A land that has never seen peace

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/24/2021 1:02:46 PM IST

 Today let me take you through the history of the land on which several battles have been fought and is still continuing in that direction. A land which is rich in natural resources but the people lack basic rights. They say that this land has never seen peace, which is unfortunate. I’m talking about our neighbour country Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is in world news because of withdrawal of US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) forces from Afghanistan and takeover by Taliban which essentially is a terrorist organisation. Taliban has made several attacks in different countries including India aircraft hijack in 1999, terror attack at World Trade Centre(9/11 attacks) in US.

In this blog I’m gonna write about how Taliban was formed, other organisations in Afghanistan, the US’s role and where does India fits in all this.

Let’s start from the beginning. Afghanistan has always been a matter of interest for various invaders and kings because of its richness and it is a gateway to Asia and Europe. It was conquered by Darius I of Babylonia and Alexander of Macedonia. Mahmud Ghazni who created an empire from Iran to India, also conquered Afghanistan. After that several Arab rulers invaded the territory and Islam took its root. Then came British forces. British made India its colony. In the southern part, USSR (Russia) was a big empire. Afghanistan was the gateway from Central Asia to India. British were afraid that Russia might attack to take over India. This led to 3 Anglo-Afghan wars to conquer Afghanistan but ultimately Afghanistan became independent. Then several Afghan kings ruled this land and several reforms were introduced.

Then several incidences happened- India got independence in 1947, the world got divided into two ideologies which were Communism supported by USSR and Capitalism supported by US (Cold War). These countries were trying hard to persuade other countries to support their ideology. 

So, in 1979 USSR attacked Afghanistan to support the communist party. US-supported Mujahideen(anti-communist) politically, economically to fight communists. Pakistan was helping US in all this.

In 1991, USSR disintegrated and now there was no competition for US. But Mujahideen was still there and it got divided into several groups and one of them was the Taliban. The US along with Pakistan backed the Taliban with arms and finance. Taliban was a radical outfit and was against both Russia and US. It wanted Afghanistan to be run as per Islamic law. Now Taliban started ruling Afghanistan with violence and people lost their rights. Taliban became powerful and wanted to oust US from its land and attacked WTC in 2001. US took revenge by killing Osama Bin Laden and sent its troop in Afghanistan to suppress the Taliban and set up a democratic government. For next 20 years US troops stayed in Afghanistan and more than $2 billion had been spent.

Then Donald Trump came to power in US and announced that US would withdraw its troops because it has caused huge loss to America. And in August 2021 US troops have been withdrawn completely and the Taliban has took over Afghanistan.

The world is apprehensive about the Taliban- will it be the same Taliban as it was 20 years back, what does it mean for the whole world, etc.? All countries are evacuating their nationals, diplomats including India. Now where does India lie in this. India has been a victim of violence caused by the Taliban and is still in the danger. If the Taliban again turns into a violent outfit, it would be disastrous to India. India has spent $3 billion in Afghanistan’s infrastructure projects. It all might go into ruin and India’s gateway to Central Asia and Europe might be blocked.

What should India do? There is actually no clear answer for this. There are few options for India like it can support the democratic government, India can directly talk to Taliban, India can support anti- Taliban forces like US, Britain, or India can just wait and watch. 

India has always supported a democratic government and supports Afghan-led government. Currently, India has not taken made any stand clearly. Let’s see what step would India opt for. Let’s see if this land will see peace or not in near future.

Shivani Tyagi, (As published by The Times of India)

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