which we both have created during journey of life. Thanks for making me to see this beautiful world. I really missing you mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Aren & Along yaden. Dearest Mom (Mrs. Aheli Luketh), On dis spcl dy we wud lyk 2 let u knw hw spcl u r 2 us. May u b our mother alws N may u liv 4 mny mre years. May God bless u abundantly 4 being sch a wndrful mother. “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”. Wit lots of luv, Anaka, Toli, Huto, Kaito & Luke. Dearest Mom, ASALI THONG (Tseminyu) you are the greatest and the loveliest among mom in this world. your love, care and patience is so wonderful that no one can ever replace u. we are really lucky and blessed to have a mom like you. we pray for your happiness, sound health and long life. Wish u a very happy mother’s day With love, Asen n Jemi (Chennai) Mother (Dedicated to mothers’ who abort their child for no reason/with clear conscience) Mothers are women…. Woman, creator created you in His image. With His love you are today what you are? But that love escaped from your heart, Anf you slew me to death. My death brought happiness to you, Alas! Where is my happiness, Which will be your happiness today. Oh! Mother….my mother. You forgot that: I was the hope for the future humanity: The best child to be cherished, The best doctor to detect and cure your sickness, The best judge to ensure justice for women/mothers, The best nurse to nurse at your old age, The only love one to lay you rest at your death. And the holiest person to pray along your way to eternal life. But your evil idea torture me to silence For this is my soul cries… If I were alive today, Loving kisses of mine will be on your check, No matter you be black or white. Flowers of love, cards, cake and delicious meal To offer on your behave and sup together, For your great sacrifice of love. But alas mother. What mother of mine shall I tell the world? My soul cries in the dark. Simon K, Holy Cross, Dimapur. Dear Nikali Achumi (Nagabazar, Kma), Mummy you are a person through whom we see God, may good lord bless you good health and long life so that we may experience God’s love through you. Happy mothers day. Yours daughter, Loli Achumi and Tinatoli Achumi. Sweet mother of mine Sweet mother of mine, My most treasured possession. You nurtured me beneath the wings of your love, You sheltered me against all odds, trial and temptation. You protected me with your prayers from all forms of evils. You extend patience in me to make me humble, You taught me to be loyal and to pass it on. You instilled in me to love the poor and to be generous to the needy. You never instigated me to be cruel to those who did me wrong. You prepared me to be a little warrior in this bad wide world, To strive for what I have to be; To meet the challenges of life and to take ‘one day at a time’. But then sweet mother of mine. How I long to hear you- to call me by my name and ask me. ‘How are my grandchildren?’ Oh! Sweet mother of mine how long for that moment, For that day to dawn. You may be san sense but then I feel not, For God watches over you. Every waking day of your life. Every moment that He gives you breathe. On this blessed day, May the choir of angles in Heaven Sing a ‘Re-Awakening’ song for you. ‘Pray a healing’ prayer for you; That you may be ‘You’ again. less you sweet mother of mine, On this blessed day. You are loved, cherished and revered. Love and prayers, your daughter Zecky L.M Inavi Mumy (Vitoli I Shohe) We are so lucky and fortunate to have a Mom/ Wife like you. May God bless you with long life and succeed in everything you do May Success be your forever Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Lots of luv from, Your sweetheart and ur naughty son and daughter. Dearest Ayo, On this very special day, we have just one little wish for you,mom,but it’s loving and happy and true- it’s a wish that the nicest and best things will keep coming to you !.....And to tell you this day will always be one for remembering the many sweet things you have done !! Happy mothers day. From, Grace, Bon, Ajamo, Atsongo and Mhathung. Dearest Mom (Kahuli Chishi), On this special God’s gifted day, we thank God 4 blessing us with a precious woman like U who is gentle, kind and incomparable 2 anything in dis world we also wanted to thank u 4 ur love and sacrifices for us. Nothing in dis world can compare with ur love 4 us. We are so lucky 2 have you as our Mother. You R the best Mom in this whole wide world. May God bless U with a long life. Mom U R beyond compare!!! Thank U Mom. Happy Mothers Day. From your loving children. Iza Alokeu (Kakhe), Love a magical felling and word of power is all we have for you, We love you so…much. Love you, love you, love you……….. Mauahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!! Ur, Olomi ano applezz (Mugha, Yeka Topa N Tovi). Dearest Mom, Thelu Rhi (kma) On this special occasion, we would like to thank God for giving us such a wonderful women (Mum) for giving us all the happiness in this possible world. you have been our guardian, guide n director. And i thank thee and blessed to have you in our life. WISHING U A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Loving son, Akhrielie Rhi (Chennai) For our oja,Rangneu Jamir (Peren Town) ‘OJA’- The sweetest word to call upon The warm and soothness it gives to our hearts , Tension?pains?sorrows?she takes it all, With the brightest smile that could, tame the wildest of animals. There are those who are lost in the wildernesso of earthly pleasures. But ‘OJA’,with you holding our hands, we will never go astray, We have some one whom we can call ‘OJA’, with our heads held high, We would always pray you would always be blesed with so many wonderful years ahead Happy mothers day We love you ‘oja, Zulu,Imti,Marla n Tali Dear Mummy (Katoli), Thanks for all the support and love that you have given us. You are the best Mummy in the world. We love you, With lots of love, hubby N loving children. Mummy (Avou Yeptho), Though you are out of station, your love is always in our midst. We love you so..much!! Happy Mothers Day. Love you muahhhhh. Loving son and daughters. Dedicated to all the Mothers Blessed is the memory of an old-fashioned mother. It floats to us like the beautiful perfume of some wood blossoms. The music of other voices may be lost, but the enchanting memory of hers will echo in our soul forever. “Youth fades, love drops, the leaves of friendship fall, but a mother secret hope outlines them all”. Happy Mothers Day. Contributed by, Alivi Shohe. For my dearest ‘Mom’ Mrs. Loreni Tungoe (Wokha) My everything, I came to this world and I still live but it wouldn’t have been possible without you ‘Mom’. Words are never enough to express yours love for me. You give me so much love that I can’t even imagine. When I was just a tiny dot, you fed me and lulled me to sleep but in return for your love I thanked you by crying all night long. When I become ‘lil’ older, you taught me how to walk, how to write and taught me everything and I return your love by running away when you need me. Life goes on but you never turned away from me even when I made you cry. My one smile wipes away all your sadness. Thank you ‘Mom’ for your abundant love. Thanks for being mt life, my hope and above all my everything. God bless my ‘Mom’. Love you always, Lichanbeni M Tungoe. Iza (Hovili Chophy eno Kivili murru), As for always U have beeb our soul and encouraged us spiritually and morally. We thank U for being such a good fren of our’s. We wish to see you all through our life. Happy Mothers Day!! Loving daughter, Akiti, Kheka, Lomti, Dear Onyü, Thank you for being so loving and understanding, you have always been there for us when we needed you giving us hope and courage, on this day we just want to say we love you mom. Happy Mothers day. Loving daughters and sons, Nyuken, Balum, Alen, Wungmei Okok. Dear Mommy (Tonili Chishi), Thank you mother for your love and care. Thank you mother for appreciating my work even if you knew that I couldn’t. Thank you mother for your tears which have saved my life. Thank you mother for protecting me against this harsh world. Mother I know that I can never be able to carry the pain you have suffered for me nor I can give what is expected from a daughter. But still I’m on my way to be like you meek, gentle, caring and loving. Happy Mothers Day Mom. God bless every mother!! Elika Chishi. Dearie Mummy, On this special day I thank God for making U strong courageous and bold to handle any circumstances with love and trust on God. U are the source of all my happiness U are the one who is always by my side in any rough situation. I am proud to have a mom like you. Thank U for being such a wonderful Mom. Happy Mothers Day!! Kinny Tuccu. Dear Iza (Toholi H. Ayemi) Purana Bazar, Thanks mom for your care and love towards us. Thanks that your tears to God have saved our life and had been protecting us. May God bless U with hundreds years of life. Thanks for everything. Happy Mothers Day. From, Loving children. Dearest Mommy, I look at you and I feel blessed for all the lessons you have taught me, to love, to care, to believe and to hope. I thank you from my heart because without it I couldn’t be where I am today. You are my comforter, my teacher, appreciating and for giving of all. The fruits of Holy Spirit is displaced in you every single day and I am so grateful, I am your’s and you are mine. We love you mommy. Happy Mothers Day. With love, Daddy, Asti, Tika, Hoka, Phiphi, Luzebo, Kabo, Savibo and Fletcher Assumi. Dear Mummy (Alila Sangtam, Tsg), Your love, your patience, your kindness, your understanding, your sacrifice, your everything that you have given to us is the reason for our good life…you are the reason why we believe in God…we wish you a long life filled with joy, hope and peace. Thank you for everything Mummy we are so proud of you. “You are the best”. Your loving children, Tiamenla Neihu, Temsula Lima, Lithrongla, Linghola, Muichem and Sepongla. Onyu to my Mom Yet many are still and many……fled away. ‘Oh! Feelin’ pity for mothers those without today, Even though their body perished away Hop ‘N’ pray…..their soul celebrating that Precious occasion at the eternal place. Oh! We the people of the Earth and Every creature, Wishing U a Happy Mothers’ Day, Hop’ U can hear: though we can’t see. But we thank our almighty for blessing our Mom alive, Onyu-ur consistent love are care always fragrance You stand like a pillar to make us perfect, In the pain and suffering, healing brought by Ur pray, Your encourage always touch our heart. Onyu….u set an instance which the world never forget, Through we’ve got nothing to offer. But its our humble pray to God to bless U long life. “Onyu hamphong-ei yangnyu vangshang-ei pelang mao, Nuavaijü yungching mong-ei shulang mao, Nungi bamboo muchem ao penung nu oak nyeih, Onyu hupa longpu nyeih ku kahdoknyu ku, Nyupu – moi – moi – kang – kang – nyingnoi, Pau – ha – I nungku vangthum shohnyu peih. Oh ham-ei jei yong kahvang – I ham – ei hamlungnyuthu Lei yangnyu moiheman – ei toshih ma. T. Atau, Phanglen, Konlen Phom. Loving Mom (Sungitla Imsong) Happy Mothers Day, we always pray 4 ur long life, and thanx 4 being our greatest Mom, Ur love and care are always with us and will accompany us till the last of our life we all love. Loving your children (Purana Bazar) Dearest Mom, you’ve always guided us thru da right path & it is always accompanying us wherever we go or do. Our success and endeavours is all becoz of u. Thanks 4 being so beautiful. Happy Mothers Day. Loving Ur Children (Khusiabill, Dimapur) To our dearest Mom (Yamoni Tsopoe, Diphupar B) Thinking warm thoughts of you, Mom, that more beautiful than all the flowers that bloom is the heart of a loving mother, and here’s to say that you possess a wonderful heart, that’s a real gift for us...Mom, thank you for everything... May God bless you abundantly for being a good Mom to us...May you live a prosperous long life. Happy Mothers’ Day to you. Lots of love from your son (Wilson) and daughters (Therali, Mhalo and Precilla) Dearest Mom K. Nitoli Assumi, Its been a year I’m away from home and I’m missing home. Mummy you have brought me up with so much pain and trouble so now on this very special day I got an opportunity to wish you and let you know that how much I love you. I proudly salute you on this Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Loving Son, K. Bokato Assumi, AAU Jorhat, Assam. A mother is……………. M is for the Million things that Mother gives to us. O is for the one best thing that even happened to us. T is for the tender love that you gave us since birth. H is for the heaven that Mother represent on earth. E is for exceptional lady and else that can be. R is for reassuring comfort that Mother, you being to us. Happy Mothers Day From, Jullie, Khekugha Kape and Nitokali, Burma Camp, Veterinary colony. Dear Mother, You are priceless, A gem among all jewels, You guide with gentle wisdom,You nurture and keep alive love and oneness in the family. May God bless you with peace and love; may you live long, With good health, a happy heart and a peaceful mind. God bless you all. Mhasino Kuoisu, general secretary TUCT; Khuluvi Assumi, president TUCT. That we see the world in you-mom (Dedicated to all our loving mama) Here we are again with this another day, With the same sunup and faces. But today enfolds the reason for many , Of us to celebrate and Propaganda the love and honour, For what we are today. Cause today is ‘Mother’s Day’. O special day called ‘Mothers Day’, We love and adore you, For not just on this day, But forever be this special day, We had been wrong for many unknown, But you leadeth us to the softest, Your loving touch, your caring kiss, Is what all that we miss. Many a times you were torn, But you were so strong that you didn’t fall. Let every child be bless with a mom, And no one be left alone. For that is how we see the world, That we see the world in you. Thinokhrielie Kirha, Walford, Dimapur. Dear Mom ( Ricky), “Happy Mother’s Day” means more than have a happy day. Within those words lie lots of things we never get to say. It means We love you first of all, then thanks for all you do. It means you mean a lot to us, and that We honor you. But most of all, We guess it means that We are thinking of Your happiness on this, your day, with pleasure and with love. Samuel, Apok, Among and Along. Dear Abi, On this day the 10th of May, we wish you a very happy Mothers’ Day. We are glad to have you as our mother (Abi). Thanks for everything. We all love you. Have a nice day. Apang, Ayong, Chubala, Baby, Aban, Wongto. Dearest Mother, Four decades passed, your days of trouble. Oh! My sweet Mom, how to express my gratitude. Like dewdrops full, you bore me like eagles care, Fox her eaglets. Mom! You worked for me day and night. You never let me go hungry. When I go to bed you kiss me saying good night. Mother you are so marvelous to me. Your tender care helps me to find my way. You advise me when I go with rebellious company. You teach me to fear the Lord. You are always beside me.I love you Mom! Mom! How could I thank you. For your wonderful deeds for me. I would glance the path you taught. Time passes by season various beauty fades but your tender love and care lives on. Mom! You are the best thing ever happened to me. Long live dearest Mom. Happy Mothers’ Day. Juliet. I. Tuccu, Class: IX. A, Bethesda Hr. Sec. School. Dear Anyu, Today on this day the 10th of May, we like to wish a very Happy Mothers’ day. We all love you. God Bless you! From everyone. (More greetings on page-11) Dear Afa Along, To my sister on Mother’s Day: Often I remember how we were more focused on ourselves when we were young. Years and your baby child, Gianna, sweep in like a tide, separating us from distant shores. In truth, we’re even closer than before, sustaining our childhood inside. The memories to which we both belong enriched by what love teaches us to bear, resonant with what we rarely say. Happy Mother’s Day, Afa!! Love u lots, Among. Dear Aya Adi, You took us in and loved us as your own. Though we no longer live within your doors, you will always live within our hearts. We think of you, and that sweet thought restores our happiness, as our own Red Sea parts. This you’ve done for us, more than the toil, your love and selflessness have been the soil In which our life can always bloom again. We cannot think what We would do or be without the love that you have given us. You have been our Inspiration! Happy Mothers’ Day, dear Aya. Love you, Along, Among, Apok and Khuring. Greetings to all the mothers, Mum, its hard to express how much it means for us for having such a wonderful mother like you. I thank God for giving and blessing us with such a wonderful Mother in our lives for you are the reason we live in this wide world. You are everything that all children would want in them, for your gentle smile and understanding for us in what we adore. May God bless all mothers and grant you long life and be with us forever. Happy Mothers’ Day. Mhonbemo Ngullie Former president PVSU and former speaker ANCSU. To the loving Mothers of Ao Baptist church Diphupar, Mother, you are the truest friend we have, when trials and heavy, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when trouble thicken around us, still will you cling to us, and endeavor by your kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Mother, we thank you for your unconditional love. Happy Mothers’ Day. May God bless you all. From, Tenla Kiyong Youth. Dear Mom, Many, many happy returns of the day. You are the best mother in the wholw world. Thank God for giving me such a loving and caring mom like you. Happy Mothers’ day! From your loving daughter, Asu. Loving mothers (Chonsumi Wokha and Zuboni Bhandari), You are a boon to us from heaven. Your love, care and concern for us are innumerable. You give us strength when we are weak. You are women of wisdom to us. That is why you highly deserve to be praised and wished. Happy Mothers’ Day! Long live our Mom. Your loving, husband, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandsons. Dearest Mummy (Anungla Imchen, Tuensang), Happy Mothers’ Day! May be we are all not together as often as we wish but we are always so thankful that we have a mom like you who is always there encouraging, caring and loving us. We hope that this Mothers’ day would bring only the best things for you and may you live long…we love you so much and miss you a lot. Loving daughters, Aching, Ason, Jasmine and Tutu. Dear Achula, On this auspicious day the 10th of May, we wish you a very Happy Mothers’ Day and there is no one like you and we are glad to have you. May God bless you. Have a nice day. From your love one. Dear Anyu, Today on this day the 10th of May, we like to wish a very Happy Mothers’ day. We all love you. God Bless you! From everyone. Happy Mothers day to all the loving mothers of Lungmen fellowship. From all your loving children of Lungmen fellowship. I said a mother’s prayer for you I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you to thank the Lord above for blessing me with a lifetime of your tenderhearted love. I thanked God for the caring you’ve shown me through the years, for the closeness we’ve enjoyed in time of laughter and of tears. And so, I thank you from the heart for all you’ve done for me and I bless the Lord for giving me the best mother there could be! From, Ana, Delhi. Letter to my Beloved Lt. N Anungla Pongen): Dear Mom, Yesterday I went for shopping with higher and bigger plans. I wanted to buy you the Best gift ever! But I bought nothing and got back home empty-handed, realizing I won’t find you at Home. Scorching heat, jammed street, lots of beautiful dresses hanging around, sparkling jewelries and even discount on Mother’s day Special. People were looking for the best gift for their Mothers. How happy those who have a Mother must be! But nothing in the world matters when............. I’m blessed with the Prettiest Angel up there!!! I celebrate you this Mother’s day!! Love you Much, Bery .K. Janqunger (Medz.) “MOTHER” A mother is a biological social female parent of an offspring because of the complexity and differences of the social, cultural and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother in a universally accepted definition. A mother is a true friend we have when trials are heaving and there is a sudden fall upon us, when adversity takes the place of prosperity, when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us, when trouble thickens around us, she still clings to us and endeavors us by her kind percepts and councils to dissipate the clouds of darkness and cause peace to return joy to our hearts. My mother Mrs Penpa Bhutia is my true friend with whom i can share everything under the roof be it regarding clothes, fashion, education etc, she even understands me like no one else does thats why we always say “a mother understands what a child does not say”. Today on this special occasion words are not enough for me to describe how much you mean to me mother and moreover how thankful I am to God for having blessed me with a mother like you. You are indeed my immortality. Therefore i would like to dedicate this poem to you. MY MOTHER My mother is hope, laughter and fun, A thousand dreams rolled into one, My mother is strength and heart felt pride, And love to cherish deep inside, My mother is a gift and a daily treasure, A daily joy, a life long pleasure. There is no mother more wonderful- than mine!!! Happy Mother’s Day! Chokpa Bhutia (Female), BA English Hons Delhi University. Mother, the real shepherd Like the sheep was I When I stepped into the world unknown to me Challenges, failures, victories, alternatively entering Not knowing my place, unable to feed myself until you took hold of me Guided and led me to a field of green grass Oh! For the pain you too Searching for that pasture which will nourish me Caring every footstep of mine Least I fall down Protecting me, hence from all thorns Guarding me from all animosity Oh faithful mother, the real shepherd These are the words of love from my deepest heart Thank you for the enormous labour you undertook This love of yours is so big If only could tear my heart and show my gratefulness Never is a cloud of holiness appear in your presence, good shepherd Moments to remember are many, moments to cherish are plenty And moments to smile cannot be hidden When troubles overcome me, you raise me up. How can I let it go, I’ll cherish forever On this auspicious day, the sweet word I’ll say “happy mother’s day, the sweetest word I ever heard. Can I say that without happy, my heart out? Oh! Shepherd hears these. Thank you for holding me to walk in the rain Ah! How can flowers grow without roots We were buds and you the root. If you are not there, I would have lost my colour. You pick me up when I fall down and filled me when I was empty Your love is so great that no words can express my thoughts. I was in a fairy land of wisdom, with magic books of knowledge Spells of career, wizards from the depth of seas, fairies from the highest skies. You have showed me the way to my career Nourishing me with wisdom Only to stop this with a big smile on my cheeks. A big tear of gratitude. And sealed with a kiss of love. Thank you mother, you are the real shepherd. Happy mothers’ day to all. From Libeni (Lini), New reserve, Kohima. MOM Mom, I look at you and see a walking miracle. Your unfailing love without limit, your ability to soothe my every hurt, the way you are on duty, unselfishly, every hour, every day, makes me so grateful that I am yours, and you are mine. With open arms and open heart, with enduring patience and inner strength, you gave so much for me, sometimes at your expense. You are my teacher, my comforter, my encourager, appreciating all, forgiving all. Sometimes I took you for granted, Mom, but I dont now, and I never will again. I know that everything I am today relates to you and your loving care. I gaze in wonder as I watch you being you my miracle, my mother. Your children. Ode to Mother ‘Tis a day when many mourn; ‘Tis a day when hearts are torn; ‘Tis a day when regret is born. For the words left unsaid And debts of love unpaid; For the divine soul taken for granted And divine love in hearts planted. As for me, my sisters and brother, Thanks be to God! For we can all be together, Praise be to God! For we can still call out, “Mother”. And say, “we love you” For the unfathomable ocean of love; With gratitude that is true To our Father in heaven above. To you, Oh! Mother, Who had received so little, From your own true Mother, Deprived of the lap most comfortable; We pray to our Heavenly Father For blessings in double On earth and in heaven, to Mother! Ashang Raihing, N/A Mother’s Love I was born without any thought, Nor with any was I to be owe As when my true avenue begin, With hope you gave a shiner life. As I’m young with your cud, Each wailing you walk with unisome smile, Sometimes when I fall, with solicition you touch, Like a blancmange you rise me up. As you see me grow, You guided me from getting mar, The work you have done, Was the greatest sacrifice and love for me. Manngai H. Nemdakly Class-IX Little Star higher secondary school. Princess Rosemary Season is passing by days By night I am growing old and weak But never once I see your love fading away Nor I see you growing old and tired. Like a beggar I earned a little wages But sufficient you make out of it. O gifted wife to thee I love true That no nature can steal from me. As a soldier my mission is war. Not of hatred but of our better future; Shed not, tears for me I am fine, Be strong; stay as you are Diary, O, shed not tears for me Diary. I know it hurts leaving you all alone But all I did is for our better home Home that will bear of winning soul. Miles away but Love deep from my heart. To thee and daughter (Lily) I wish “Happy Mothers’ Day” Rejoice with heart filled in peace and love. Hiweku Mebou, Kohima. Mother It is the sweetest word in the language. It is the first word that springs from the heart. It is the first word we learn to lisp as we begin life. It is the last word we gasp as we depart from life. It is the golden cord which binds the earth to heaven. It is the love that changes the poorest cottage into a paradise. It is the greatest of all loves. It is the eternal love. O wondrous word Mother We bow our heads at your shrine. We kneel at the altar of sacred memories. We venerate your sacred name. We are transported upon the wings of imagination back to the scenes of childhood. We recall your tender caresses, your loving embrace and your sweet lullaby at twilight. We hear again your soft voice which once made our infant hearts rejoice. R.L.Kinghen, Dimapur. My everything I came to this world and I still live but it wouldn’t have been possible without you ‘mom’. Words are never enough to express your love for me. You give me so much love that I can’t even imagine. When I was just a tiny dot, you feel me and lulled me to sleep but in return for your love I thanked you by crying all night long. When I became lil’ older, you taught me how to walk, how to write and taught me everything and I returned your love by running away when you need me. Life goes on but you never turned away from me even when I made you cry. My one smile wipes away all your sadness. Thank you ‘Mom’ for your abundant love. Thanks for being my life, my hope and above all my everything. God bless my ‘Mom’. Love you always, Lichanbeni m.Tungoe. My Mother She is a little old fashioned, considerate, kind She is a person nobody will find Strong bonds of love thus bind. That sweet mother of mine. She treats me with loving care Such loving can only bring And make a child understanding. I adore her plain features, her thin locks of grey. She is a very precious gift Gifted by the Holy Father to me And to be like her so fit Is not a task small. Even if there’s much offence Her temper cool, she tries to keep As there’s much affection and love Down, down, in the soul deep. There’s a glory around her, God abides it may be For all the misunderstandings, tiffs She just brushes them away. I have no words to show gratitude To her, who is none other Who brought me to this magnitude; My own darling MOTHER. Shonyelo Jerry K’pen Happy Mothers Day (Hetoli Awomi, Chandmari Kma) The trouble you took To raise us up dear mom Forgetting your grooming For our grooming Forgetting your stomach that our stomach be filled All the pains that you went through Our illness becoming your illness Our cries becoming your cries Taking our shame and making it yours You sheltered and guided us Loved us No matter what we did With understanding and never ending patient Your heart always full of forgiveness For any mistake, small or big You placed your need above all Making all our cares pass away Your laughter always a light that brightens The room no matter how gloomy the day The light of our life You our dear Mom Happy Mother’s Day Loving Children, Alo, Hosh, Yesh, Aghali, and Amugha Temiem Oja, Washimenla Ozu pezui tanu Tetsutem anogo nung tepela aser tutushi nu nem agutsur. Tsungremi na takum moajangma. Nai teti meima aliba jabasotem, Wabang, Sanen, Talimoa aser Lanutoshi. To our loving mother Temsuienla Longchar You were there... You were there when we took our first steps, Until our steps took us out the door... You worry now “Are they ok?” You wonder”Where have my children gone?” Where we are is where you have led us, With your special love you showed us a way, And where we go you can be sure, In spirit you shall never be alone. For where you are is what matters most to us, Because to us that will always be home... With love, Walu,Akum,Asang,Naro n Ajung

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