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  • IN THIS REMOTE PART OF INDIA, PRIMATES, ELEPHANTS, SQUIRRELS AND GECKOS SURVIVE TRAIN TRACKS, LOST MATES AND DEFORESTATION An inexplicable ‘kook, kook’ rips through the silence of the night. I am at forest guard Ananto Bohrah’s h...

  • Demetrius Guyton was too young to remember the attack that scarred him for life. Demetrius shares, “I’ve had a lot of skin grafts, a lot of surgeries as well. I don’t have any nasal passages, so I’ve never been able to smell a da...

  • Lisa Olson does what most all women do before leaving the house. Lisa says, “I’m a typical woman, I like to apply make up and style my hair.” But for Lisa it’s not so easy. Lisa says, “I was born without arms and legs.” Lisa dep...

  • Julie Christie Julie Christie is famous for her role as Diana Scott in the film Darling, as Lara in Doctor Zhivago, and as Fiona Anderson in Away From Her. But little do we know that the Academy Award winning actress was born on ...

  • In 1997 a snowmobile accident near his home in Alaska left Art Mathais with severe pain in his right shoulder and arm. Over the next several months the pain increased dramatically. A neurosurgeon sent him for an MRI. Art remember...

  • Kenny and Lana Hylden can’t number the times they’ve travelled this road near their farm in North Dakota. But the morning of April 6, 2007, Good Friday, is one that is etched in their memory. Kenny looked across the ...

Impossible Situations
Pamela Rosario.
Get Real!
Sandy Sheppard.
Nagaland youth taking to sepak takraw
Ruokuo Kire, President, Nagaland Sepak takraw Association (NASTA).