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Assembly proceedings: debate to continue on July 26
Jul 24:
Published on 25 Jul. 2010 12:47 AM IST
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CM will draw home salary, allowance of Rs 70,000 pm
KOHIMA, JUL 24 (NPN): Nagaland Legislative Assembly Saturday smoothly passed “The Nagaland Salaries, allowances and other facilities of the chief minister, other ministers, speaker, leader of opposition, deputy speaker, parliamentary secretaries and other members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and pension for ex-member (First Amendment) Bill 2010 by a voice vote.
With the passing of the new bill, the chief minister will now draw a monthly salary of Rs.22, 000/- while the speaker, ministers and leader of opposition will draw Rs. 20,000/-, deputy speaker Rs.19,000/-, parliamentary secretaries Rs.18,000/- and MLAs Rs.16,000/-.
Both the chief minister and speaker will also enjoy an allowance of Rs.15,000/- per month for vehicle maintenance (minor repair) while ministers, leader of opposition, deputy speaker and parliamentary secretaries would enjoy Rs.10,000/- pm. MLAs would enjoy Rs. 5000/- plus Rs.2000/- for those constituencies which are within 150 Kms and Rs.2500/- for those within 150 Kms to 300 Kms and Rs.3000/- for those more than 300 kms.
MLAs will also enjoy allowance of Rs.50,000/- per annum for major vehicle maintenance subjected to production of cash memos/bills with effect from April 1, 2010. Such major repairs of vehicles for the chief minister, ministers and parliamentary secretaries will be undertaken through Government Workshop while for speaker, deputy speaker and leader of Opposition, the assembly secretariat will undertake the maintenance.
Chief Minister and Speaker will also enjoy Rs.22,000/- pm per vehicle as POL while ministers, parliamentary secretaries, leader of opposition and deputy speaker will enjoy Rs.15,000/- each. Other MLAs will enjoy Rs.8500/- each and in addition 100 litres for those constituencies within 150 Km, 150 litres for those within 150 Kms to 300 Kms and 200 litres for those more than 300 Kms.
Chief minister and Speakers are also entitled for hospitality allowances of Rs. 10,000/- each per month while ministers, deputy speaker, leader of opposition, parliamentary secretaries and MLAs are entitled Rs.8000/-. All the 60 members are entitled to newspaper/magazines allowance of Rs.1000/- each per month. Leader of Opposition and MLAs are also entitled for Rs.500/- DA for attending house and committee meeting.
Chief Minister will also enjoy four land line telephones with STD facility, two in office and two at residence while others ministers, speaker, deputy speaker, leader of opposition and parliamentary secretaries will enjoy one telephone line each at office and residence with STD facility. The MLAs will enjoy an allowance of Rs.5000/- pm and also Rs.8000/- pm for keeping personal staff.
All the 60 members of the house will enjoy DA for official tour outside Nagaland at the rate of Rs 500/- for Metropolis, Rs 400/- for class A cities and Rs.300/- if they avail the State Guest House facility or Rs 800/- for Metropolis, Rs.600/- for Class A Cities and Rs.500/- for others if state guest house facility is not availed. Besides, they are also entitled DA and TA for official tour outside India and within India and medical facilities as per the entitlement of senior Class I officer of the Government of Nagaland.
As per the new bill, an amount not exceeding a maximum of Rs.1 lakh will be granted to the Members subjected to the seriousness of the case of the patient and an amount of Rs.25,000/- will be granted to the deceased family member of an ex-member. An amount of Rs 15,000/- will be granted in case of any unfortunate natural calamities. On the other hand, pension for Ex-Member for the first term served in the state legislative assembly has been fixed at Rs.16,000/- pm and an addition of Rs.1000/- for every additional term served while Family pension for the spouse or dependent of the ex-member is fixed at Rs.8000/-.
Rs. 552.44 cr for paper mill
Replying to a starred question during the 7th session of 11th Assembly with regard to Tuli Paper Mill, the parliamentary secretary for industries & commerce, Dr. K. C. Nihoshe informed the house that an amount of Rs. 552.44 crore has been sanctioned for the revival of Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Ltd.
Out of the sanctioned amount, a sum of Rs. 54.60 crore has been released by the Government of India in September 2007. He also informed the house that due to cost escalations, a second DPR proposal to the tune of Rs. 1279.54 crore was sent to the Government of India for approval. The project will be commissioned in 27 months from the date of approval of the revised cost estimate, he added.
Nihoshe also revealed that the Tuli Paper Mill been a political commitment of the then Shillong accord. He said the ministry suggested that the Prime Minister be pursued and that the state chief minister was actively working on it. He also expressed hope that the government of India will consider and approve and sanction the revised estimate cost.
Four out of eight HEPs in the state non-functional
Only four Hydel Projects out of the total eight that have been developed in the state were functioning while the rest have shut down. The four projects which have been shut down are no more viable for the state to run them.
Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio stated this while answering in the absence of power minister Doshehe who could not attend the session, to a question raised by opposition leader Tokheho. The Hydel Projects that are in operation included 24 MW Likimroh HEP, 0.54MW Duilumroi-I HEP, 0.2 MW Duilumroi-II and 0.6MW Telangsao HEP. Those hydel projects which were shut down included 1.5 MW Dzuza HEP, 0.118 MW Ghekhu-Gakhubu HEP, 0.20 MW Kithuri HEP and 0.7 MW Tsutha HEP.
The 24 MW Likimroh HEP was developed at a cost of Rs.215.88 Cr, 0.54 MW Duilumroi-I HEP at Rs.2.44 Cr, 0.2 MW Duilumroi-II at Rs. 2.30 Cr, 0.6MW Telangsao HEP at Rs.8.94 Cr, 1.5 MW Dzuza HEP at Rs.1.16 Cr, 0.118 MW Ghekhu-Gakhubu HEP at Rs.1.44 Cr, 0.20 MW Kithuri HEP at Rs.1.38 Cr and 0.7 MW Tsutha HEP at Rs.6.38 Cr.
Replying to supplementary questions raised by opposition leader Tokheho and MLA I Imkong, Rio said that all the four non-functional Hydel projects were below the capacity of 1MW. He said these hydel projects were shut down because the machineries were outdated and obsolete and their spare parts no more available.
He also said that in 2007, the state cabinet took decision to privatize these projects on private public participation (PPP) mode and few parties had investigated the projects, but no one was interested.
In a separate written reply to a question, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio stated that the transmission line from Doyang to Kohima via Wokha was completed in 2000-2001 but the transmission line from Doyang to Wokha was not in service due to collapse of towers and thefts. He also said that the line could be commissioned only after restoration of the fallen and tilted towers, which would require an estimated amount of Rs. 492.93 lakhs.
Rio also informed that the administration had so far arrested four persons for theft of power line parts and that they would be punished according to the provision of the law.
To another supplementary question raised by MLA I. Imkong on the necessity for having a direct line from Doyang to Kohima, Rio replied in positive and revealed that a proposal for setting up a sub-station at Chiephobozou was under active consideration.
Depts. to promote entrepreneurs
Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Saturday reiterated that 2010-11 was declared as ‘Year of Entrepreneurs’ to provide scope for gainful self employment avenues to the educated unemployed towards industrial and commercial activities and other government programmes either directly or as indirect support service. In a written reply to an un-starred question raised by Joshua Sumi, MLA, at 7th NLA session, Rio mentioned that ‘Year of Entrepreneurs’ was officially declared during the 2nd phase of state road show -cum- Moatsü festival on April 30 at Mokokchung.
The chief minister stated that targeted number of entrepreneurs were 1000 which include 150 entrepreneurs from Kohima, 100 from Mokochung, 100 from Tuensang, 75 from Mon, 75 from Wokha, 75 from Zunheboto, 75 from Phek district, 200 from Dimapur, 50 from Peren, 50 from Kiphire and 50 from Longleng.
Adding to that, Rio also stated that all line departments like agriculture, horticulture, rural development, sericulture, fisheries, veterinary and animal husbandry, land resources, science and technology, information technology, tourism, health care, Nagaland bamboo development agency, Nagaland honey and bee keeping mission, Nagaland bio-resource etc would promote at least ten entrepreneurs from each district in their respective lines.
Listing the programmes to be taken up under the declaration, chief minister said programmes include identification of areas or scope for development of entrepreneurs in the state and creation of an enabling environment by examining new policies to promote entrepreneurs, and by analyzing the present implementation of existing policies of both the state and the centre and streamlining them to benefit genuine entrepreneurs. The government would also organize a two day entrepreneurship awareness programme in collaboration with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Guwahati at all district headquarters from July 22 to October 8. It would also conduct trainings, capacity building programmes and workshops and conferences in the state, district and block levels.
Works under state plan
Minister for Urban Development Shürhozelie Liezietsü informed the house Saturday that an amount of Rs. 70.65 lakhs has been provided for Zunheboto town during 2008-09 and Rs. 10 lakhs for 2009-10. Stating this in a reply to a starred question raised by opposition leader MLA Tokheho the Minister informed that fund was provided for development of small and medium towns (DSMT), CSS-Construction of Zunheboto College building and town protection. Replying to a supplementary question the Minister said under the state plan there were two programme i.e protection works and UIDS. The protection works was for district headquarters where fund had been equally distributed to all 11 district headquarters and under UIDS, out of 81 townships in the state the fund had been equally distributed to the selected town, he further said.
5 tourist lodges in the state
Parliamentary secretary for tourism, law & justice, Yitachu said that there were presently five tourist lodges in the state namely Tourist Lodge, Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Mon and Zunheboto. Yitachu stated this in a reply to a starred question raised by MLA Tokheho and informed the house that there were two tourist lodges allotted to private parties on execution of deed of agreement.
The allotted private parties were Tourist Lodge, Kohima leased to M/s V.A. Metha for a period of 10 years w.e.f July 11, 2007 to July 17 2017 and Tourist Lodge, Mokokchung leased to M/s Longkumer Kilem for a period of 10 years w.e.f September 19, 2007 to September 20, 2017, he added. The Parliamentary Secretary also added that private entrepreneurs would be encouraged to manage the tourist lodges, wherever feasible. Replying to a supplementary question raised by MLA Tokheho who is also the opposition leader, Yitachu replied that Tourist Lodge Dimapur was presently under renovation and there was no proposal for privatization.
Doyang-wokha transmissions restoration to cost Rs. 492.93 lac
Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio while replying to a starred question informed the house that the transmission line from Doyang to Wokha was not in service due to collapse of towers and thefts. He also said that the line could be commissioned only after restoration of the fallen and tilted towers, which will require an estimated amount of Rs. 492.93 lakhs.
To a supplementary question Rio said that administration had arrested 4 persons for theft of parts and informed that arrested persons would be punished according to the provision of the law. To a query posed by I. Imkong on whether the necessity for having a direct line from Doyang to Kohima was required, Rio informed that a proposal to be set up a sub-station at Chiephobozou was under consideration.
Construction of Nagaland houses at Dwarka, R.K. Puram N Delhi
Replying to a starred question raised by MLA Lanpha Konyak with regard to work progress of Nagaland House at Dwarka and R.K. Puram, Parliamentary Secretary for Housing, Er. T. Sakusangba Aier informed that at Dwarka 30% of the work has been completed so far and in the next 24 months the rest of the work will be completed if fund was provided. In regard to Nagaland House at R.K. Puram, New Delhi, 10% of works have been completed, he informed.
Govt deputes EAC for EAC hqs at Aghunagha
State Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio replying to a starred question posed by MLA, Y. Hewoto Awomi, stated that the government had deputed EAC for EAC Headquarters at Aghunagha. Stating this, the Chief Minister informed the house that the officer was presently posted at EAC Hq Alongkima under Mokokchung district and would be joining Aghunagha once the first phase of Census was carried out. Rio also added that government had kept a provision for the infrastructure for EAC Headquarter Aghunagha.
Members participates in budget speech discussion
Initiating the discussion on budget for the year 2010-11 which was presented by chief minister on July 22, MLA Joshua thanked the Chief Minister of Nagaland for acknowledging the Congress Legislature Party members who had met chief minister of Manipur and have taken efforts to resolve the incident that took place at Mao Gate on May 6. He also emphasized on the need for good quality roads, stating that all progress and development in the state depends a lot on the development of roads.
On the issue of prohibition, Joshua suggested that Prohibition Act should be implemented in spirit if we are to continue with Prohibition. Also participating in the budget discussion, CLP leader I. Imkong emphasized on the urgent need for creating awareness on climatic change. He also suggested that more funds should be allotted in Agri & allied sectors, in order to realize the vision of food for all.
On the matter of internal mobilization, I. Imkong suggested for proper collection of taxes particularly in the power and transport sector. Commenting on the budget speech of the chief minister of Nagaland who also holds the finance portfolio, MLA K.L. Chishi opined that there were certain urgent needs which the government of the day needed to attend and suggested the need for revenue improvement “having entered into the 47th year of statehood our internal resource mobilization must improve” he suggested.
He further mooted the idea for creating to take care of the recites and the finance to deal with expenditure. He also dwelt on the issue of prohibition, industrial sector, and alleviation of poverty and placed suggestions on austerity measures. MLAs Sentichuba, H. Chuba and Dr. Nicky Kire from ruling bench also participated in the budget discussion.

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