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Tikhak responds to GPRN/NSCN statement
Published on 25 Jun. 2011 1:01 AM IST
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Responding to the MIP, GPRN/NSCN, spokesman for the NSCN (Khaplang) P. Tikhak reasserted that chairman S.S. Khaplang was a fatherly figure not only to Nagas but to almost all revolutionary organizations in the “so-called north east India” with as much hold as before.
On Kitovi Zhimomi allegedly criticizing Khaplang, Tikhak, pointed out that Kitovi (general secretary GPRN/NSCN) grew up as Sectional Officer (SO) to Khaplang before appointment as defence secretary then inducted into the council of kilonsers as deputy kilonser. He said Khaplang ‘handpicked’ Kitovi for the “most coveted post of ‘ato-Kilonser’ over other kilonsers who were more senior than him, after the untimely death of then ‘ato Kilonser’ Dally Mungro. Saying this was done as a “good will gesture to our Sema brethrens, Tikhak said that “trying to insult a man who had groomed him from his tender age, is equally insulting to parents.”
Dismissing the statement by the MIP, described as “the breakaway group” Tikhak said it was unfortunate that they were engaged in a spat in the print media to prove one was superior to the other but in the process not only reducing the “actual Naga political movement” but also “making a mockery of it.”
Further he said it was unfortunate that “some of our friends” were taking the Naga movement “as their own property” and at the same time, “taking the Naga people for a ride.” Tikhak said it may be easier to “fool a man like Khole who is in his 90s but at least, not every Naga.” Referring to erstwhile comrades, Tikhak said “today you are shooting from Khole’s shoulder” but warned it won’t be long before their identities were exposed.
He said neither had the GPRN nor chairman S.S. Khaplang consented to making Khehoi as Council Headquarter as it was as much a designated camp as other camps of the outfit. Therefore, Tikhak said conducting the national hoho in Khehoi was in itself “unconstitutional” and that a few groups of people “from one or two community don’t make a national hoho”. He termed the convening of the hoho in Khehoi as “a face saving activity of Kitovi, who was questioned for his inefficiency in dealing with the national issues.”
On Naga reconciliation, he said “it must be a gift of God” after more than two decades of bloodshed among Nagas. Tikhak said Khaplang appointed Wangtin Naga to hold preliminary discussions with other groups and later sign the Covenant of Reconciliation (CoR) showing Khaplang’s “willingness to stop killings among Nagas.”
He affirmed that no human being would be happy with violence but when challenged, one was bound to defend oneself “and it is exactly what happened with us.”
On killings after signing of the CoR. Tikhak asked Kitovi and Khole, to give justification for the killing of ‘capt’ Ngampang in Tirap, whose body was “thrown in the river”; Zaremo Lotha who was “picked up” while asleep with his wife and children and physically tortured to death, despite fervent pleas by his wife to spare his life.
Further he asked the duo, if the shooting incident at Namsa “on NSCN cadre Omwang Konyak” where a stray bullet hit a school girl, was justified, on the eve of reconciliation meeting? He asked if the brutal torture of Ahoshe, “an NSCN Khapur” at Chumukedima after the September 18, 2010 meeting (leaders at the highest level) and setting ablaze of 100 huts in eastern Nagaland, were acts of reconciliation? He asked whether decamping of nine (9) arms by the NSCN (I-M) from Regori camp was appreciable while talking of reconciliation?
Tikhak dared Khole and Kitovi to “give justice to all those lost souls” then he would be prepared to agree to whatever they say.
Tikhak hit out saying that Nagas may not be that naïve to fail to understand, “who is for real reconciliation and who are for life-saving reconciliation”. He said was it not Kitovi who asked Khaplang to drop 30,000 bullets to Khehoi on Septmber 12, 2010 at 6.30 p.m.?
While asserting that “a hundred lies cannot cover a single truth”, Tikhak accused the MIP (GPRN/NSCN) of labeling him as “a Khasi” on one hand and a general secretary of the Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC). He asked how can a Khasi become an Achik(Garo) “when he or she is neither of it”. Dismissing it as “completely baseless and without an iota of truth”, Tikhak said detractors neither have a political agenda or vision and instead lost their mental stability and confused themselves.

‘Declaration of loyalty’
In another development, ‘Maj.Gen’ Niki Sumi, People’s Army of Nagaland issued a clarification “so as to dispel any misconceptions” in the light of “unprecedented leadership crisis and subsequent commotion” created recently. In the statement, ‘maj. gen’ Niki, declared “unequivocal loyalty” and reiterated faith in the leadership of S.S.Khaplang chairman and president NSCN/GPRN.
‘Maj.Gen’Niki said the declaration was “with a very clear conscience” and also taking into account, the historical bond Nagas share that needed to be preserved “irrespective of artificially imposed boundaries”. He claimed that the “prevailing formation of various military units spread across Naga territory”remained intact and would continue as such “till further order”. “Maj.Gen’Niki claimed that the following formations remained intact
Urban command, Kohima (cdr ‘maj’Kivizu Achumi); designated camp, Suruhuto (cdr ‘maj’Akaho Zhimo); designated camp, Athibung; Chakhesang region (cdr, ‘lt.col’ Visesayi); Ao region (cdr ‘lt col’ Chuba Ao); Sumi region; Tisary region and mobile-5 (cdr ‘lt col’ Kurichu); Somra tract; designated camp Sangphur (‘maj’Chumato & ‘maj’Shikaho); 2nd brigade (cdr ‘col’Yanphu) and 3rd brigade (cdr ‘maj. gen’Niki Sumi)

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