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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/29/2018 10:28:55 AM IST

 My dear naga brothers and sisters,

Every Naga Village is a sovereign independent, village. Our land is rich in vegetation, wild life, minerals, rivers, mountains, valleys, forest, suitable climate and etc. It is a free gift from the one who is in above. He has entrusted us to steward all these gifts of nature and its habitats as well. We need to acknowledge and thankful to Him for giving us such a rich and beautiful land. For these reasons the people are healthy and strong. Our forefathers were really strong that they could walked down to Kuda/Dimapur and return the same day to Kohima through short cuts on foot. So also did other nagas. Perhaps He who is on above did not destine us to live under any other alien culture.

Even during the time of head hunting each and every Naga village was at its best to fight against the enemy in defence of their people, village and territories. In those day if a weaker village was about to fall it seeks the help of a strong village of farflung region/area. Then the strong village would come up in support of that weak village by openly challenging the attacking village/villages and thus defends the weak to continue living in their village in peace. Such love to one another among our forefathers then was of so great value. They never thought of giving away their land and rights to any other unknown invading people. So in times of need they even killed their own man or woman when he/she betray his/her people. The love of people for their village and its territories was so dear to all Nagas then. Even in times of war, warriors spend days and nights in the fields and jungles yearning for a higher realm of life than this earthly life. Thus they composed songs about love pathetic condition of human life on earth.  A poem of their’s goes, “If there is a place where no one dies, then I would take my lover and go to live there eternally”. Even in the midst of war and worry they deeply longed for comfortable, stable, secure and eternity. It’s so pathetic to think about their life as the gospel of eternal life couldn’t reach our land in those days. 

In the nineteenth century our forefathers’ strong resistance against colonial invasion was an eye opener to the Nagas. They fought against the British’s well armed forces several times. The then Nagas didn’t want to live under any foreign domination. Consequently they gave their best in fighting the British Govt. then. Some portion of present Assam was our forefathers traditional hunting lands/jungle. Nagas killed several British soldiers in wars and some in these jungles. At last an unwritten peace treaty was made between the British and the Nagas. But since then the Govt. set foot in the land of the Nagas at Kohima as the Head Quarter. Thus an alien system of governing the people was established in our land inspite of our forefathers strongest opposition against it. The British Govt. witnessed researched every minute life and activities about our social life, religious practices, clothing, fooding, festivals rites, sport, war, music, education, morung life, feasts of merits, hunting, early life, youthful life, elderly man’s life, respect of elders etc and etc. By seeing all these areas of our cultural and traditional practices they said that “Nagas are living the purest form of Democracy which no one can deny”.   

On the eve of British Govt’s departure from India Naga leaders under the banner of Naga Club told them that they (British) must leave the Nagas alone for the Nagas themselves will decide their own future. To this effect Nagas submitted a memorandum to British Simon Commission. But on leaving India the British Govt. was silent about Nagas and thus Nagas were left helpless. Consequently the helpless Nagas re-organized themselves and formed their political organization on collective will and consensus. Thus under the banner of Naga National Council they declared Naga Independence on 14.08.1947 a day before India declared her Independence. Again “Nagas plebiscite was conducted and their “memorandum to Simon Commission” and “Declaration of Independence” were firmly re-affirmed. 

Inspite of their genuine history and political rights Govt. of India occupied Nagas land by force and killed several thousands of Nagas. Our dearest fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters were gruesomely gunned down and tortured in many cases. Someone were swallowed by water on returning from China while comrades celebrated Christmas with  fern leaves only, didn’t get even a drop of water and left at the mercy  of the one on high above firing bullets like rainfall, bullets just falls down before reaching our boys and they were miraculously saved  of which few are still alive today. This may be an evidence that the Almighty God protected the right in extreme situation . At other encounters some Naga soldiers who were hit by enemy bullets wounded, hands bidding , good-bye to friends and at last rested in peace in foreign land. Mothers carrying babies and were gunned down by Indian Arm Forces entrusted their sisters and in laws to look after their babies and gone forever. 

Atrocities and killings of this nature are many. The bones of many of our brothers who fell to the enemy bullets are still lying in river beds and jungles of foreign land till today. They gave their whole /everything for our “Tomorrow”  These happened when Nagas were one in the spirit of Naga Nationalism.

With the signing of the so called infamous “Shillong Accord”, things have changed drastically within the Naga family followed by brothers killing brothers and this might be a stumbling block to the unity of our Naga  family in some extent. However, some have worked hard for the political cause of the Nagas and brought the “ Indo Naga Political Talk”, for which we are eagerly waiting that something good, acceptable, workable and honourable to the Nagas will  come. But in case if the outcome of the talk is short of Nagas sovereign independent the solution may not be conclusive.

As for the Western Angami Sub-Regional Council (NNC) the body was formed since the inception of Naga National Freedom Movement and is functional without any gap till today. In their last general meeting held in 2017 a new team of  office bearers has been installed . For WASRC(NNC) the question of new NNC, original NNC, parent NNC etc etc doesn’t arise, since  it upholds the principles and ideologies of the NNC  formed during nineteen forties and fifties and especially  “ The Nagas plebiscite of 1952”.

Let us ponder on our future. Today we are all Christian and wants to be alright in everything which I feel is quite okay, please allow me to raise the following questions:

1. Is our National Movement not in accordance with the will of the Almighty God?

2. Is the movement not genuine?

3. Do the claim of our rights not factfull?

4. Is our fight for self determination wrong and baseless?

5. Is there any better and brighter future for us than this?

Personally, I believe that the claims and rights we are fighting for are all correct and not against the will of God, for He may not like His children to live under the domination of unbelievers. But we the Nagas are failing on our part as a true Christian.

Conclusions of individuals may differ from person to person. Yet if our stand/fight is wrong to you please excuse me. But if you agree with me, is it okay to leave it die our? Besides can we exchange our rights with money and betray our people of several thousands who gave their life for the cause of our tomorrow? Now is the time for Nagas to live up to their faith then we will be able to love one another and even Indians. Then their leaders will start loving us. Then only Nagas will start living in a better and brighter society.

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