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  • Allow me to admit that I am neither a scientist nor an expert to tackle with this topic. But I would like to opine from what common sense dictates to me. Years of reflection have made me to realise that there is something practica...

  • When we talk about environment, it is its magnificence and its resources which is something we have to respect and protect. However, our environment is gradually degrading because of our deleterious activities. We are solely con...

  • 15,000 KM OF HONEST HARD WORK WAS WELL PAID OFF WITH ENORMOUS TRAVELING EXPERIENCES AND LIFELONG LEARNING Riding through sceneries that resemble the screensavers of our home desk computers, or pocket phones and at a tortoise pace...

  • The author in no way tries to objectify the claim of the villagers about their genesis. But this is just to highlight that history particularly the oral tradition is not useless after all. The most advanced societies also had oral...

  • For many of us, our fathers will always be our heroes. They are the first men in our lives, and whether he was your first role model, the one who drove you to school, taught you sports, was proud of your little triumphs, was your ...

  • People have a way of drawing conclusions, presuming assumptions and penning a line which divides knowledge and the things one need to believe. A lot of people think Differently Abled People (DAP) are a social problem and ostraciz...

Hotel Management and Fashion; the new horizons
Aneila Seyie Keretsü & Nzano Humtsoe.
Where Tradition & Archaeology meets : Revisiting the ancient metal workers of Wui
(In loving memory of Late Arhomo Lotha) By Tiatoshi Jamir Department of History & Archaeology Nagaland University