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  • Housework just doesn’t scrub up as a physical activity that brings any mental health benefits, say researchers from Deakin University’s Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN). Two unique studies by C-PAN rese...

  • It’s no secret sitting behind a desk all day can be bad for your health. In fact, prolonged periods of sitting have been associated with higher cholesterol levels and greater waist circumference which can lead to cardiovascular a...

  • A quick guide to some of the most common produce cleaning mistakes. It’s seems like a no-brainer; if you’re going to eat the skin of a fruit or vegetable, rinse it under cold running water first. But most people are unaware that ...

  • This could be a very short article. I could just write “no, power lines don’t cause cancer”—but that wouldn’t explain why so many people believe otherwise. And it won’t help people who are thinking about buying a home that has pow...

  • Kim Min-koo has an easy reply to new American research that hits South Korea where it hurts - in the noodles. Drunk and hungry just after dawn, he rips the lid off a bowl of his beloved fast food, wobbling on his feet but still de...

  • How well can your 4-year-old draw? Their ability to draw a picture of a child may be linked to their intelligence at age 14, a new study suggests. The study, which involved more than 7,700 pairs of identical and nonidentical twin...

Cysts and Fibroids
Rachel Wasserstrom.