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NSCNs Republic Day

(L-R) Swu and Muivah at the 32nd R-Day at Hebron, Monday. (R) Azheto salutes at the GPRN/NSCN 31st R-day at Khehoi, Monday. (NP)
Staff Reporter DIMAPUR, mar 21 (NPN):
Published on 22 Mar. 2011 1:17 AM IST
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Solution based on historical facts: NSCN (I-M)
NSCN (I-M) leadership Monday reiterated it stood for greater Nagaland and maintaining that it was based on the historical rights of the Naga people. NSCN (I-M) chairman Isak Chishi Swu stated that ‘Nagalim’ has been artificially divided with Nagaland being only a part while in his speech, general secretary Th. Muviah asserted that there can be no solution with a divided Naga inhabited areas.
The top leadership of the NSCN (I-M) said this in their separate messages on the occasion of the 32nd ‘republic day’ at the NSCN (I-M) council headquarters at Hebron.
Swu said that it was absolutely wrong to assume the ‘so called’ Nagaland as whole since Nagalim encompassed the entire Naga ancestral domain. “If there is anyone who says this so called Nagaland state is the only land of the Naga people, it must be a figment of their misunderstanding and ignorance” Swu stated. He further said that Naga people and Nagalim cannot be separated in order to please the ‘enemies’ of Naga solidarity.
While lauding the FNR for their ceaseless efforts towards the reconciliation process, Swu maintained that NSCN (I-M) was sincerely committed towards the reconciliation process based on the historical and political rights of the Naga people. However, he also pointed out that Naga reconciliation was not for disintegrating ‘Nagalim’ but was meant for unity and integrity of it. “The need of the hour is absolute solidarity among ourselves” Swu averred. He also extended gratitude to the international organizations for securing the righteousness of the Naga cause.
Urging the people to look forward to the new Nagalim with one mind and voice, Swu said that the rights of a nation cannot be robbed by ‘invading forces’ nor stolen by any power. Asserting that the national rights were God given, Swu called upon the Naga people not to give up the rights and added that the destiny of the people was based on it.
Remarking on the ongoing negotiations with the government of India which has been going on since 1997, Swu stated that the Naga people will continue to struggle until an honorable settlement is finalized. Swu also averred that the choice of fighting against own fellow citizens in collaborations with ‘enemies’ was against the will of God and urged those people to join the ‘mainstream’.
Underscoring the need preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas, the NSCN (I-M) chairman pointed out that the distinct cultural heritage has been the vital binding thread in keeping the Naga people alive as a distinct ‘nation’. He also cautioned the people on the danger of assimilation of the Naga culture with other cultures.
Stating that nobody could live in isolation in today’s modern world, Swu pointed out that all countries were interdependent and Nagalim was not an exception. Based on this, he termed it as a ‘must’ for maintaining a good relationship with the neighbors. However, he also said that the relationship cannot come at the expense of the ‘national rights’ and ‘principles’.
Elucidating on the ongoing “Indo-Naga” political talks, the general secretary and chief negotiator Th. Muivah informed that there has been a change in the outlook of their counterparts (GoI) since the talks started 13 years ago. Expounding on the concept of ‘Nagalim’, Muivah clearly stated that there could be no solution with a divided Naga area and which he added would be first step towards finding an honorable solution. He also averred that the solution will not be far away if the Naga history and identity was respected by the ‘Indians’.
Muivah said that the ‘Indians’ cannot feign ignorance of the unique history of the Naga people since they have made it amply clear in all the talks with several representatives of the government of India. He also said that Naga history was unique unlike the histories from the other parts of the NE region.
Maintaining that the Naga people were not a ‘lost’ tribe, the chief negotiator informed that all the three Indian PMs (late PV Narashima Rao, A B Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh) have accepted the uniqueness of the Naga history. He also added that the present interlocutor RS Pandey, IAS (rtd) has been explicit that there would be no solution unless the Naga history was respected.
While admitting that the solution could not be worked out with guns, Muivah stressed on the political negotiations even the government of India has accepted the problem as a political and not a law and order problem.
Pointing out that the Naga people have made some ‘blunders’ in the past, the chief negotiator said that the Nagas cannot keep on blaming India but were to be blamed for these ‘blunders’.
Asserting that the Naga people will not be ignored while bringing out the solution, Muivah stated that it will be based on the mandate of the people. He further reminded that they will not be patient forever though it will take some time to hammer out a respectable and honorable solution.
Taking a dig at other factions on the reconciliation process, Muivah questioned the signatories of the Covenant of reconciliation for their refusal to meet the top leaders of NSCN (I-M). He also affirmed that his group was for the reconciliation and maintained that the Naga people were never bluffed by the NSCN (I-M). Muivah further accused the NSCN (K) of taking in people from other parts of region in the movement despite signing an agreement.
No one above nation: S.S. Khaplang
S.S. Khaplang president of the GPRN/NSCN has reaffirmed the Yehzabo (constitution) which stated that “no one is above the Nation and no one is above righteousness” and that this would be the final command.
This was contained in Khaplang’s message which was read out during the 31st republic day at Khehoi camp by convenor of the National Political Advisory Committee Azheto Chophy.
In his message, Khaplang also reassured that the People’s Army of Nagaland(PAN) will stand up to the promises made to all revolutionary organisations and will protect people’s rights and will respond to its commitment wherever and whenever required.
Khaplang also asserted that the GPRN/NSCN would not commit itself to any enemy within or outside whose designs have “’clandestine and conspiratory trend’ behind their ill-fated and tempting slogan.” Khaplang affirmed that the GPRN would not permit any Naga freedom fighters to pay any tribute to the betrayers and traitors or of any graves of Shillong Accordists.
Guest of honour, Hothrong kilo kilonser GPRN/NSCN also spoke out against the offensive activities carried out by the NSCN (I-M) in Eastern Nagaland and alleged that a “trap” was being laid on the Eastern frontier and enticing NSCN chairman S. S. Khaplang to attend the ‘Highest Level Summit.’ “It is wise that our honored leader (Khaplang), visibly unhappy by the sudden appearance of armed intruders in eastern Nagaland, pleaded for deferment of the proposed Highest Level Summit,” Hothrong said.
When a section of people sabotage on their commitments and continued to deny facts, Hothrong said that the Naga people spearheaded by FNR, hohos and civil societies must choose and depute men with integrity as observer teams to any part of Naga homeland and inform the Naga people as to who was for Naga reconciliation and who was violating the Covenant of Reconciliation. He said that the GPRN/NSCN on its part would do its utmost to facilitate in any way possible.
In his short speech, GPRN/NSCN ato kilonser N. Kitovi Zhimomi hit out at the NSCN (I-M) for carrying out offensive activities in Eastern Nagaland while they talked of reconciliation in Dimapur. “Will it be right if we send our boys near Hebron? Why are they (NSCN-IM) detailing their cadres in Eastern Nagaland in spite of agreement signed not to carry out territorial expansion activities?” he questioned. Kitovi said it was due to this reason that the GPRN/NSCN had to suspend its participation in the highest level talks until the NSCN (I-M) withdraws cadres from Eastern Nagaland. The ato kilonser said that the GPRN/NSCN would not be responsible if reconciliation process breaks down.
He said it was high time that the NGOs and public leaders spoke the truth in black and white without fear. “How long should we remain silent and watch the game?” he asked. He recalled that the NSCN (I-M) general secretary, Th. Muivah had rejected inclusive reconciliation of Nagas during the September Summit held last year. Kitovi said Muivah’s speech was on record and available in DVDs for the Nagas to watch and hear. He also said while the GPRN/NSCN propagated inclusive reconciliation comprising of Nagas from the North, East, West and South, Muivah opted out of it thereby excluding himself. Kitovi, therefore, said it was not the FNR or the GPRN/NSCN which excluded Muivah but he himself opted for exclusiveness.
The ato kilonser reiterated its position that whatever agreement was reached between the government of India and the NSCN (I-M), it would only be between the two entities and not cover the entire Nagas. He cautioned that bloodshed will recur the moment the NSCN (I-M) brings any solution or announces any settlement saying it was for the Naga people. He said that the GPRN/NSCN had never and would not oppose the talks between the two entities but added “They should not take the name of the Nagas.” Kitovi said that the GPRN/NSCN stood on the principle, “anything that is good for the people.” Towards this principle, he appealed the Naga people for their mental and moral participation and said that the GPRN/NSCN would only start any political dialogue after first taking into account the voices and wishes of the Naga people. “We will not hijack the Naga political interest. We will take your opinions and voices and accordingly carry forward the Naga political process,” Kitovi assured.
Earlier, the chief guest hoisted the Naga national flag and took salute from the Naga army contingents. Loyelo cultural troupe Old Showba presented a cultural item.
A host of NGOs including the Naga Council Dimapur, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur, Poumai Hoho Dimapur, Ao Union Dimapur, DNSU, Rengma Hoho, Ao Students’ Union Dimapur, Muslim Society Dimapur, Gorkha Association etc. Representative from NWHD and Naga Council briefly spoke at the programme. Invitees and public from surrounding villages attend the programme. GPRN/NSCN Research Wing director, Moa Walling and MIP under secretary, Akheli Yeptho were the moderators for the programme. Kiran Mohote evangelist from All Gorkha Baptist Church Nagaland proposed the invocation while Rev Maong Lemtur associate pastor Ao Baptist Church Dimapur said the benediction.

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