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  • Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for maintaining a healthy body and healthy skin. Yet, the body cannot synthesize vitamin C from glucose, because it lacks the enzyme required for this reaction. As a result, humans rely on dietary...

  • I’m not sure what’s most galling about the mid-life “change” – the mood swings, thickening midriff, saggy chest, aching joints, night sweats, memory loss, exhaustion, loss of libido, or general irascibility? Girl Guide’s honour, ...

  • You can’t go past a cash register in a convenience store, pharmacy or grocery store these days without running into a display rack of chewing gum. It’s a perennial American favorite. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the averag...

  • No, it’s not your imagination. Your hair is thinning. According to board-certified hair-restoration physician Alan Bauman, M.D., 20 percent of men start to lose their hair in their twenties. While genetics play a big role, you sti...

  • It may come as no surprise to parents, but cuddling your baby provides them with social benefits for years afterwards, according to scientists. They found a clear link between love and attention in the early years and healthy emo...

  • Details magazine called workaholism “American’s new lethal addiction.” That hyperbole is not actually too far off: We already knew that working more wreaks havoc on your health and doesn’t even mean you’re being more productive. N...