A brief history of Christian High School, Golaghat (Centenary celebration: 1919-2019)

A brief history of Christian High School, Golaghat  (Centenary celebration: 1919-2019)
By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/29/2019 6:41:14 AM IST

It is learnt that in 1918 the American Women Foreign Mission Society had decided that a girls school should be established in the upper Assam Valley. A committee was appointed to find out a suitable location for the school. It was first suggested that Amguri might be a favourable place which might meet the demand. However, Golaghat which was a growing town had a growing new Christian Community was chosen as the location for the school. Thus under the leadership of Dr. and Mrs. O.L Swanson Misson Girls School was established in July 1919,(Now Christian High School) in the N.E region. The school started with six boarders and forty day scholars in four different classes with two teachers under the care and guidance of Miss Elizabeth Vickland.

In 1921 Miss Anna Long took the charge of the school and Miss Nichols became the Superintendent of the school and the boarding school. In 1921 the Middle school was recognized by the government. In 1930 a benevolent couple Mr. & Mrs. Ridgeway offered pecuniary assistance for the construction of the concrete building. Their name is engraved in a marble slab in the pillar of the building.

The regular High School section started from 1932. The candidates from this school appeared Matric Examination in 1936 from Jorhat centre. It was Miss Maza Evans during whose tenure the school was recognized by Calcutta (Kolkata) University. She appealed to the authority of the said University regarding the necessary of establishing this school saying we aim to make our school serve the whole mission and to educate girls to become sincere, unselfish and devoted leaders of Assam. In 1941 the school was recognized by Guwahati University. In 1935 Late Gyananda Sir joined the school as a mathematics teacher, a well known adept mathematician. Then late Kumud Dutta Sir joined the school in 1935 served till 1950 meticulously.

Late Miss Marion Tait became the first Principal of the school who served from 1924 to 1947. Then Miss Maza Evans became the Principal and served the school till spring 1961. The 40th Jubilee of the school was celebrated in 1959 and Golden Jubilee in 1969 with great success.

After Miss Evans, Late Miriam Robinson took the charge or the Principal and served the school till 1971. She was the last foreign Principal of this school. Miss Margot Hakes served the school as an instructor in Elementary Education in English and superintendent of the boarding school till 1975. Once it was the show case of culture and tradition of North-East region as mini North-East.

Late Miss Lydia Singha became the first national Principal of the school in 1971 after her return from Philippines. During her tenure the C.B.C.N.E.I  took over the school and changed the name from Mission Girls High School to Christian High School. After her superannuation in 1984 late Mr.G.shadap was appointed as Principal and Mrs. Luise Rongpi as Vice Principal. It was during the service of Miss L Singha primary section was started with 51 students. After Late Mrs. Luise Rongpi, Rev T.C Handique, retired joint Director of Education, Nagaland was requested to take charge of the Principal in 1990 and Miss T.Dutta was offered the post of Vice Principal. Rev. T.C Handique served till 1992. After that Miss T.Dutta took the charge of Principal and served till 2015 and Miss S.Bag served as Vice Principal till 2014. Mrs. Trinity William Principal & Mr. S. Horo Vice Principal took charge in the same year. Now the school is co-educational from Nursery to Class X sponsored, Assam Baptist Convention. This is the History of the school in a nut shell.

I regret my inability to mention the names of all our beloved teachers, office and hostel staff associated to the Christian High School family. It is said “where there is will there’s a way” and “Man is the the humble beginning of this temple of learning by those God guided people, who travelled from West to East to spread the light of knowledge to our people which gradually grew into a full fledged high school confronting lots of hardships both physical and financial yet their missionary zeal led them through thick and thin. They rejoiced at their work. We remain in debted to all who served in this institution with fear of The Lord and sincere dedication. We thank the Lord for their precious lives. Many of them have left for heavenly abode....the departed leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.” We pay our homage to the great souls.

I am happy and proud to say from this platform about luminaries produced by this institution in the field of literature. Dr. Bibha Bora, retired Principal, J.D.S.G College Bokakhat wrote in her book Homoy Hugandhi,” golden memories of her school days. She is a recipient of many awards like Biranggana Habitryi Bai Phule by Indian Dalit Sahitya Academy in2007. She has published ten books till date. 

Dr. Temsula Ao, retired professor dept of English NEHU, Shillong is a renowned writer who is also a recipient of Padmashree Award.” Her autobiography ‘Once Upon A Life’ and short stories like “These Hills Called Homes, “Labumum For My Head. 

Mrs. Arupa Patangia Kalita professor dept of English Tongla College, Udalguri was awarded Assam Sahitya Academy Award in 2014. Most of her books have been translated into English and are being preserved in various libraries of the world. 

Dr. Jayshree Hanse Bora also published a book named “Ahirbador Honali Dinboor where she expressed her golden days spent at her alma mater.  Late Dr. Swarnalata Baruah, professor of D.U had also great contribution towards literature. Mrs. Malabika Bora an eminent singer of the state is also a part of the school.

Innumerable students have now been well established and settled in life in social, political, educational, medical both nationally and internationally. We are really proud of all our teachers, friends and students who have brought laurel to this institution.

I would like to congratulate all for their remarkable journey of progress in different fields. We are confident that the institution will halt nowhere on its onward march towards attainment of excellence in the days to come as the poet Robert Frost says..

“And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep”

On the Occasion we are looking for garnerig  all sorts of possible co-operation, support and help from concerned sympathizers,luminaries and responsible folks of our community and hope that all our past and present friends and students and members of school fraternity would lend their helping hand and adorn their responsibilities towards upliftment of the institution, and also making the centenary celebration a grand success.

Principal of CHS, Golaghat

Trinity William

Mission Girls High School Days

They say “Bitter sweet memories” but as I recollect my High School Days, it only has the sweetest memories.
Forty five years ago in 1974, I was excited and at the same time apprehensive about the school and hostel as my dad and I reached the premises. 
After all the formalities of admission, I was escorted by seniors to the place where I will be staying for the rest of my school days – the 2nd House. My bed made and my box kept in the assigned place properly, we went back to the hostel office to bid my dad goodbye. 
Now, thinking back to those days as a new comer, I fondly remember, I had no problem blending into the hostel and school life as I am sure the seniors, roommates and juniors will agree with me in saying we had no hard time adjusting to the ways, rather it was so smooth that we never felt we were newcomers. I would say that the admirable culture of the hostel was that all the newcomers were sent request orally through somebody or in writing to be a friend or sister, which made us felt welcomed and accepted. The seniors made sure no one was left out.
Each member would be assigned and designated with routine duties, to which no one ever complaint rather enjoyed every task given. It was a place where we supervised each other with discipline, love and care. 
The hostel superintendent along with selected seniors charts out the timetable and in charges for different chores in such a way that everything falls into place and carried out smoothly. They select all the 1st & 2nd Mahi’s of all the 5 Houses and 2 Annex Houses and Mahi’s for Dispensary, Godown, Letters and so on. The 1st Mahi’s were in charge of the House and the 2nd Mahi’s were in charge of the Refectory. These two Mahi’s charts out their individual house girls into 7 groups and each individual group were assigned one day each (Monday to Sunday). We almost lived like the lives of “The Ants”.
The Mission Girls were very famous for their amazing and wonderful handiwork like knitting, sewing, embroidery work, cross stitch work, tailoring, dezinator work, hook work etc. but these skills were mostly learned from each other during the leisure time we got. The girls were never idle; each would be occupied with one or the other activity. After the day’s duties were done, before the evening study hour everyone sits in groups on the beautiful green slopes and utilize our time enjoying and learning new skills, some singing and learning new patterns. 
We had two worship sessions, one in the morning and the other in the evening after our study hour. We enjoyed the evening fellowship to the fullest as we would sing to our hearts content. The echoes of our song still as fresh as it was like yesterday, plays in my ears as I close my eyes and imagine our days. Not forgetting the unfailing loving reminder of our Principal Lydia Baidow, every time she attends the fellowship, was sure to tell us that we are the fortunate ones, the lucky ones to be here, all the former girls who have stayed here are doing very well in their lives and that we too will one day do well in life. Indeed how right she was, we have all turned out well and blessed, Praise be to God, our Lord.
Mission Girls High School Days
On Sundays, all in starched white cotton saris marches to the local church and the church comes alive as we take our seats row after row. As we sing the SSS hymns with such melody it often becomes difficult for us and the congregation to stop the tunes from being sung. 
Outings were rare but when we go out in uniforms, it is a sight to behold, like angels, so healthy and delightful and full of life. We also go for picnics sometimes to nearby places and sometimes to places like Kaziranga forest.
Another self made unforgettable culture was the bhaat chor & mango chor. I am sure every Mission girls hostellers are aware of the ritual, now say a prayer to forgive us Lord as it was an act of innocence and fun.
Oh! I cannot fail to mention the Mali and the Ghorighor, he was a Mnemonics. It was astounding how he not once made any mistakes in getting countless different items for different girls and he would put the different items in between the firewood and whoever has given money to buy things had to get up before dawn to get their things.
We celebrate foundation day cum fun fair, most eagerly awaited event of the year, we rejoiced every moment as we get to enjoy and meet other people, sing songs eat variety of food and play variety of games etc.
I remember how equally I would get excited to get back to the hostel after the vacation comes to an end. This makes me wonder if the high school kids feel the same way I felt or will they ever feel?
In all, the activities of the Mission Girls High School brought rich rewards in practical life and bound to take charge of our life. It was a school where we supervised one another and prepared us to face the future with any hurdles.
I should thank one great soul, the person who always inspired me and took me to this school, forty five years ago - My father “Apa, Phuhshoi” (Thank you in Konyak dialect)
I wish the institution the best and pray it continues to bring up good citizens and most importantly to gather best sweet unique memories like I did. May God bless us all!
Mrs Yomah Konyak, 
1974 to 1977 badge
The glorious 100 year journey of CHS, Golaghat, Assam
My beloved ex-students of Christian High School, Golaghat, previously known as Mission Girls” School, Golaghat, Assam. It gives me immense pleasure to write a letter to you all together. Many a time it gives us much pleasure to remember our school days and hostel life. So, this letter of mine is reminding you everything you experienced in your school days.
Let me tell you that very soon we are going to celebrate the first centenary of the school in the year 2019, on 25th and 26th of October. Very few people get such an opportunity to celebrate the centenary. You are the lucky one who is getting this golden opportunity to have this in your life. I personally wish to invite you for the same. You come with joy and in the company of your friends whom you might have not met since many years, enjoy the celebration with them. 
Remember God and His blessings who has bestowed in your lives,
Therefore give Him thanks. I know, many of you are in respectable position, so this is a good opportunity to express your thanks to your almamater. I do hope that you all remember your school, your teachers, your friends, your class room, your playground and everything. I believe the girls who lived in hostel had a very enjoyable life.
Dear ones, I still remember many of you but cannot mention your names for shortage of place in this paper. You are all in my memory. I hope you too remember me and wish to see me Pray for me, so that I may live to see the blessed day.
With prayers and good, wishes I end (finish) this letter.
With love and blessings (your teacher of yesteryears.)
Mrs. H. L. Baksh
On Behalf of C.H.S.G. 
“Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson you find the present tense, but the past perfect”
It’s all about the golden days spent together in Mission Girls’ High School (Now Christian High School, Golaghat, Assam). It’s a home of seven sisters you also must have many recollections of your alma mater, teachers and guide like M. Robinson, M. Hakes, Lydia Singha, Louise Rongpi, Aruna Ghose, Esther Kakoty, Eliza Rehman, Sweety Kennedy, Lily Singh, Gladys Lawrence, Rev. Dr. L. Nokshangshila, Merenla Ao, and many other. I regret my inability to mention the names of all our beloved teachers, office and hostel staff associated to the school.
This school has a glorious post and is on the threshold of completion of 100 years in 2019. So we are happy indeed to invite you all Alumni of  Mission Girls’ High School, Golaghat to the centenary celebration, on 25th & 26th October 2019.
Pray and Support so that it can be organized in a befitting manner with your active participation and generous help. I’ve preserved the song which was often sung in the hostel. (Tune-Higher ground) related to the school. I do appreciate the one who  composed the beautiful song. –
1) Mission School Foundation of peace 
  It shines over the darkness world 
  This is the place of God’s glory 
  O! how beautiful Mission School.    
 Chorus :-  How beautiful, how wonderful
How lovely place, how blessed place
How silent place, This golden gate
O! how beautiful Mission School.
2) Teachers are captain of battle 
  Their students are just like angels
  They’re sending light throughout the world
 O! how beautiful Mission School. 
3) The flowers are blooming around,
  Beautiful sight in all around
It is just like Eden garden
  O! how beautiful Mission School.
4) God bless Golaghat Mission School 
  To  bring God’s glory everywhere
  It is our prayer heaven above
  Let Mission High School be a light.
“What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us for ward is our dream”
We are confident that the school will halt nowhere on its onward march towards attainment of excellence in the days to come.
Long live Christian High School, Golaghat!
Mrs. Shipra McFarlane
Asstt. Teacher. C.H.S.G.
Today I, am fortunate to give thanks to the Lord that all of you are getting ready to celebrate a glorious 100 year of Christian High School, Golaghat, Assam (Mission Girls’ High School) I wish  I were there, unfortunately, because of my physical inability I can not be present. I am grateful for the education that I received for which I could establish myself firmly in the society this is a great love and blessing of God I pray that God would bless this holy institution to go forward many more years and flourish.
Here I would like to mention a brief history about my life. 
I joined this institution in  1930’s as a boarderer. During that time Miss Evans and Miss Tait were the Missionaries who were strict disciplinarian who gave me strong foundation of my life.
In hostel we were trained up right from cultivation, cooking, hygiene, stitching and nursing. They emphasized empowerment of women folk because of which I, am proud to be called a product of this blessed institution. More over I was fortunate to teach Assamese language to Miss Evans. During this time an unfortunate incident happened to my elder brother for which I didn’t return to school because of poor financial condition. During winter, Sivsagar Association general meeting was going on where I was ushering offering. There Mr. & Mrs. Swanson, recognized me and enquired of me about my discontinuation. When I explained everything regarding the pathetic condition of the family they again brought me back to school for which I am ever grateful to those holy souls.  
I served the school as a teacher (From 1944 – 1970 many years) and took active part in the women fellowship of the G. B. Church. Because of my efficiency C. B. C. N. E. I. I was sent to Bangalore and abroad for higher training on Women Empowerment and Evangelical Programme. I was the first Women Secretary in C.B.C.N.E.I). In this way so many blessing I received from God till today. 
Now I am (90 +) for which I can’t recollect each and everything . I am ever grateful to those Missionaries, the school, local Church and C.B.C.N.E.I.
With these words I conclude my sweet memories.
Norun K. Sangma (As told to the Principal) C.H.S.G.

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