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Sazo’s remark an ‘embarassment’: Therie
Published on 15 Mar. 2011 7:24 PM IST
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Former minister K. Therie Monday criticized parliamentary secretary Chotisüh Sazo for commenting that label “backward tribe” at one point of time had helped Chakhesangs but now it was a matter of “great shame”.
Sazo purportedly made this remark while addressing the 17th general session of Chakhesang Gazetted Officers’ Forum (CGOF) at Zonal Council Hall, Kohima March 12 last.
Stating that Sazo’s remark was an “embarrassment” to the Chakhesang people, the former minister K. Therie, in a communiqué, said the term “backward” cannot be termed as “shame” in the context of Chakhesangs.
Maintaining that a closer look at the background of Chakhesangs could enlighten the leaders of the day, the former minister said Chakhesang people had stood faithfully by NNC and FGN’s decision unlike other tribes, who went to study elsewhere, whereby schools were closed in 1955 and later reopened some time in 1959 and 60s.
“The few literate Chakhesangs were forced join the Naga National Movement,” he said, and pointed out that by the time Nagaland became a state Chakhesangs did not have educated youth to enter into government services.
Even after statehood, Therie said literate Chakhesangs continued to be loyal to Naga national movement and served till their death and many continue even today.
Claiming that Chakhesangs continued to suffer in the ration of government employment, in comparison to other tribes excepting few backward tribes, the former minister said present leaders have failed to protect the interests of Chakhesangs from the discrimination of the state government owing to which, they incited the CPO to file a PIL in the Guwahati High Court to protect them from public wrath.
“Today, they are telling the Chakhesangs that ‘backwardness’ is a ‘shame’ to cover up their failures,” he said.
Former state finance minister demanded that government justify under what yard stick or basis it decided to reserve 2% for Pochury, 4% for Zeliang and 4% for Chakhesang.
If one MLA is to 2% and 2 MLAs is 4%, then why four MLAs should be 4%?” he asked, and said rationally, Chakhesang should get 8%.
“This is share discrimination and failure of Chakhesang MLAs to protect the interests of the Chakhesang people,” Therie said.
On the other hand, Therie said if the distribution was based on population, then Pochury has 17,099, Zeliang has 72,545 and Chakhesang 1,26,603.
According to Therie it did not require a genius to notice the imbalance of present quota allocation in this regard.
“Even if the MLAs fail to represent Chakhesangs with proper background and data, it is the duty of the state to do justice,” he said.
Further, he demanded that government clarify and notify the position of Chakhesangs and other backward tribes.
Also, drawing attention to Sazo’s another comment that “Chakhesang government servants constituted about 20% of the total population”, the former minister said Sazo’s claim was “unfounded.”
Pointing out that population of Chakhesang tribe was about 1, 26, 603, as per 2001 census, the Therie said “therefore 20% would mean that 25,320 Chakhesangs are government servants.”
Further, stating that Nagaland has about 81,000 government employees, the former minister queried: “Does this mean that over 30% of the government employees are Chakhesangs?” According to Bano committee report, 4.64% of Chakhesangs are government servants, Therie said, adding incumbency list of 2007 also stated that 5,869 Chakhesangs were in government service which also corroborates this figure.
Meanwhile, the former minister also demanded from Sazo that he clarify to the public as to where from he obtained 20% data.
“This is emotional statement trying to please someone above at the cost of the Chakhesang people,” said Therie and underlined that MLAs were planners and planners representing people cannot afford to have wrong data and mislead the government in planning.

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