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  • It’s recommended that we consume two litres of fluid daily. This does not have to all be water. Fruits, soups, vegetables, regular tea and herbal teas all contain water and can be counted as part of your daily fluid intake. Herbal...

  • Our furry, feathered and scaled friends are turning up more and more in therapists’ rooms, aged care facilities and hospitals thanks to their healing powers. The treatment is called animal-assisted therapy, and it involves pets b...

  • The appearance and location of pimples often point to their cause. Identifying the cause of the problem will mean you can treat it appropriately. Regardless of the cause, the general skincare rules still apply – regular cleansing ...

  • Parents are advised not to reach for the medical kit every time their child is sick. Treating children’s illnesses with over-the-counter pills and potions is common. But parents are being urged to remember that just because medic...

  • You let your work speak for itself and pay attention to your appearance, but are you missing something? Is your desk conveying personality traits, both good and bad, that you didn’t think about? “While we can’t tell someone’s exa...

  • Here, professor gatenbyexplains what you need to know about cleanliness… Embrace soap and water You should always wash and dry your hands after going to the toilet, blowing your nose and before handling food – espe...