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The kingdom of wilderness of the spectacle called North East India is still in the books of least explored places in India. The narrow corridor squeezed in between the Indian Himalayan ranges in the north, Myanmar in the east and ... [read full]
Dimapur market in Nagaland Dimapur is the largest town in the North-eastern Indian province of Nagaland. The city, which has a population of around 400,000 or so, is accessible by train or airplane (but the airport isn’t always s... [read full]
Jenna Fletcher. :Jan-16-2017
Menopause is a natural biological occurrence signaling the end of a woman''s ability to reproduce. This happens with the end of her last menstrual period. Medically, menopause is said to happen 12 months after a woman menstruates f...
How long do menopause symptoms last for?
Parkinson-like symptoms in welders worsen with more manganese exposure
Alemjungla Jamir :Jan-16-2017
INGREDIENTS 1kg fish whole/fillet 1 red bell pepper 6 cloves garlic 100ml coconut milk 2tsp lime juice 2tsp fish sauce 1tsp grated fresh ginger 4-5 pieces fresh red chilli 3 kafir lime leaves 1 bunch coriander Salt to ...
Butternut squash soup
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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

03 Nov 2012

With the obvious exception of its vampires, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter gets the broad strokes of the 16th U.S. Pres...

RED - Taylor Swift

03 Nov 2012

Like Kanye West, Taylor Swift is a turbine of artistic ambition and superstar drama. So it's no surprise she manages to make her fourth album both her Joni Mitchell-influenced maturity binge and her Max Martin-abetted pop move – a...

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