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  • Eating a good breakfast and letting go of your snacking habits may provide the key to leading a healthier life and preventing weight gain, a new study shows. Unhealthy weight gain is a problem that many Americans have to tackle a...

  • Do you remember the age you were when you first got drunk? According to a new study, your life might depend on it. Researchers found that individuals who first became intoxicated prior to the age of 15 may be at greater risk of e...

  • Despite the many advantages of exercise and proper nutrition during pregnancy, many women are hesitant to engage in any sort of physical activity and to follow a balanced diet while they are pregnant probably because of the many m...

  • Amlapitta is a very common disease in present era. It is very troublesome disease and can give rise to many serious problems if not treated in time. Signs and symptoms of Amlapitta are very similar to gastritis or hyperacidity. Ac...

  • Plants have a long history of medicinal usage. since prehistoric times, men have used plants for treatment of various ailments. But with the advancement of the modern technology in the field of medicinal science, the use of...

  • Higher childhood intelligence is linked to a lower chance of dying before the age of 80. So concludes a study of nearly all children born in 1936 in Scotland, United Kingdom, which compared results of IQ tests taken at age 11 with...

Madhumeha/ prameha (diabetes mellitus): Care & diet by ayurveda
Dr. Imlikumba, Health Naturally Clinic, Mercy Building: Kevijau colony, Dimapur: Nagaland.
Healthcare workers and working pleasure
Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi, Survey, Beltola, Guwahati, Assam., Cell: +91 970 65 69388, Email: [email protected]