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  • Geoff was in fifth grade when he started smoking cigarettes. One day he got caught smoking right outside his dad’s church! Geoff made his parents believe it was a one-time thing but it wasn’t. By the end of middle school, Geoff wa...

  • “There were times when I did feel as a little girl that I had a lot of burdens to carry. I remember feeling that I wanted to be somebody else. And I remember feeling not okay about who I was.” Lauren was three years old when her ...

  • “I made a living from anger: paid bodyguard, paid fighter, paid strong-arm,” says Mitch. There were few who would cross Mitch, who now stands at six feet, seven-inches, a much different picture than his grade school days when he w...

  • On June 9th, 2016 seventy-three year old Gordon was enjoying a motorcycle ride along US Highway 2 near Libby, Montana. “I met this oncoming car, a red car, and there was no other traffic on the road,” Gordon recalls. “I was ...

  • In 2016, Carole developed bronchitis with a persistent, severe cough.“I coughed and I coughed – it just hurt to cough. At one point, I coughed so hard that I knew something happened in my back and it hurt to move,” Carole told us....

  • A reporter says, “The boy seated in back was severely injured but may be able to communicate enough to help explain what happened.” July 1st 1999. Newport news, Virginia. A drunk driver crosses over the median and slams into a car...