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News related with Muammar Gaddafi

Tony Blair paid ‘secret’ visits to Gaddafi
Sep 19 2011 12:46AM

Fresh shelling by Gaddafi forces
Sep 19 2011 12:41AM

Confusion in Libya over Gadhafi’s whereabouts
Sep 8 2011 10:58PM

Gaddafi sons ‘at odds over ending conflict’
Sep 2 2011 12:21AM

Libya: Col Gaddafi ‘offers talks on power transfer’
Aug 29 2011 12:28AM

Rebels overrun Gaddafi compound
Aug 24 2011 2:12AM

Gaddafi son, reported killed, appears on TV
Aug 10 2011 11:19PM

Gaddafi defiant in face of rebel assault on Brega
Jul 18 2011 12:16AM

Qadhafi regime declared no longer legitimate
Jul 15 2011 11:32PM

Gaddafi forces shell rebels south of Tripoli
Jul 11 2011 12:02AM