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  • DABA YOUTH MINISTRY ACTIVITIES DRAW YOUNGSTERS FOR TALENT GROOMING Tsukjemtemjen was already familiar with acting as he had already performed for a short film produced a few years back. Little did he realise that he would be intr...

  • Divine beauty of nature has its own charm. Children have been fascinated by the splendour of nature’s gift, the scenic beauty of the hills and forests. When they get a change to encounter nature with certain skills, they even more...

  • The cavalier fashion in which boundary of the Naga Hills with the neighboring districts of Assam was drawn by the British administration for their convenience has become the perennial source of conflicts between Assam and Nagaland...

  • Of the many indigenous sports, Nagas have been particularly fond of traditional style of wrestling. The Naga form of traditional wrestling has been very popular in the past. In the present times, traditional wrestling’s popularity...

  • Mrs. Puashu says, “Light toh, Hydroger itu nataka time de poila moi kan pine tree khuri laga lamp itu jolai thakeshe. Itu jolai thakia time de toh moi kan beishe dok thakeshe especially moi kan ama kan.” (Before we had the Hydroge...

  • Every little girl would like to believe that her ‘first love’ is obviously her daddy just as every boy would believe without a doubt that his ‘first hero’ is his daddy. It’s a natural assumption that is at once so innocent and yet...

House of Light provides care, hope
(Nzano Humtsoe and Vito Awomi)
The Times They Are a-Changin’
D. Sadokpam & Akhu Ch.