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“Gen.” Kholi installed as GPRN/NSCN president

New GPRN/NSCN president Kholi Konyak (2nd from L) along with ‘ato kiloner’ N. Kitovi Zhimomi (3rd from L), ‘kilo kilonser’ Hothrong Yimchungrü (R), NPAC convenor Azheto Chophy (L) and envoy to collective leadership (GPRN/NSCN) Kughalu Mulatonu (2nd from R). (NP)
Staff Reporter DIMAPUR, JUN 15 (NPN):
Published on 16 Jun. 2011 12:56 AM IST
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“Gen.” Kholi Konyak, incumbent “c-in-c” of “Naga army”, was officially installed as the president of the GPRN/NSCN at a solemn “presidential inception ceremony” held at outfit’s CHQ, Khehoyi designated camp, off Dimapur Wednesday.
This development comes a week after national hoho (national assembly) of the outfit comprising of its national political affairs committee (NPAC), “council of kilonsers (ministers)”, “tatars (MPs)” and functionaries from both army and regional councils at Khehoi camp near Dimapur June 7 decided to impeach SS Khaplang and install ‘commander-in-chief’ ‘Gen’ Kholi Konyak as acting chairman of the GPRN/NSCN.
Speaking after his inception ceremony, Kholi Konyak assured Nagas that he would uphold the will and aspiration of Nagas at all cost as entrusted with the responsibility to serve the “Naga nation” as its president.
Kholi said “as the GPRN/NSCN yezabo clearly enunciates that no one is above the nation, it becomes pertinent to assert that the Naga people’s collective will and desire shall always reign supreme across all odds.”
He asserted that in the current context of the Naga people’s political aspiration, the fervent will of the Naga people was to reconcile and unite across all differences and to stand out ground for a common future.
He said it was the mandate of the people to assert a united solution which would be reciprocated in toto for an undivided endeavour so as to expedite a peaceful and lasting solution to the vexed “Indo-Naga” political issue.
Kholi also expressed gratitude to Churches, prayer centers, NGOs and all responsible for their “unceasing prayers” that have guided Nagas thus far.
He appealed to all to continue in their ardent prayers for peace to prevail and the Naga people’s reconciliation initiative under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation towards achieving a lasting political goal of the Nagas.
He said to bury the hatchet, it was imperative that peace was prerogative to unity and so was unity to solution of the protracted “Indo-Naga” political imbroglio.
The newly installed president GPRN/NSCN vowed a commitment take into confidence, the Naga people’s views and opinions in the course of “our political future.”
He invoked the blessings of the Almighty God upon the Nagas with the courage for reconciliation and the path to diplomatic resolutions, so that the upcoming generation was given an opportunity to strive ahead in peace with the rest of the world.
Also speaking at the function, GPRN/NSCN “ato kilonser” N.Kitovi Zhimomi pointed out several reasons that led to the impeachment of S.S Khaplang and appointment of Kholi as new president.
Seeking to clear doubts or confusions, if any, arising out of new development in the outfit, Kitovi said for over ten years after the outfit entered into a ceasefire agreement with centre in the year 2001, Khaplang failed to convene ‘national assembly” during all those years.
He said following 2001 ceasefire agreement, the members proposed convening of “national assembly”, as the outfit needed to be prepared for political process. However, he said Khaplang kept postponing the assembly citing several reasons, and even by 2011, he failed to convene the national assembly.
Asserting that its former president lived on exile and keeping the members in darkness, Kitovi said due to Khaplang’s approach, members began to get confused with where they were moving and making the organisation appear like a “blind man.”
He said Khaplang, in exile, started to act “khushi khushi” and kept on issuing directions everyday. Kitovi also said that Khaplang in 2010 purportedly conveyed through kilonser Alezo that cabinet meeting should not be held without his presence.
Also, when the FNR convened September 18 summit, in 2010, Kitovi said Khaplang issued directive against participating in the meet.
“When all the Nagas were praying for peace and reconciliation amongst Naga political groups, S.S. Khaplang started issuing wrong directions not to be a part of reconciliation process,” Kitovi said, adding going against the wishes of all Nagas to reconcile was where Khaplang’s happiness lay.
“He cannot force us to go against the wishes of the people,” Kitovi said.
Kitovi also stated that Khaplang appointed “lt.gen. (retd)” Khango Konyak as the vice-chairman even after the “parliament” decided to appoint “gen” Kholi as v-c.
He said basing on Khaplang’s extra-constitutional actions and dictatorial type of behaviour, the members of National assembly, after long deliberation, was asked to choose between Khaplang’s wrong directions and wishes of the people to live in peace, and the members chose to go with people’s mandate.
Following which, the national assembly members were also asked what should be done to bring changes in the organisation, when the house unanimously resolved to impeach Khaplang and install “Gen.” Kholi as its new president.
“Considering all his flaws the members felt the organisation will not move forward and therefore the house unanimously resolve to appoint Kholi as president,” Kitovi further said.
Kitovi expressed hope that with the installation of new GPRN/NSCN president Kholi the dream of Nagas to live in unity can be achieved. And he also further appealed to all to continue to pray for peace and reconciliation. Later, speaking to newsmen, after the ceremony, the GPRN/NSCN “ato kilonser” said desire of the GPRN/NSCN was peace and reconciliation amongst all Naga political groups, saying that now wherever the meeting is called the organisation would be show its presence.
Stating that the next HLM convened by FNR was likely to be held June 20, Kitovi said: “we will show our sincerity by physical presence.”
On asking what was the status of S.S. Khaplang at the moment, who had also issued counter expulsion orders recently, Kitovi said the former was now a “mere public”, and that whatever action he carry out was void.
Further, upon asking to comment on the nomenclature NSCN (K), which is still being used by the S.S.Khaplang, Kitovi said Khaplang must be forming another group otherwise there was no K or M group as such.

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