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Spat over Shamator census issue
Published on 5 Mar. 2011 12:44 AM IST
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Reacting to Yimchungrü Akherü Arih-ako (YAA)’s allegation that NSCN (I-M) men had forcibly enumerated people of Shamator village as Tikhir tribe at gun point, the Tikhir students’ union (TSU) Friday clarified that current census operation under Tikhir jurisdiction, including Shamator, was being carried out in tune with previous census and as per order issued by Tikhir tribal council (TTC).
According to a statement from Tikhir students’ union (TSU) executive council chairman Antony Tsangmong and president R. Daniel there was no “diktat” from any political group/faction as alleged by YAA, saying people of Shamator village were Tikhirs by blood and that they enumerated as Tikhirs in 2011 national census like in the past. The TSU urged YYA to look up at National census website if they (Yimchungrüs) needed proof.
Also, on YYA’s claim that Shamator village was under its jurisdiction, the Tikhir students queried why did Yimchungrüs attacked Shamator village during TSU general conference on January 16, 1998, by firing and mortar shelling, wherein two students were killed.
TSU also asked why did they kidnap and kill a youth from Shamator village on September 19, 1996 at Shamator town?
It went to ask why was Shamator village students’ union president Susang Tikhir kidnapped and beaten black and blue and later asked him to choose between Yimchungrü (to live) and Tikhir (to die).
“Therefore, instead of pointing fingers at others, YAA must note whether you (Yimchungrüs) are forced to do against your wish or it is you (Yimchungrüs) threatening Tikhirs of Shamator, Waphur etc. in this census operation,” the Tikhir students asserted.
TSU also claimed that it has full proof of Yimchungrüs’ threat in villages, that anyone using Tikhir as tribe would face dire consequences.
They also said that even March 2, 2011 meeting at Shamator ADC’s chamber, some Yimchungrü leaders, disregarding the presence of ADC, had threatened the Shamator village council to withdraw their enumerated census (using Tikhir) formats or else “developmental funds will not be released and you will not get employment opportunities”.
“Yimchungrü claiming Tikhir tribe as one of their constituents is nothing but a chase after the wind because stone cannot be called as wood and vice versa, so are Tikhir and Yimchungrü,” the TSU said.
Meanwhile, it also appealed to “people-friendly Rio government” to contemplate and address Yimchungrü-Tikhir related issues soon.
YAA rejoinder
Also, in response to NSCN (I-M) Saramati region rejoinder to its earlier statement, the Yimchungrü Akheru Arih- ako (YAA) today said its earlier statement was not based on “our own assumption and imagination” but based on report disclosed by Shamator village council in the presence of ADC Shamator, EAC Shamator, and Census enumerator, YTC, YAA and YWO, in the meeting convened by ADC Shamator at his office.
A joint statement released by YAA president Z. Throngshe and general secretary Deventhong asked the NSCN (I-M) Saramati region care-taker CAO and “tatar” Kiusangthong to refer NO. RS-11011/16/2009-TAB of the directorate of census operations, Nagaland which was approved by home department vide home branch letter NO. SC-22/Home/1/67 dated July 6, 2009.
The YAA also asked on what pretext and objective the armed NSCN (I-M) men were pressurizing Shamator village at gun point if they were forcing them on census enumeration.
It also refuted the claim of NSCN (I-M) Saramati region’s claim that YAA, in collaboration with Assam Rifles posted at Shamator town, were instigating Shamator villagers to enumerate as Yimchunger.
“As students organization we have nothing to do with Assam Rifles which is beyond the reasonable console of YAA or any other student’s bodies,” YAA said, adding unlike armed cadres it did not possess any arms to threaten or force somebody against their will.
“Therefore, the question of disturbing the normal activities occasion by YAA as alleged does not arise,” they said.
The YAA also said that “threatening” students’ organization “prejudicially” based on ones assumption without any rhyme or reason can be done only by “terrorist group” and not by mandated nationalist group.
Further, the YAA said Saramati region’s appeal to census officials – to collect adequate information based on historical facts taking into consideration the “inalienable rights” of the people – was unbecoming of an “allied nationalist group”.
The census officials cannot just record any data information at their violation but were merely following the rules and procedure strictly prescribed by the highest competent authorities of India,’ the Yimchungrü Akheru Arih- ako said.

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