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The following are some of the anomalies (remarks) detected in the genuine list submitted by the S.I.T:-
May 16:
Published on 17 May. 2010 12:15 AM IST
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S.I.T. Sl. No Remarks by S.I.T.
25 No appointment order Submitted
87 No specific vacancy mentioned/against transfer vacancy of Ms. x
102 On recommendation of selection board vice Mr. X failed in group of 7 candidates.
108 Appointment order misplaced.
126 Appointment against Mr. X, whose promotion order is not available.
253 Not mentioned retirement/resignation/death.
295 Vacancy filled after 32 per the apptt. Order vacancy is against Smt. X G/T resigned but certificate issued from Principal GHSS Phek mentioned his Apptt. Was against post creation.
350 Apptt. vice V/Retd. of Shri. X A/T with effect from 31/03/02 whereas his apptt. order is 22/03/02
418, 563,564,565,566,567,568, 569,911,993,994,995,996, 1459,1462,2600,2603,2606,2148,1481, 2607,2608,2609,2612, etc. NOS certificates doubtful/ NOS certificates for further verification.
514 Appointed against Transferred vacancy.
588 Doubtful signature of Khukiye.
525 In release order it was mentioned A/T, whereas in appointment order it is mentioned G/T.
526 Salary drawn till April 2009 without extension order.
562 Appointment against doubtful vacancy.
563 Vice transfer vacancy of Shri. X in appointment order however release order shows that Shri. X had been resigned. NOS certificate for verification.
675 V/Retd. Release order issued by DIS instead of Directorate.
677 Produced unsigned Apptt. order, matric admit card not available.
678 Release order/PPO and other relevant documents of Mr. X against whose V/R appointed is not available.
739 Against invalid pension of Mr. X H/T.
759 Appointment without clear vacancy on adhoc.
1007 Appointment order states his appointment made in compassionate ground through the clearance of P/AR order No-AR-08/08/78 Dt 13/02/02 but not available in the AR list.
1136 He was appointed in 26th Sept. 2003 as Graduate Teacher whereas he graduated B.Sc in the year 2004.
1139 Double appointment against Smt. X
1143 No supporting documents to ascertain educational qualifications.
1146 He could not produce his educational certificates, retirement order and release order of Mr. X A/T retired against whom he was appointed. Subjected to producing of documents.
1149 She could not submit HSLC and PU certificates. Required to submit educational marksheet of PU.
1177 No clear vacancy.
1333 Could not produce release order/resignation order.
1375 Salary paid without extension order w.e.f Jan. 2005 to Apr. 2009
1376 On recommendation of DSB, 67 teachers were appointed. He is in the Serial No. 62 in Temp (2002). Not found his name in neither of the list Gen/Cancelled.
1382 Vice V/R of his father Shri. X P/T w.e.f. 30/06/06 not in G/List. Salary paid without extension.
1384 Vice V/R of his father Shri. X not in G/List. Salary paid without extension.
1366, 1380, 1383, 1384, 1404, 1406,1407,1408,1409,1410,2163, 2767,etc. Salary paid without extension orders.
1413, 1414 Salary paid without extension order and Release order yet to submit
1415 Salary paid without extension. Not submitted required documents in connection of transfer.
1417 Salary paid without extension. Approval of govt. is nil for appointment but acceptance letter is available.
1424 Appointed against expiry on 8/01/05 his father. Cleared Cl-XII in 2006 whereas his appointed date is 14/06/05.
1475 Appointed against retirement on 28/02/07 whereas his appointment date is 27/02/07
1477 Submitted one genuine release order and one forged release order. Obtained govt. approval before superannuation and two different D.O.B. mentioned.
1522 Arts graduate Appointed against science Graduate Teacher.
1755 Doubtful signature.
1762 Two appointment orders: one typed and another computer typed.
1769 No clear vacancy mentioned in the appointment order and govt. approval order.
1773 No clear vacancy mentioned in the appointment order and govt. approval order.
1854 Appointment against transfer of Ms. X.
1884 Appointment against resignation but no resignation letter/release order/acceptance order found.
1886 HSLC admit card does not bear the seal from the head of the school thus subjected to further examination.

1888 No transfer order, doubtful signature of issuing authority.
A/T appointed on 20/05/08 before passing B.A.II in June ,2009.
1892 No release order.
1946 Appointed through recommendation of NPSC but NPSC recommendation not available.
1959 Appointed against retirement of Mr. X whereas his name could not be found in the retirement list furnished by DSE.
1975, 1976 Date of retirement not mentioned.
1977 No specific vacancy mentioned
2169 The case of compassionate appointment has not been cleared by A.R
2236 There is no document to support the retirement.
2241 There is no document to prove that he was appointed against the resignation vacancy of Smt. X.
2244 Appointment order transferred along with post and release order appears to be of the same typewriter
2259 Doubtful signature of A.S Rengma both in appointment order and acceptance of resignation order.
2277 Appointment against invalid pension vacancy.
2281 Two signatures of Addl. Director. In the appointment order. No extension order for 2009 but salary paid till date.
2500 Except matric certificate other documents are correct.
2525 Against Transfer vacancy of Shri. Sankaran to Tamil Nadu as math teacher.
2599 Doubtful vacancy. 10 years on adhoc.
2604 Regularisation without any interview. Without P&AR clearance. No documents relating to date of his mother. Govt. approval order missing.
2611 Doubtful signature of A.S Rengma
2612 Appointed on old P/C without date and without the approval order.
2757 No P&AR clearance. Appointed at the age of 37. Yet to submit proof (Appointment order/A. Roll) from PWD adhoc. Not in P&AR list.
2758 Signature of issuing authority in appointment and release order subjected to further verification.
2759 Retirement of Mr. X dated 30/06/05 adhoc not in DSE retired list.
2760 Signature of issuing authority subjected to further verification. Did not submit retirement order.
2761 Retirement/release order not submitted.
2765 Yet to submit retirement /release order of Mr. X. Temporary doubtful vacancy(14 years)
2766 Signature of issuing authority in the appointment order doubtful.
2768 Unable to produce release order. Received salary without extension order.

Designation not found in appointment order. Defective appointment order.(No post mentioned)

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