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A new hope post the pandemic

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/1/2020 1:00:50 PM IST

 What the epidemic took for the worst turn in a world indifferent and apathetic to change to all things forward and liberating, the current emergence of the stock-still motion in the permutation of world craft advancement, is a stiff realization to the fact no humans are metaconscious enough to prevent the forever looming entropy from usurping its unnatural gauge on human’s sustainable model of civilization simulations, and poor fallible human choices that are foisted upon the global civilians. No the cause of the outbreak is yet to be ascertained whether it was an accidental laboratory experiment, or that an unsterilized consumption of bush animals was the imminent vector link to invade the human genome defence mainframe, after ages of the virus’s transmutation connatural proclivity — this theory rather appears to be shadowy and spectral by definition, but we cannot eliminate the possibility the virus could have hatched free from its maladaptive setting any time by now. Also considering the dismal orthodoxy in scientific revolution and the paraphrasing of published scripts by NASA, with its notoriety of secrecy and indiscretion to classify overrated material they distinguish humans are yet less evolved to be brought to light widely. 

It does not come out as surprising the origination of the COVID-19 pandemic has landed in a vast thread of conspiracy theories. And remarkably so, one cannot deny they implore some convincing and intriguing trail of deeper and cavernous connection relating with coercive government agendas and supra plots to restore their power and control over the economic and political sphere of influence. And by the end of the read, the COVID-19 conspiracies, like any conspiracy, stretch our imagination to more degree of covetous and misanthropic puppet government orchestrated by the elite class of rulers, sworn in secrecy to discourage the common people from emancipation and gaining progress. There haven’t been major leads in the ongoing investigations that have been conducted in the Wuhan lab to obtain clues both for identifying the source and the cause of the outbreak, and to gather data to help in the fast development of the cure vaccine. 

The global civilization hasn’t given up on the fight response against the haywire virus that has put the innate survival of humankind into a demanding testimony of looming poverty, communitarian impairment, widespread famine, disheartening load of despair and reverse negativity, and all the perfect quark formula for a bleak and wasteland post apocalyptic world. Indeed, with everything the pulverization of environment and resource saturation the world has been unconscientiously programmed to gait, or succumbs to waddle and trek by the order decree of the echelons in the higher hierarchy, this could not be the less perfect moment for a virus to erupt and disembowel the shanks of the global system that supports unsplintered structure and progress. 

COVID-19 has taught humanity a priceless and invaluable lesson, and has shown the grave dangers afflicting a growing technological race of planet earth sapiens whose forward journey is held ransom by annals of environmental neglect, deficient scientific reformation and revised contingency goals, and the grave lack of social and political will, which in turn provokes countless inhuman atrocities, impoverished and harrowing testaments.  Many people on the front lines today on the war against the Corona Virus has dedicated their very question of existence by working relentlessly around the clock, on direct chances of contact with the virus, with uneven numbers of PPE and administrative inhibitors stomped against the staggering rate of infected patients. Many ecumenical protagonists have even taken this time of crisis to endorse their denominational status and put their faith on test on the other hand. There however have been bad news reports of field actors from Neo Protestants and staunch Presbyterian backgrounds who claim to have possession of the antidote against the viral ailment through peculiar methods of surreal diagnosis, to the extent of bottle-feeding the devouts with hand sanitizer, which has no scientific base and has acclaimed satirical criticism. 

Meanwhile on the next slide of the chronicle tied to the pandemic turn of events, the world agencies and individual philanthropists have taken a solidarity stand to counter attack this slow and imminent march of mass death and globe wide stultification. Big corporations and independent industrialists alike have contributed generously to world bodies and unit government in large sums of donations. Many iconic and popular celebrities have salvaged their fan portals and public domains to raise funds that are directed towards critical areas of development that are in neglect and have been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pursuit.

We are being pushed beyond our limits like never before. We need goodwill bearers like them to initiate such massive hikes for the threshold of things new and better to be realized. Amid these dark hazy days of unprecedented critical age, on the very brink of great technological breakthroughs across the scientific strata, hope pervades for those that keep it igniting. 

A bitter fact may be that the vaccine could take years if not months to be procured and made publicly available to end the cycle of passive carriers, but when the collective gumption is too long for a hopeful future undeterred, the first step of humanity to winning over this contaminate spore of virus and raise from the ashes like a clichéd Phoenix has just been succeeded there. Quick recovery to all the COVID-19 patients, and God speed to all the paramedics and vaccine researchers.

T Y Tikhir, Chümoukedima, Dimapur

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