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Nagaland in turmoil
Oct 3
Published on 3 Oct. 2009 11:50 PM IST
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Our people and the land have been in turmoil for years on. When examined from the view point of human aspect, it is potable. It is conclusively answered that our people have lost sight of the very essence of life. I, as a senior citizen of the land and the general secretary of Nagaland Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) appeal our people to mend ways on the following counts for a changed Nagaland. We still lack in cohesion. It is found that despite the talks of unity in various forms by the so called leaders in government, national workers, Churches, NGOs, village councils etc., they proved to be wild cries hitherto. Nagaland is still surged with ism. It is good that we talk of youth to be reformed for a better tomorrow’s world. Let us continue to put our effort in this direction. But it is likened to the story of mother crab and her children. Better future lies more with the children. To make a nation, concentrate on the well being of the children from 0-6. This is the international standard. We cannot argue. Let us draw lessons from the developed countries. India pursues the same goal. Within India, Nagaland has been worst affected for years by genocide and fratricidal killings. It breeds nothing but hatred and disharmony resulting into disasters amongst the Nagas. The young fathers should also not invite trouble for themselves and their family. Hundreds of young mothers have become widows and their children orphans. What a pity! Our future will be doomed. Government set-ups: It is wrong and unbecoming practice in donating huge amount by the VIPs during their visits to villages, functions etc. The money they donate belongs to all the Nagas. This practice is not only against the financial health of the state but also an evil seed being sown for the future generation. In fact, one part of corruption is born here. Let us not spoil our land and generation. Tomorrow’s world belongs to children. Neglecting the children, amounts to neglecting our tomorrow’s world. Official transactions are made at whims in many government departments. Rules and procedures are dumped in the dustbin. When the established rules are ignored, disasters will follow. Appointments in government offices are made at ism. Backdoor appointments, purchase of post have become almost the order of the day. Contribute your mite. Nagaland will progress and you will be blessed. The blessing will not evade you even your generations. Let us not forget “work is worship”. It is being a general trend in Nagaland that many employees of the state draw salaries without attending the office. They don’t feel ashamed of. Many controlling authorities also take it in a carefree manner. Nagaland cannot be built by the chief minister alone nor the Governor or the ministers. We can build Nagaland only when all Nagas join hands and work devotedly. Government employees, politicians, church workers, NGOs, individuals should learn to work together with a sense of brotherly-sisterly feeling and with honesty. The pathetic traffic congestion: Many vehicles users even do not realize that roads in Nagaland are narrow. Presently the acute problems of traffic are faced by Kohima and Dimapur. The vehicle users should know where and how to park the vehicles he drives. Imagine the road condition and the number of vehicles in Kohima and Dimapur. Random parking is another cause of traffic jam in Kohima. Although everybody knows that the roads are narrow, some drive unethically. Always have concerns for others. VIPs have more works, agreed. But one should not forget the narrow roads. VIPs vehicles overtaking the others add traffic jams. I believe, everybody has the same rights over public roads. On other cities of the country, they have 6-lane/4-lane roads. Nagaland does not have facilities. I hope Kohima will continue to be the Capital of Nagaland. Dimapur will also be the commercial hub of the state. We face traffic congestion in two cities. The solution is that the government should take up an extensive programme in widening the roads in all the district headquarters and towns. Let us not forget that proper road communication is the very essence of life line. In this venture, some existing building may have to be dismantled and compensation paid to the house owners. There is no alternative for we cannot create new earth or site. Let us make a better place for our children, our living and thereby will catch-up with the world. Malady with Nagas: We agree that the youth are the backbone of the nation. More important asset is the children. They are innocent. They can be brought up without a blemish better than the present youth. Teachers need to be awakened and be more effective than ever before. Another disease with our people is the fund received from New Delhi. Both in towns and the villages, people quarrel and breed disharmony while trying to grab a portion of the fund and also those so-called leaders misuse the fund. This can be compared in throwing bones to the dogs. We use borrowed money, learn borrowed education, follow borrowed administration and believe borrowed religion which we cannot avoid. But we have spoiled the values of life instead of improving by means of those facilities. In the midst of such a situation, can’t we go back to emulate the legacy of our forefathers who were honest and simple? One insensible action of our people means destruction of our environment. We burn precious jungles at will, kill animals mercilessly, poison our rivers at random. These are all self destruction and an uncivilized way of life. In our Naga society, doing social works are published in newspapers. Perhaps, that creates awareness. But then it is a greater shame than being create awareness. If you take bath, is it necessary to inform the people? If you sweep your house and premises, does it need for public information? For me, it is a big No. Rather keep your colony and village clean as a routine work. We have too many insensible people. There is a report that 17 bronze plates of World War II have been stolen from Kohima War Cemetery. This is another sign of uncivilized action. I agree that Nagas are sociable. Let us try to keep a very clean and honest society. Tialiba, general secretary, NCCW, Kohima.

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