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  • Merci Santos was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 20 years ago. At that time Merci suffered from paralysis and vision loss on her left side. As time passed she regained the use of her body, but the unpredictable symptom...

  • No one wants to get the kind of phone call Shirley Williams got from her doctor. “She said, ‘Shirley, you are eaten up with cancer. You have cancer not only in your breast, but it’s metastasized into your bones, into your or...

  • Scott Forsyth spent most of his childhood battling illness. Scott Forsyth can remember being sick like it was yesterday. He was chronically ill through most of his childhood. Because of the pain and suffering Scott endured, he was...

  • Jamie Scott remembers how her mother introduced her to Andrew’s teachings. Her mother had said, “He explains things so simply. The Bible really comes to life.” That was enough information to pique Jamie’s interest, and she went on...

  • Late Rev. I. Ayutemjen Ao, a disciplined soldier of the living God wrote that, biographers and auto-biographers often omit darker side of life and bring out the better points of a person’s life. But God in His book whether small o...

  • Imagine having to take in a gorgeous sunset one cloud at a time, seeing the world through a straw. Welcome to a life with Rod-cone Dystrophy, a rare and incurable disease that usually leads to blindness. This is the story of Bianc...

‘Land where life is good’
T. A. Walling, Director, Shiksha Rath, New Delhi