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  • ‘Memoir of the early days’ I am indeed grateful to Mr. Geoffrey Yaden for the privilege given to me to be part of this celebration, commemorating 25 years of Nagaland Post, the first English local daily in Nagaland. Availing an o...

  • Keeping children active and interested in sports is essential for any responsible adult. It helps the children to get the requisite exercise for their young bodies and mind. Sports also help in the emotional development of childre...

  • Their guitar might be their best friend. And, rock and blues might run their blood stream. But, their oomph is their signature style. So, what makes northeast India’s in- your-face approach to fashion and off-beat style stand out?...

  • It’s strange, in retrospect, that I responded so enthusiastically when my friend Chumei Konyak asked me if I wanted her brother to take me hunting. I’m American, born and raised, but I grew up in a nice liberal part of suburban Ba...

  • Compliled and Layout design: Fingerprint We are greatly inspired by the quote of Dave Eggers “Again the greatest use of a human was to be useful. Not to consume, not to watch, but to do something for someone else that improved ...

  • Very few people would give up a convenient job and settle for the unknown. Fewer people would choose a place like Nagaland, more known to the outside world for its nature of conflict, than its rich natural resources, colourful tra...

The call, journey and mission Family Synod 2015
Rev. Fr. Francis Yimso Chessore, Nagaland
Cares of Chessore
Rev. Fr. Francis Yimso (