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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/18/2019 12:32:56 PM IST

 “Anapaza” is the Sumi word for children playing as adults; I do not use the English word, “playing house” because the meaning and sense of “playing house” is narrow, whereas “anapaza” encompasses all pretend adult roles that children play.

       There was a time when the Nagas of Nagaland were adults; we meant what we said and did what we meant. Our leaders, in every field, believed in what they did.

.       Our Freedom Fighters believed in “Independence”; they knew that with independence we would have a constitution, a flag and every other right of our own.

 Our Politicians believed that Statehood was the best compromise in a time when every Naga from every village of every tribe in the erstwhile Naga Hills and Naga Hills Tuensang Area were feeling the effects of a full scale war. With the total destruction of numerous villages; murders, rapes and tortures on a regular basis; and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Nagas from their ancestral villages.

And, most importantly, our Church Leaders believed in God And Christ. They was no competition to build the fanciest Church; no race to collect donations under every excuse under the sun, from every Tom, Dick and Harry; and the clergy did not believe it their God given right to own and drive luxury vehicles.

1974 was the year when corruption first reared its ugly head among the Political Class in Nagaland. The 80s saw the bureaucrats and technocrats join the Politicians in wholesale corruption; and was the decade when being corrupt became socially acceptable in Nagaland; it was the Decade of the Instutionalization of Corruption in Nagaland. The 90s saw the Undergrounds and the Churches taking either active part in corruption or turning a blind eye toward it.

Now, in the 21st. Century, we see Governments without governance; freedom fighters who’ve given up political freedom in exchange for financial freedom; Churches without God and Christians without Christ; and Civil Societies which work for individual ends.

We have become an unethical, immoral and sacrilegious bunch of thieves who are helplessly entwined in the coils of corruption. Why? Because we revel in corruption, we boast about our feats of robbery and flaunt the fruits of our plunder.

And worst of all, in our infinite hypocrisy we pretend to be and do all the things we are not. The Government uses its power only when innocent and helpless employees, students and citizens protest when deprived of their just and rightful dues. The Freedom Fighters use their guns and power only to extort taxes and to protect their monopolies; they discuss the Naga Solution with the Indians Authorities to legitimize their hold over Nagaland. The Churches are too busy collecting money to notice God; and the leaders of our Civil Societies are always on the lookout to rake up irrelevant issues in the hope of garnering publicity and feathering their nests.

It is not India’s “Divide and Rule Policy” (which I do not subscribe to), not the non-locals, not the I.B.I.s which are destroying Nagaland, but our refusal to see that our social acceptance of corruption is the cause of ALL the problems in Nagaland.

Until we recognise this fact and start tackling it on a war footing, Article 371A will not save us, nor will the I.L.P, nor will the “Solution” of the I-M or the 7 N.N.P.G.s. The R.I.I.N. is just a smokescreen to fool the public that the government is trying something to benefit Nagas and to distract us from the fact that corruption still rules Nagaland. our government is an anapaza government, our churches are anapaza churches, our civil societies are anapaza societies. 

And the Indian Authorities know it too; they may greet you with all apparent respect, talk with you in all gravity, but they see you as spoilt little brats who don’t know what’s good for themselves. If they took us seriously, all the N.S.F. Office Bearers and Students who celebrated the !4th. August “Naga Independence” Day celebrations would be charged with sedition and be behind bars, but they recognised that it was just a bunch of kids playing anapaza Nationalism.

But its time Nagas realised that the political dispensation in India has changed. The Congress and Janata Governments and even the B.J.P. of Atal Behari Vajpayee, of the past, were like indulgent parents, willing to stuff our mouths with money every time we wailed hunger, despite knowing that Nagas had become obese, overfed little brats. 

Not so the present B.J.P. Government. The Modi/Shah duo will surely give us a “Solution”; whether we will like it or not, remains to be seen; but that it will be a dose of reality is certain. Grow up, for the time of anapaza is coming to an end. God save Nagaland

Kahuto Chishi Sumi, Akukau, Hevishe Village, Khaghaboto Range 


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