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A journey of a young Naga entrepreneur When a driving force particularly comprising of young talented Naga youth in the state gets inspiration for a “cause,” a cause for self-sustenance in a time when their minds are experiencing... [read full]
While on our visit to Slovakia I had dinner with a friend who is an Oncologist. She has many years of experience. I met her before in November 2010 after I believed I was healed of bowel cancer. It was early days then after my tre... [read full]
(Courtesy Internet) :May-22-2016
Dandruff is not caused by a fungus, as many believe, but by an imbalance between two competing bacteria that naturally colonise the human scalp, according to a study released Thursday. Think of Propionibacterium and Staphyl...
Happiness genes located for the first time
Irregular heartbeat is riskier for women
Alemjungla Jamir :May-22-2016
INGREDIENTS 250gm potato 1 onion 50gm bacon 4eggs Salt to taste Pinch chilli powder Oil to fry Method: 1. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices (roundel). Chop the onion into dice. 2. Heat oil in a pan; add on...
Pork chops dijon
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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

03 Nov 2012

With the obvious exception of its vampires, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter gets the broad strokes of the 16th U.S. Pres...

RED - Taylor Swift

03 Nov 2012

Like Kanye West, Taylor Swift is a turbine of artistic ambition and superstar drama. So it's no surprise she manages to make her fourth album both her Joni Mitchell-influenced maturity binge and her Max Martin-abetted pop move – a...

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