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  • Pain in your lower back. Cramps shooting down your leg. That “pins and needles” feeling. When you have these symptoms, you may assume you have a problem with your spine. “The problem with assuming is that we often see peopl...

  • With the availability of detox foods that supposedly rid our bodies from chemicals, many of us fuss about eating chemical free food. But, according to a new study, there is no food that is ‘chemical’ free. The researchers ex...

  • If your stomach fat could have some one-on-one #realtalk with you, here’s what registered dietitian Lindsay Martin, MS, of Hilton Head Health, says it would want you to know: 1. “Spot-reducing isn’t a thing. Sorry.” We all...

  • When it comes to your health, “fat” is not necessarily a dirty word. You need some fat in your diet, and it actually performs some pretty impressive tasks like boosting energy, supporting cell growth, protecting your organs, keepi...

  • There’s no denying what we eat can have a profound impact our health. But there’s plenty of myths and misunderstandings about what’s safe or healthy and what’s not. Here’s where the evidence lies on eight popular beliefs. 1. Eati...

  • Diaper rash is a common problem for most new parents. These rashes appear like red, scaly and sore patches on the baby’s tender skin. The area could be inflamed. Sometimes the skin appears slightly warm when you touch it. Generall...

UPSC civil services examination prelims 2015: Approach and strategy
Courtesy: Nationale Institute for Civil Services Examination (NICSE)
Do people shrink with age?
Professor Barbara Workman.